15 Pakistani Brands and What People Really Think About Them

Brands spend a lot of money on marketing and come up with fancy taglines. Here we take a look at 15 alternative interpretations of what these brands stand for in the eyes of the people, as per KhabarFeed.

This was getting a ton of traction on social media so we thought we’d share them with our readers. Feel free to share your creations in the comments below!

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via KhabarFeed

      • Religion is not a “career”. Its guideline or hidayat.

        Please don’t think that being a “molvi” or religious person will give you money.

        • Agreed, It shall not give you money but Alllllooootttt of money.

          Inzi Bhai
          Molana Fazal ur Rehman and there are many examples.

          • Religion ka is money making sy kya lena dena hai explain kr skty hain aap? Atleast is iss particular brand main Religion kahan hai?

            Jis trha Aik non follower money making machine ho skta hai aur Religion sy iss baat ka koi lena dena nahi hota tou Aik Religious person agr paisy bana rha hai tou Mazhab ka lena dena aagaya?

            Religion is a guide line aik individual person k liye hai agr koi uss rasty py chal rha hai tou aap besharmo ki trha uss ki tangain kyn ghaseet’ty hain jb k ussy aap sy kuch lena dena nahi hai woh aap ko force nahi kar rha woh aap ko takleef nahi de rha tou kya zaroorat hai ussy push karny ki.

          • you are a shameless pakistani. inzi has talent and everyone has seen the result that a young team under his coaching guidance has defeated the champs west indians. JJ chose to have a fabric store and got successful .

            i agree kuch log mazhab ka chooran bech kar kamai karty hain, i.e barelvi, sabaz totay, some political leaders. but JJ and inzi has never used religion.

      • True, agar JJ sirf singer hota to 5-10yrs mein career khatam hona tha ab jis field mein hai us mein to kamai he kamai hai aur pichle dinno mein jo us ne statement di thi us k bad kch masliq k logon ne to JJ se shopping kar k record bana diye

      • My point religion shouldn’t be dragged in such things. that guy doesn’t wanna do haram earning and leave him alone.

      • There is no pay for Islamic Teachings, if one has it as profession it is not Religion’s fault, but the fault of the person himself. Don’t go comparing and do wrong judgments. Think about Akhiraah for a little once.

    • I don’t understand why people get against somebody who has adapted the way of deen publicly. Agar Junaid jamshed ab bhi singer hota tou yehi log bhaag bhaag kar khareed rahe hote and airport par autograph le rahe hote instead of what they did to him recently.

      • Everyone of us has adopted the way of Deen in one way or the other. The problem with monkeys (mullahs) is that they show off as if they are the only ones to adopt the deen & all others are low live sinners. The problem is not the way of deen but the hypocrisy & self righteousness of the self proclaimed reformers of the society & Deen.

        • I am not sure what you mean by show off, so I am not going to assume anything.
          Having a business is hypocrisy ? I would love to run a business just because that will mean I am blessed to be able to provide jobs for everyone working with me.
          Name calling while generalizing isn’t cool either.

          • Having a business isn’t hypocrisy but using religion as a business tool to impress others about your piousness is hypocrisy.

            Regarding name calling: Please read any authentic Ahadees book & you would know what names, Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) has given to the Ulama of end times. For example, in one hadees of Kinzul Amaal, Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) told that Ulama of end times will be like pigs & monkeys. You can verify this by doing a little research.

            • Are you saying these are the Ulama of END OF TIMES???

              How do you know this is end of time, when Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) didn’t know himself?

              That is why we can not under any circumstance say that these are the pigs or monkeys. Just because of a Hadees that mentioned END OF TIME.

              What I want to say is We don’t know what is TIME OF END… or The time bracket of the end, or when will that era start…. That’s why we can’t say.

              Plus whatever the next person is, are you sure it is allowed to abuse….??

        • Brother! Don’t go judging people on wrong assumptions. If someone is not doing what they should and doing what they shouldn’t, then you can’t blame their whole community.

          Whats the difference between you and a JAAHIL left then?

  • absolutely wrong about PIA. it used to be one of the best airlines of the world till 1970s

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