wi-tribe Gets Ali Fahd Ahmed as New CEO

Mr. Ali Fahd Ahmed has been named as the new CEO of wi-tribe Pakistan, we have just received the confirmation from sources.

Ali’s name to head wi-tribe Pakistan was approved by Mr. Hasan Bokhari, Chairman of wi-tribe Pakistan, who just recently completed the acquisition of wi-tribe from Qatar Telecom (Ooredoo).

Ali Fahd will replace Mr. Wasim Ahmed who led the company for over four years.


Ali Fahd, wi-tribe’s new CEO

Ali Fahd is an old time wi-triber, who has been the Chief Marketing Officer of the company for over six years now.

At wi-tribe, Ali Fahd Ahmed has been spearheading the marketing and commercial departments while managing the commercial strategy and product portfolio of the company.


We have just received the press release from the company on the appointment of Ali Fahd as CEO.

Ali Fahd Ahmed is quoted as saying:

“I am grateful to Mr. Bokhari for his confidence in my abilities and I am thrilled to take on the role of CEO of wi-tribe Pakistan.

This is an exciting time for the broadband industry with the limitless opportunities in today’s digitally connected world. Our mission is to meet the ever growing and diverse needs of our existing customers while also penetrating new business markets.

I am particularly pleased to be appointed at a time when the company is looking to invest both in improved technology and enriching the customer experience, both essential for our premium wi-tribe brand.”

Commenting on the appointment, Mr. Hasan Bokhari stated:

“I know Ali is truly committed to wi-tribe and a real team player who will focus on working with others to create positive change. I am confident that a combination of Ali at the helm, alongside his exceptional colleagues and a powerful advisory board will help steer the company to its next stage of success.

I have always believed that every single team member, no matter his or her grade, is as important as the next, and I am pleased that Ali also shares this belief and I am confident that this is ultimately a winning philosophy.”

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  • Wi Tribe is history. Soon it will bite the dust. Operating on 3.5 GHz, with poor indoor penetration, it is not going to survive the huge competition from 3G/4G Cellular Operators.

  • Skytel has purchased Wi-tribe for its LDI license and NOT for DSL business……………………

  • 3G and 4G cannot takeover home brandband market completely. i have LTE on my phone but when i enter my office or home, i prefer getting connected to wi-tribe wifi. It will take ages for 3g/4G to take over home broadband.

  • Dear Mr Fahad,
    Congrats, but to inform you that you got challenge to boss a mafia, wi tribe. Your officials and staff have no coordination and a corrupt mafia. FYI and others reading this blog, please be warned these mafia style management has a very poor relationship with the costumers. Wi tribe had a extremely poor signal and services to deal with the costumers complaints but act like a proper corrupt mafia when it comes to extortion. I happen to discontinue the services after months and months of complaints of no signals and Internet connectivity. Finally decided to discontinue a long relationship with wi tribe and paid all the dues as per the costumers care official (fortunately kept and receipt) and returned the modem with all the attachment. Now the story started and this Mafia exposed, and started calling on my registered cell No. for monthly payments. Self visited several time to the same customer care office and asked him to correct their record and showed him the receipt, by Allah’s help I just took his signature on the receipt for the return of the modem and he assured that all set and account will be closed. He did warmly assured next time better services and hopefully to be in contact soon. Now it is discovered what he meant and I took completely wrong and was impressed with his courtesy. Now the Wi tribe showed the real face and calling unnecessarily and generating and sending emails of payment due including plenty, OMG what kind of people we are dealing with. They call and says that your modem is still in operational, my foot. Once any customer fails to pay the bill and you, wi tribe, efficiently blocks the system immediately, regret what kind of the staff and how low thoughts and acts.
    My advise to all new customers and existing customers, who by their bad luck, are in relationship with them to be very careful and certain rethink the Wi tribe services and the relationship before it’s too late.
    Kind regards to all and wish you all the best and pray for you all not to struck with them and strangled in their trap.

  • WiTribe performance and customer support is still pathetic and non.customer friendly as before. The performance of there 3 MB connection —i recently acquire ‘…during practically two days of trial period its browsing was not even avg but at night I rcv 3 mb …..the support assure me that performance will improve in due course. Having this assumption aka goli ””’ my trial expired …after the same the recent spell of rain was started in Islamabad…..and my connection took the last last breadth.

    For a wasteful week I get no signal and decided t get rid of the connection. When I made last call to disconnect my connection””fromone to another section’ I was routed to Technical section ..where the in charge cinfide me that they are having problem at their end which would be improved in next one or two days. Despite this another goli or whatever I Returned the eqpt …..in lieu I rcv no refund and had to pay full month 3 mb subscription for getting myself fooled. I had learnt a good lesson anyhow. I would suggest new users not to get new connection for more than one mob to pay initial less. If u get full signal for four days…only than pay 200 Rs and get the upgrade. This way u will at least save 200 to 400 Rs. My email is [email protected]

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