EasySehat Delivers Medicine at Your Doorstep

Ask anybody who is familiar to taking the regular trip to the local pharmacy or medical store knows, getting a medical prescription filled is easier said than done.

Often times it can be observed that patients with medical issues need to restock their medicines. But what most people don’t realize is that sometimes, these patients are in no mood or shape to venture out to the ‘nearest’ medical pharmacy on account of their medical ailment.

And even if they did, they could be greeted by a line of irate customers who will mostly be seen haggling with the person behind the counter over the most mundane of issues. Sounds like a frustrating experience doesn’t it?

EasySehat Can Help You Get Your Medicines Delivered

A startup in Pakistan called EasySehat wants to make these major to minor annoyances a thing of history. They have rolled out a service that has your medical prescription delivered at your doorstep.

The medicine delivery startup is the brainchild of two LUMS alums. It is headed by Tashfeen Bangash and Sohail Islam.

ProPakistani recently held a Q&A session with the co-founders of the service that shed light on what EasySehat is all about.

1. How does EasySehat work?

Anyone can order medicines in 3 easy steps:

  1. Enter your address and contact details
  2. Take the picture of prescription/ medicine
  3. Submit and track the order

We have launched mobile apps of EasySehat where a user can simply capture a picture of the prescription/ medicine and get it at his doorsteps in a matter of a few minutes. We’ve successfully processed many orders and are getting a positive feedback from the community in Islamabad.


2. Is your service mobile app only? Any plans to make it web-based as well? Any other features that will be added to the app?

We’re about to launch a website where users will be able to place orders. The website will be up in the next few days.

We are adding more features to our app in the coming days as well. For example, the user will be able to use picture from phone gallery, instantly order OTC (Over the Counter) medicines by writing and even book various medical tests via our app and website.

3. How many cities does your service cover? Any plans to add more cities in the future, and if so, which cities?

The service covers the Federal Capital, Islamabad for now. We’re planning to expand our services to other major cities especially Lahore where we are actively planning.

4. What benefits can users get by opting for EasySehat’s service?

Users can save fuel, time and money by ordering medicines using our app. We don’t charge any extra fees from the users and the delivery is 100% free.

5. How do you ensure that genuine medicines are delivered to patients? And how do you ensure that delivery is done securely?

We have partnered with certified pharmacies like Shaheen Chemist, D. Watson and MedHelp in Islamabad and for every order, the pharmacist at the pharmacy confirms that the medicines are genuine, not expired and according to the prescription provided. Furthermore, our In-house team also tries to makes sure the origination of prescription order is authentic.

Concluding Thoughts

Startups like EasySehat take the sting out of a common issue faced by many ordinary Pakistanis. By combining convenience with a much-needed service, getting your doctor’s medical prescription filled is no longer an annoyance. Barring the logistical issues, getting such a service in rural and remote areas can also work in addressing the issue of access to life-saving drugs all across Pakistan to those who need it the most. Here’s to hoping that GetSehat and other startups cover the gaps as they expand their services in the coming months.

To download EasySehat, check out the links below:

For Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.easysehat.pk&hl=en

For iOS: https://appsto.re/pk/KevMab.i

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