YouTube to Introduce Unskippable Ads for Mobile Users

Google has announced that its online video platform will be getting short, but unskippable, ads. These ads will force people to watch through till the end. The ads are called Bumper Ads and will last for six seconds which, the company says, is a direct response to the rapidly increasing YouTube users on mobile phones.

Bumper Ads – You Will Be Forced to Watch ’em

Just like the traditional video ads on YouTube, called TrueView ads, Bumper ads will appear before a video starts. TrueView ads allow users to skip through an ad after viewing it for just a few seconds. However, if it wasn’t already clear, these bumper ads cannot be skipped.

The new ad format will start rolling out to advertisers next month. Media Buyers will be able to purchase Bumper slots through Google Adwords like any other ads.

Why Google is Rolling out these Unskippable Ads?

With Google’s per-click revenues dropping, the search engine will be relying more on YouTube ads to increase its revenue. Google has been vocal regarding the advantages that YouTube possesses over traditional media as a destination for advertisements. About a week ago, the company reported that YouTube reaches more 18 to 34 year old and 18 to 49 year old demographics than any other TV network on mobile phones.

Bumper ads will be used by Google to focus certain ads to its mobile users. The ad format will be catered for the emerging mobile market. The short time span of these video ads is adequately set for young, and usually impatient, smartphone users. More than half of the users spend their time on mobile phones while a big majority of the developing world’s first interaction with the internet will be using smartphones. A mobile focused ad platform, is therefore, a fiscally prudent move on Google’s part.

Benefits for Brands

The Bumper ad format could prove to be more useful for advertisers who are looking to run creative campaigns across multiple platforms and devices. This format could be an addition to their advertisement structure. This will make it easier for brands to run targeted ad campaigns in parallel, targeting different types of users with different types of advertisements.

With the release set for May, the ads will start appearing for mobile users across the globe within a few weeks.

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