Xiaomi’s First Official Flagship Store Launched in Pakistan

CheezMall has announced on its Facebook page that it is launching Xiaomi’s official flagship store for the Pakistani market starting today. With this, customers can expect Xiaomi products, mainly the accessories for now, from CheezMall.com.

With this launch, Pakistani customers can now purchase cent percent genuine XiaoMi products with-in Pakistan. Along side, Pakistni consumers will also get official warranties and after-sale support services through CheezMall.

For now CheezMall won’t be selling any Xiaomi Smartphones or even accessories that are not approved by PTA or which are under process of approval.

CheezMall said that XiaoMi smartphones would not be sold unless they are approved by PTA.

Products on Sale

Below, we have a general list of product types which will be made available starting immediately. Only the internationally available Xiaomi accessories and models will be available for all these product types.

  • Power Banks
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Headphones & earphones
  • Health & Fitness gadgets
  • Cameras
  • Smart Home devices
  • Smartphone accessories
  • Flash Storage
  • Fashion accessories

Some of the most demanded gadgets and their prices are listed below:

  • Xiaomi Digital Weighing Scale Rs. 4,499
  • Mi PowerStrip Rs. 1,499
  • Mi Band Rs. 2,199
  • Xiaomi Remote Control Rs. 3,099
  • Bluetooth Headset Rs. 2,699
  • Round Bluetooth Speaker Rs. 3,299
  • Xiaomi Power Bank 10,000mAh Rs. 1,999
  • Xiaomi Yi Action Camera Rs. 10,099

The complete list of devices available on CheezMall can be viewed here.

CheezMall will also offer surprising deals on some of the most in-demand Xiaomi products. The deals will go live starting today and will get discounts of up to 50%.

Xiaomi and CheezMall have exclusively partnered to bring the tech giant’s international devices to the Pakistani market. CheezMall will be offering full warranty and after sales support services to the customers.


Cheezmall would not sell any device which is not approved by PTA or which is under process of approval. Mi smartphones would not be sold unless they are approved by PTA.

About Xiaomi

Xiaomi has become a global brand in recent times. Despite limited official availability worldwide, the demand for Xiaomi products has risen rapidly. The company even beat settled OEMs like Apple, Huawei and Samsung in China and India. Their devices are known for quality, low prices and long-term after sales support.

Not all Xiaomi devices are sold outside the Chinese market. Most of Xiaomi’s products remain limited to the local market as they do not support multi-lingual features or Play Store for smart devices. Some of the products are, however, designed for the Chinese market.

He is the Editor-in-Chief at ProPakistani. Reach out at aadil.s[at]propakistani.pk

  • about high time Cheezmall !
    what KEPT YOU ?!!

    bet it was pta , still trying to negotiate their share of the spoils.. damn them for delaying and subsequently LIMITING such a potent brand in the market !
    ( hopefully phones with NO international support WILL go on sale , provided the seller (cheezmall in this instance) can guarantee custom roms (preferrably Cyanogen OS) with google play and other stuff included in them ! )

    • It is not in the hand of PTA. I have previously commented that Xiaomi smartphones are banned by Ministry of Interior on the request of security agencies due to some tracking issues. So Untill MoI do not approve Xioami, Type Approval will not be issued to this brand.

    • It is not in the hand of PTA. I have previously commented that Xiaomi smartphones are banned by Ministry of Interior on the request of security agencies due to some tracking issues. So Untill MoI do not approve Xioami, Type Approval will not be issued to this brand.
      Below is the screenshot of email received from PTA Type approval department.

      • ministry of Interior eh ? interesting … well , they havent stopped any thing major from happening here…
        oh wait … did we find a certain yemeni living in our VERY OWN FREAKING BACKYARD !

        yeah … his name … wat was it again ??
        Osama … Osamam Bin Laden , more notably . couldnt find him …. couldnt spot him … wth are they doing running scared of Xiaomi mobiles !

        • That certain Yemeni was found just in time for Obama’s re-election. Executed in a non-sensical way when he could be interrogated for further terrorist plots, and his body was disposed off in such a way that no traces were left to be found of it, ever. Oh the serendipity, oh the romance *teary eyed*. Still a much better love story than Twilight.

          Come on mate, Michael Bay’s Transformers films have better plot than that. Heck, they’re Oscar worthy compared to that story.

        • If you have not make your pent yellow with anger please read my comment again. MoI banned on the request of security agencies. And what security agencies have done for this country doesn’t need to be explained in front of you. They know better than YOU I believe Because there would have been something in Xiaomi worth banning for. Otherwise there are all other brands in the world allowed to import in Pakistan wothout any trouble. .

          • wth does “pent yellow with anger” mean ?

            and fine , security agencies have done their bit … can’t take that away , but if such is the case , how come India … who should have even bigger concerns (they have us as their neighbours after all) , keep xiaomi in their market ?

      • That may be due to same imei on dual sims models. I am sure now they might had fixed it as many latest dual sim phones have different imei. Better ask ministry of interior for exact reasons of ban.

      • No smartphone company is banned by PTA or MOI, all you gotta do is apply for Type Approval as the authorized distributor / agent of company. Your application should be supported by required documents including the company registration certificate and authorization letter from parent company.

        As per my information, Xiaomi is not ready to enter in Pakistan’s market directly, until they decide otherwise you will be seeing these marketing gimmicks from Cheezmall etc.

      • Hi Zafar,
        If PTA didn’t issue you NOC for Xiaomi Mobile phone then how did you get it released from Customs?
        I also applied for NOC and got the same reply. I need help regarding the same issue.
        Is there any way to get the phone or re-export it back to the country from where it was delivered?
        Awaiting your reply

        • I never getcreleased the phone. You can visit custom office and try to get it with some bribe. This is the only option you have. It will not go back to sender due to great custom deptt og Pak

    • What else can we expect with these greedy bastards who dont care about people living in stone age. Look at the rest of countries in our region, they are much developed then we are just because of incompitent peope on our heads

      • exactly … we’re wayyy too behind … and by that i HONESTLY mean we’re absolute shite when it comes to Tech !
        if one of us were to travel to India and inspect their tech environment … we’d be no less than embarrassed about ourselves !!

        • Could be wrong but I think that’s the reason they did exclusive deal with Daraz which has official presence in Pakistan.

          • CheezMall ki bhi official presence hay, and also they are exclusive partner :-) and BTW Infinix isn’t exclusive with Daraz.

            • yeah ab to her koi bech rha hy, ishopping,yayvo,homeshopping and market mey b agaya hai ..

            • Mr. Atta, we had enough about this so called chines giant and their fake stories . Can you please provide us a single documented evidence which shows its owned by any chines company ???

            • any reason why PTA is doing this to us ?
              its not like we have a LOCAL mobile market to protect … hell we don’t even practice VLSI , we don’t make semi-conductors , we don’t make ics , we dont make AMPS and DACs and ADCs …. we dont FREAKING MAKE ANYTHING!

              all we do is import ! then WHAT ON EARTH ARE PTA PROTECTING ?! Xiaomi have as much right as ANY OTHER company (sony , apple , samsung , huawei and co) to come here and compete … why are they being impeded ?

              can i get your say on this , @aamir7:disqus bhai ?

            • cheezmall zuk bech raha hai which is a lenovo brand. and still it is 200 dollars in china but here it is different story.

  • why the fk you dont mention the fking source????? you heard the announcement somewhere, you got this list from somewhere, write thefreaking source.

    • How about they got it direct from CheezMall? That makes ProPakistani the source, don’t you think?

      • Yes, ProPakistani is the source, unless mentioned otherwise (in form of link or name)

        • aren’t you abhorred by these liars ?! they claimed to bring quality tech for less … but instead they’re charging horrendous prices on ages old tech and AREN’T EVEN FULFILLING THEIR PROMISES !

          • How you said that these prices are high? i personally examine prices on both sites aliexpress and cheezmall high then same some are more expensive in aliexpress

      • That’s not how a news agency work. When they get something exclusive they mention it . Otherwise it raise questions on credibility.

        • That’s true. I often see stories without a source on websites, and reading them in full does give a signal that this is exclusive stuff or just a regular case of the writer not linking or mentioning the source.

          You’re right, it’s best to mention them, somewhere at the start, preferably.

  • Chalo pedal mil gaya ab aap log cycle le lena lolzzzz Cheezmall was suppose to launch phones but eventually ended up with accessories which are available all over Pakistan with less than half price. Cheezmall is a joke !! inki auqaat nahi phone lanay ki….. so called Chines gaint owen by chacha shairooo

      • Abid bhai jazbat main kuch zyada he keh gaey. Yeh jin cheezon ki baat kar rhy hain woh China ki 4th class products hain jo har company k name sy market main hain. Daraz ya Kaymu py Xiaomi Power Bank likh k search karain 600 main mil jaey ga :D :P

        • where can i get the BEST power banks from , in Pakistan ?
          esp best value for money

          • Yasir bhai it is impossible to buy anything (and i mean anything) in Pakistan with the best value for money.
            Xiaomi 20,000 mAh Power Bank available in Rs:1,699 in india (Approx Rs 2800 pkr)
            Aur yahan Cheezmall waly 5000 main de rhy hai (But atleast product original hai)
            Daraz aur Kaymu py sb k sb 2 number power banks hain. (Chaly tou Chand tk na chaly tou Sham Tk ) :P

            • haha …. nice one at the end…
              but ,
              damn :/ .. i wish we also had access to all that stuff like Indians do…
              well , here’s to hoping

  • Accessries ka khak karna hay ham nay hume phone chaye.Phone dau phir ana.Warna ye sare chaze kab se available hay.

  • Where are Xiaomi phones?Xiaomi phones were supposed to launched.Cheezmall kindly bring phone.

    • We Will never know if this was a paid post as propak is ignorant to blogging ethics.
      By that I mean mentioning clearly which post is paid/advert.


    kuttey k bachon ny ek bhi phone launch nahi kiya …. current generation to kya , haramiyon ny puraney phone bhi sale par nahi rakhe !


    ( you can gauge the monumental level of my frustration judging by the choice of language i went for in this rant )

  • Jo bhe hai koi kuch bhe kar ly but yeh qoum umeed ka daman hath sy nahi chorti. CheezMall is doing just like our politicians do every now and then with us. Aur hum hameesha Umeedain laga lety hain :D :P

  • Cheezmall walo kadar karo ProPakistani ki…
    Jitna inhon na cheezmall ko famous kia ha utna tu cheezmall wala apna ap ko khud nahi kar sakay.
    Asi shopping site ha jis ki apni search bar tak nahi :p
    Bhai jo price ya da raha hain accessories ki takreeban uss sa half price ma tu AliExp. sa mil jati hain (delivery time bhi almost same).

    • Ali baba se kiya custom charge nhi hota jab product yahan ati hai? woh to Pakistani Site nhi na, Cheez mall Pakistani hai thats why Pakistani Pakistani ko lote ga hi.

      • Bhai product per depend karta ha, ap jo item import karta hain uss per custom charges han ya nahi (mostly tu parcel per Gift mention hota ha).
        Ma na kafi choti choti products AliExp. sa magwai hain, kuch abi deliver hona baki hain. Abi tak tu koi custom charges nahi parda.
        Xiaomi Yeelight Intelligent Light ya after discount Rs.2399 ma da raha hain, aur ma na $13… ki AliExp. sa magwai ha.
        Baki products ka bhi kuch yahi haal ha…

  • Lol it’s the accessories again that we already have …..they will stay ……no one will buy them …….they will say the market has poor response no smartphone for ya hahahahahahahahahahah

  • Xiaomi brand smartphones are banned by security agencies due to tracking issues. Thats It

  • Anxiously waiting for Xiaomi phones but Umeed pe dunya Qaym. Anyhow ordered Mi power bank, expecting delivery of 3-5 days. My first order ever online, Cheezmall laaj rakh lena :D

  • yar mazaq na karo. all these things are already available on many online stores. we just wanted xiaomi phones not their accessories.

  • @aamir7:disqus I am a fan of ProPakistani but sometimes the site completely misses it. I don’t know if this was paid for by Cheesemall but a few things I wish to point out:

    1. This should not be called anything like FLAGSHIP/OFFICIAL store for Pakistani market because this simply is not. If this is then I wish to see it in writing from Xiaomi/Mi first.

    2. The fact that everything Xiaomi is ‘INTERNATIONAL FREE SHIPPING’ stamped over it means that they have ZERO stock of the said items in Pakistan. Everything will be sent directly from China which may be subject to additional taxes and custom duty upon arrival to Pakistan. The only thing convenient is local payment methods else this is just the same thing as ordering from a good reputed seller on AliExpress/DHGate; both of which have got better replacement options. I also don’t know what the COD thing would mean for items with ‘INTERNATIONAL FREE SHIPPING’.

    3. There is nothing mentioned of WARRANTY anywhere on any product of Xiaomi and yet it is written above that Warranty and complete after sales service is being provided. How can this be claimed if they don’t have anything mentioned about warranty.

    4. The part about PTA approval is absurd. Since when is PTA type approval required for Power Banks, LED lights, Weight Machines, Power Adapters and USB Cables? This part; either added by Cheesemall (I hope not ProPakistani) seems to make look everything LEGIT but it is not. They would need Type Approval for Bluetooth headsets and Mobile Phones only. The latter they are not selling citing ‘PTA Type Approval’. The biggest blunder I wish to point out is that nothing of Xiaomi is being offered as ‘DOMESTIC SHIPPING’ so ANY, ANY burden of Type Approvals of any sort WILL BE responsibility of the customer who is receiving the item. So how can this claim be made by Cheesemall in the first place???

    Effort should be made to verify information first instead of announcing blunders like this please? There are Pakistani small startup e-Shops that offer genuine Xiaomi products with almost the same pricing if not better that offer DOMESTIC SHIPPING meaning they have imported stock available with them. Cheesemall fails to do that.

  • Can someone tell cheezmall to add model numbers to their products. Most of their products don’t have accurate product description. e.g. xiaomi earphones are their with description earphones whereas xiaomi has piston 2, piston 3 , piston hybrid etc.

    • Ap Accurate Product Description ki baat kar rhy ho :D :P
      Azeeem o Aalishan CheezMall k main page py Camera ka Title Earphone likha hua hai :D

  • where are the mobiles man ??????? Flagship store should have Xiaomi mobile as well… stupid accessories do not add up to be flagships

  • Wanted to order things of Xiaomi like power banks etc
    How far is this store credible for it ?

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