Suzuki: Change Auto-Policy and We’ll Invest Up To $460 Million

In what seems like to the bargaining stage of dealing with grief, Suzuki has stated that it will invest up to $460 million in Pakistan if the auto-policy is modified.

Back in March this year, the long expected auto policy was finally announced much to the displeasure of current players in the market since it favors new entrants. Among the advantages for the likes of Audi and others are lower duties. According to Pakistan Suzuki Motor Company, which assembles Suzuki cars for the local market:

The new auto policy will damage the tremendous investment potential in the Pakistan automobile sector by existing players such as Pak Suzuki Motor Co

This sentiment is nothing new and we’ve already covered the strong opposition to the policy by current players in the market. Pakistan Suzuki further added:

If the incentives and benefits should be given then we are ready for $460m investment in Pakistan.

With the new investment, Suzuki proposes building a modern plant on an accelerated schedule. They’ve committed to introducing 4 new car models from this plant within 5 years of its establishment with 2 models being released by 2018.

Right now, the government is rightly angry about the lack of competition, choice and innovation in the Pakistani automobile sector. This could go some way to assuaging that anger.

One of the motivations behind a new entrant friendly auto-policy is the fact that local market heavily favors Japanese vehicles since locally assembled cars are being sold at high prices with lesser perceived feature sets and value.

According to Pakistan Today, the Japanese manufacturers operating in the country are also displeased with the auto policy, citing a lack of incentive for them to invest in Pakistan.

via Pakistan Today

  • No need to change the auto policy, let this policy screw these monopoly holders.

  • Halaal ki kamayee se Tin k dabbay khareeb khareed k rajey nahi hain abhi tak pakistanii .. Ye mantay hain to thek nahi toh duniya mey Auto Makers kum hain kya ??

  • No thanks! They have earned billions from this country and now wanna give us a 460m lollipop. I completely support new auto policy!

  • 460 million dollar …..?
    are you serious ??
    Pakistan is a market of 200 million people.
    Million dollar investment is like a peanut
    talk about billions

  • Suzuki has looted enough from here. They should better leave. Because they wont be selling durable and quality vehicles here. they will just sell teen daba like India ( no galvanize steel, no safety in base model , no abs, etc.) they just want to dump their trash designed for India in Pakistan.

  • Suzuki … i have a few words o’ wisdom for you …
    fuck the hel OUTTA HERE YOU LYING PRICKS !!!

  • Suzuki … i have a few words o’ wisdom for you …

    fuck the hel OUTTA HERE YOU LYING SCUMBAGS !!!

  • yeah …..just like you were going to localize all car manufacturing within 10 years, just like you were going phase out old models slowly – so slowly that ancient scrap called Mehran (mein heraaan) is still for sale after 4 decades, just like you were going to put air bags in your teen dabbas, and so much more to say.

  • Suzuki has plundered billions from this market. Who do you think they are kidding with this tiny investment? For 30 years, they have been selling obsolete models with no transfer of technology, its about time we kick them down.

  • No need to revise auto policy. P.S, Indus, A.H already ripped market with billions. Instead they should be penalize for not keeping up with global trends.

  • May I ask Pak Suzuki management for which I’m ready to help at no cost, for logistics, display, approvals, etc., for participation at the Tokyo International Motor Show, Tokyo for the Suzuki Mehran. The question is the customs authorities in Japan will not clear the Pak Manufactured Mehran will not clear as it is not comply for the UN Road Safety Commission for Safety? Is Pak Suzuki willing for a JV with Google for a Drierless car, under the name of Suzuki Mehran Google.

  • I think new auto policy should also add a ban on suzuki and order them to pay back the amount they have bribed from Pakistani nation for selling scrap like bolan, ravi, mehran. Mehran is the only car in the world priced at more than $6000 with the same feature set in 1980s and same in 2016. Shame for Suzuki motors for black mailing the Govt. Also they are pressuring GOvt to increase import duty on japanese cars so that their affected market share can be recovered by discouraging import of better quality japanese cars.. TOTAL SHAME ON SUZUKI.. I WILL NEVER BUY IN MY LIFE :)

  • Go and invest your money to create crap cars somewhere else.
    No need to change the auto policy.

    Enough with selling cr*p and old cars on outrageous price.

  • At the risk of getting blocked from one of my favorite Web news Portal..
    “Fuck you Suzuki”
    “Fuck you Sideways”

  • اگر پاکستان کی آبادی ساڑھے اٹھارہ کروڑ تصور کی جایے تو 460ملین میں ہر پاکستانی کا حصہ صرف 261 روپے بنتا ہے۔ یہ بہت شرمناک مذاق ہے

  • Competition will definitely bring good change in auto industry. These pig three looting us since long.

  • Suzuki and Toyota etc are reason Pakistanis have pay humongous prices for pathetic vehicles. Sorry we do not want their investment. Most cheap cars with high prices.

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