This Pakistani ISP Offers Illegal Software, Games and Movies for Free Download

Redefining value for money, a Karachi based ISP called Connect Communications is running a dedicated portal for pirated content called DoDear for its users. This portal hosts everything from movies, shows to games and software.

ProPakistani spoke with their support and they confirmed that all this data is available for free download to Connect customers.

Amusingly enough, the ISP quite proudly shows DoDear as a value added service on its main homepage as you can see here.


Even their sales pitch mentions DoDear:

Our Residential Broadband access gives you the ultimate high speed Internet experience with download speeds up to 100Mbps.

Download a full length movie in under 10 minutes or take advantage of our DoDear services such as playing online games at Connect’s game arena or downloading movies and music.

The site itself is quite well built. You get neatly organized games, software, movies, shows and content from other categories. A filter option can easily help you zero in to what you want. For the torrent pages for movies, you even get the trailers, cast lists and IMDB ratings. It’s clear Connect Communications have really done their work to make it a good resource for their users.

In a country which is pretty much the wild west as far as intellectual property and copyright law are concerned, such a service being offered by an ISP isn’t too surprising. While Connect Communications in particular has been highlighted by Torrent Freak, there are countless other local ISPs running similar entertainment portals of dubious legality. .

Despite such antics, the United States Trade Representative downgraded the piracy threat in Pakistan last month. In the last 12 months, the government has taken substantial steps towards improving the Intellectual Property Rights situation in the country and that hasn’t gone unnoticed.

You can check out the DoDear site here ( Please keep in mind that all torrent links are blocked for non-Connect Communication users so if you’re looking for your next download destination, look elsewhere.

Update: The DoDear site is now offline with no link present on the Connect Communications website.

via Torrent Freak

  • There are others players too like layari net offering same services. & a long time ago brainnet also host torrent of pirated content you can request by whats-app too. :*

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  • Seriously guys!? Connect isn’t the only ISP doing this, all ISPs in Karachi do this. Even PTCL openly promotes pirating games on its GamingLounge website. Why is only one ISP being singled out? Do you guys have an axe to grind against them? What happened to responsible journalism?

    • اگر سب برا کام کرتے ہیں تو اس کا یہ مطلب نہیں کہ وہ کام برا نہیں رہا۔ رہی بات صرف کنیکٹ پر تنقید کی تو بھائی آپ ذمہ داری کا مظاہرہ کریں اور نصیحت کے بجائے خود آگے بڑھ کر ایسی سروسز کی نشاندہی کریں!

      • Sir, whose word will have more reach and credence? An individual’s or ProPK’s? When you run a reputable journalism blog site, you get a lot of visitors. Those visitors directly translate to your site’s reach and influence. This article is unethical and abuse of that influence. They’re crucifying just one ISP, like no one else is doing it.

        If the article was about all Pakistani ISPs doing it and Connect had been the sole example, I wouldn’t have mentioned anything. But they’re singling out an ISP even in the title: “THIS Pakistani ISP Offers Illegal Software, Games and Movies for Free Download.”. This is irresponsible journalism.

        • The ISP is not being ‘crucified’ at all; the fact of the matter is that ‘Connect’ did this on a large and complete scale by creating a dedicated portal for almost all the stuff that can be pirated and then also publicized the portal on their own website. Other ISPs cannot be exempted but you would find it hard to list even one which did or does something on the same level as ‘Connect’.

          And the FACTS presented are not ‘hearsay’ at all.

        • I agree with you regarding ProPak writers; they are known for not writing original content including this article but I’m actually also surprised that the writer had the decency to link back to TorrentFreak who originally posted it first.

    • Total nonsense argument. By this warped logic we all should ignore Panama Leaks and all of present and past Prime Minister and President corruption case since I’m sorry my driver is also corrupt (he over billed me for petrol last week). So if we are not taking action or exposing my driver corruption so Prime Minister and PM corruption not be exposed and ignored? Nobody buy this argument.

      Connect and DoDear is the biggest piracy racket in Karachi cable scene. Owners are pretending to be religious and righteous people but making money through promoting total pirated content. In any other country like USA they would be arrested and jailed for many years.

      • Hey, maybe understand others’ point first before making your own extremely dumb one. This would be comparable to Panama leaks only if we ignored the rest of the Panama leaks and put just one politician on the stand saying “THIS politician had off-shore companies”.

        All I’m saying is, the author knows better that this game is played all over Pakistan. If he doesn’t know then he should’ve done his darn research before just reposting from Torrent Freak. If we wanted what TF wrote, we would go to the TF website. Journalism is about proper research.

        Have you never dealt in interest anywhere? (which I’ll find really hard to believe) How would you like your face to be planted on a well known blog site saying “THIS person dealt in interest!”, while the whole freaking country is doing it?

      • Tax fraud, money laundering and, God knows what else, while most in the country are starving and underpaid, are the same as “your driver overbilling you for petrol last week”? Whose logic is warped again?

        And plenty of people buy that argument. This article might as well be a copy-paste from TorrentFreak with no extra research done on the ground facts in Pakistan. If I wanted to read TF articles, I’d go to TF.

  • Nayatel does the same in Islamabad. They even charge for accessing there portal which has all movies available for stream directly to tv via there box as well!

  • i think propakistani picked up the story from torrentfreak, poor research on pp’s part.. every other ISP is also providing pirated content, so article should involve everyone instead of targeting a single ISP.

  • Copy rights infringement are done by ISP or it is that company’s management individual act, naming out an isp by naming city or country is a potential act of defaming the business or IT companies of that country or city. I hope there is no hidden, racist and international funded agenda of ProPakistani for mentioning city’s name in their article against the mother city of all IT Companies and Businesses in Pakistan???…. ProPakistani please behave!!!…

  • Even Fariya has their own portal and all the other ISPs too. Why is connect being targeted? This is cheap.

    • Because the author has just rehashed the Torrent Freak article without doing his own research on the actual facts on the ground in Pakistan.

  • If connect is pirate then yotube is father of pirate becuase all pakistani movies are availble there for free.

    • youtube dosent take down your videos by them, self
      it requires the owner of the copyright to adress youtube on an issue like this
      but pirating is common so no one tries to stop it
      movies from other countries cant be found on youtube cuz the owners of the movie take them down

  • many others are in the same business doing with such illegal content/stuff…..but this is most likely a brand name promo …….a very good catch !

  • every cable net service provider is offering such services since the very beginning of cable internet culture nothing is new. To be very frank 95% of PC users in Pakistan are using pirated copies of MS office and Windows operating system so nothing is perfect here

    • bhai jab 30 percent tax ho har computer pe kon windows wala computer order karei ga?

        • No tricks, just offer of upgrading from Windows 7 and 8. But you still need original versions of those too to upgrade.

          • Most of household desktop pcs are used they came from US and sold at cheap price, since these pcs are branded like hp and dell hence they came up with oem license windows, the license code is printed on a sticker called microsoft certificate of authencity, so pentium 4 users instead of installing pirated windows xp they can enter the oem license key which comes with pc similarly core2duo systems came with windows vista oem licenses similary advance model comes with windows 7, i hope you will agree with me

            • Yes but most of the PC coming from there have very old software. Win vista or xp. Some do have seven. But then here they aren’t sold as it is many computers have no windows when shipped to Pakistan as their HDD are wiped and sometimes their genuine Windows license sticker is also removed.

              • most of people still using windows xp so why they can;t install genuine windows, it is true that hard drives are removed from used system but license sticker is still there so all you need is to install windows on fresh harddrive and enter the license key that comes with pc to validate the product

                • ok windows can be made original what about ms office? both our govt and private institutions have no other alternatives for that. And that is 99% pirated in Pakistan.

                  • use open source office packages which are relatively similar to MS Office,

                    • Those software have incompatibilities with MS standards. Only open office formats work without incompatibilities.

                    • yea open but does not display it correctly. I have been using those programs for years so I know about it.

  • Internet link or connection would be commodity / utility in coming years , so survival of all Internet companies relies on content as per user demand. its not fair at all to point out one ISP only. Pls do some courage to discuss what big boys doing in market like in the name of 3G,4G or Broadband etc.

  • Aamir I am very much certain now, that you are getting paid for such articles. All cable net providers in Pakistan, and specially Karachi is providing the same. This forum is being corrupted with greed and paid content.

  • Unfortunately, Small ISP’s like Connect & Fariya and others know that they can’t compete on Bw and provide better Internet service so what they are doing to grab attention in market is to provide illegal local content. I think they h’ve to change their name from ISP to Rainbow center Shop.

    • I think, the demand of users is the content as well. Any new company if enters to the market will also gives the portal along with internet services.

  • World is going towards open source culture and soon enough software piracy wont even be considered a piracy…

  • In bhai ne Ghar pe Pakistani DTH lagaya howa ha saray TV programs Legal tareeqay se dekhte hain
    aur Game of thrones and tv series bhi sirf NETFELIX pe dekhte hain uske baad hi inhon ne yeh article likha ha

  • Sharif p.minister kare wo halal hain, Gareeb awam movie download kar k dhek ly wo galat hain !!!!!

    1st they are not promoting any Pakistani copy rights data

    2nd if i would be having these service i would be saying the same !!! :P

  • the service that Connects providing is useful to those people who really wants to get their desired software movies or documents because it is a platform where information can easily take place.

  • میرئے رائے میں ہم سے سب ہی پائریسی میں شامل ہیں ۔ 99 فیصد پاکستانی محض ایک ونڈو اور دیگر سافٹ وئیر صرف 30 روپے کی سی ڈی ، 100 روپے کی ڈی وی ڈی یا پھر یو ایس بی سے مفت ونڈوز ، گیمز اور دیگر سافٹ وئیرز انسٹال کرتے ہیں ۔

    اور یہاں ہم اپنے آپ کو مولویوں کی طرح پاک صاف ظاہر کرکے پائریسی کا زمہ دار آئی ایس پیز کو ٹھرا رہئے ہیں ۔

  • they also save Bandwidth throw these type of portals (Local Content Via Lan) if they not provide these services users download movies from Torrent using ISP,s raw bandwidth which is not suitable for ISP
    and you cannot stop piracy even USA or Europe also cant do this i am not supporting anything
    just want to clear things .

  • PTCL has a gaming longue with cracked gaming servers. Layari net and fariya have similar entertainment portal where fariya has 5 times faster speed for local downloads. They all host and distribute copyright content. Writer of this post has to do a bit better research instead of copy pasting an article from TF.

  • O yar itni zabardast service hum ghareebo wali band karwadi aap ne ?
    Ab gigabit speed pe content kese download karenge

  • Extremely satisfied with Connect Fiber Service in Karachi – Plus I guess ProPakistani has not seen similar services of every other ISP in Pakistan!

    • 1ms ping means you’re running test on their own local server which is nothing ground breaking. Try some other server and post results here

      • Here you go: [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

        And oh BTW I didn’t do the test on Connect server, previously it was on PTCL server and this time it is on Fiberlink PVT LTD – Cheers!

    • I am also using connect at home, could you please guide me which package are you using ? I would also like to get that much speed. Thanks in advance.

  • What the hell yar dodear is not working now you took away all the fun for connect users :x

  • I hope you are not using connect while posting this article. Also bring some investigative postings yourself. Don’t get content from foreign sites and just post it. It’s not something new connect is offering this since long time. You guys should have noticed and posted it before TF.

  • I am the user of Connect for last 4 years and have not seen any difficulty, after using Fariya, Leo Net, PTCL and Wi-Tribe, I am finally at Connect services which satisfy the Internet needs.
    Connect is the only service I experience as the best uptime provider as well as on very competitive prices.
    I believe this must the something from the Competitors to hit the company.

  • such poor shit. you complain about this like you didn’t just watch the latest episode of game of thrones by torrenting it

  • Dodear because of its shameless pirated content is the reason why anyone would use Connects pathetic cable net service. Leonet and Fiberlink providing us similar portal with illegal content from pirated movies to games. Full credit must be given to ProPakistani for exposing the truth. Even if 1000000 others are doing it, Propakistani is doing the right thing by showing us the truth. Piracy needs to stop and blood sucking pirates like Connect and Dodear must be shut down it they cannot compete with 4G operators in fair manner.

  • Seriosly Talal aka ProPakistani??
    Dunya kaha sa kaha pohoncch gaye and we Pakistanis are still looking for wAys to bash our country and stuff?? Share useful stuff not things that embarrass us.

    Hopefully admin will have guts to approve my post.

    • So you’re saying that we should just turn a blind eye towards this? Ignoring the issue won’t help anyone except the people doing this illegal work.

  • Bhai log aisay show kr rha hain kay jaise ye koi new service start hoe hai.
    2000s se cable net walay yahi kr rhe hain.

  • Every cable net provider is doing this, do some research before publishing for maintaining dignity of your blog.

  • Lol personal dushmani nikaalne ka tareeka acha hai ye propakistani apna image gira diya aap ne :) topics khatam hogay hen to let me know i will provide you

  • Targeting just specific isp …if the article needed to be written it should have mentioned atleast more than one isp , as a dweller of Karachi I know dozens of local isps providing these services !

  • PTCL has entertainment portal adorned by pirated content. Their Smart TV (iptv) hosts and advertises pirated movies. Their gaming servers are illegal. They facilitate multiplayer gaming matches of pirate game players. To top it all off, Govt. of Pakistan owns PTCL after all. Connect Comm should be the last among matters of serious concern.

  • thuuu.,,,
    band kerdi website connect ne.,.,
    atleast not accessible for the last 24hours

  • Site is down but now up again with different name.. :)
    Tm kitny DoDear Maro Gy Har Ghar sy DoDear Nikly Ga :D :P

  • So? bhuki nangi awam hai 80% , they cant afford 60$ a game.

    piracy isnt a lost sale . get over it

  • cant download movies or games torrent from dodear site .like throne of elves 2016 …when i click on download .i page opens with the movie or game name with torrent and then no pop ups of download happens . what could be the cause ?i think i should ask the internet service provider for this .

  • close