Pakistan Removed from List of Worst IP Violators for the First Time

For the first time ever, Pakistan has been removed from the US list of worst intellectual property violators.

The 2016 edition of US Trade Representative’s 301 Report removed Pakistan from its Priority Watch List as a sign of improving copyright laws and their implementation. This is the first time the country hasn’t featured on the annual list.

Pakistan has made major steps to implement key provisions of the Intellectual Property Organisation of Pakistan Act of 2012. That as well as the seriousness with which the government has approached IP rights since 2015 were enough to warrant removal from the list, according to the USTR.

In fall of 2016, Pakistan is scheduled for an out-of-cycle review to decide whether the country held up on commitments made during the 2016 annual review cycle to continue to improve certain aspects of IPR protection and enforcement.

via IPPro

  • SSyar

    شکریه راحیل شریف


    Wel Done PML-N. Jeay Nawaz Sharif

    • Farhan

      Read the article, Due to Intellectual Property Organisation of Pakistan Act of 2012.

      Thank PPP.

      • Zubair

        Zardari ko jitne galia dau utney Kam hai us ke jesa kanjar pm Pakistan ke history me koi nahi.PPP need jooto ka haar instead of thanks.

      • Lazy Sapper

        PPP did nothing actually. I wanted to commit suicide during last few days of PPP government. I don’t how people in sindh are surviving under MQM and PPP.

        • Farhan

          It’s mentioned right in the article. PPP Did past the most legislation in our history and most of them were good! Last i went to Karachi it was doing pretty well!

          • Lazy Sapper

            It is obvious ppp passed legislations and then Allah cursed this nation.

          • Adeel

            PPP ye wohi party haina jis ki hukumat k 2 prime minister na ehal sabit hue the aur jis ki hukumat mein American air force Pakistan mein dakhil hui thi aur sare hijre bane bethe the wohi haina PPP ?

        • Khalid Yaldram

          HI i am lay man can you explain what is this ? Lazy Sapper i am your fan ………..your comment always summery of big article

        • Adeel

          Mat pucho yar ;)

  • WG

    It is true that Pakistan has been removed from Priority Watch List but it is still on the Watch List and if people read the report, they will will see the reasons.
    The 2 major points against Pakistan mentioned in the report are:
    1) ” Government Use of Unlicensed Software: It is important for governments to legitimize their own activities in order to set an example of respecting IPR for private enterprises. Further work on this issue remains with certain trading partners, such as Pakistan, ….. ”
    2) ” Despite these positive efforts and promising reforms, reports indicate that the rates of counterfeiting and piracy in Pakistan remain significantly high, particularly in the areas of pharmaceuticals, printed materials, optical media, digital content, and software. “

  • Still there is not any portal or search platform from where one can search for Trademarks or Patent already registered in Pakistan

  • Muhammed Ovais Alam

    For those who are STILL praising those corrupt and killer parties: ‘kab tak jahalat kay andheeroun main rahoge? kab tak paani, roti kay naam pe vote detay rahoge? apne zameer ko kab jagaoge?’

  • AbdulB1

    India produced generic copies of western drugs and earns billion of dollars in exports and save billions of dollars in import too. China copies western goods and earns hundreds of billions of dollars in export every month. Whole world copies their products while our slave govt and people are happy that we are not most serious in America’s ip infringement list.

    • M Waseem Akhtar

      As per knowledge ( I may be wrong) every design/formula becomes free to use after some specific time period. For example Honda CD-70 design/engine is being copied by many but Honda cannot sue them due to mentioned rule. So production and export of generic products is not piracy.

      • AbdulB1

        Patents have a specific life.