NADRA Has Blocked 40,000 CNICs Issued to Foreign Nationals Since 2005

NADRA has blocked more than 40,000 CNICs issued to foreign nationals since 2005, which includes citizens from China, Burma, U.S, India, Iran, Iraq, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Maldives and Morocco.

Overall, 0.23 million national ID cards have been blocked by NADRA in 5 years according to Federal Interior Minister Chauhdry Nisar. These were either issued to Pakistanis or to foreigners. The officials assigned to investigate it claimed that majority of the blocked ID cards were issued to “unregistered Afghan refugees” with tens of thousands of ID cards issued by at least 650 officials of Nadra, with over 108 from regional office from Karachi alone.

An official document revealed that they have issued these ID cards to 29 Indians, 21 Chinese, 236 Iranians, one American, 111 Burmese and Bengali, seven Moroccan, three Uzbeks, two Maldivians, one Senegal citizen, 13 Egyptian and north of 40,000 Afghanis.

When asked, Nadra claimed that it had blocked over 40,000 ID cards since 2005.

This seems like a part of a broader initiative by NADRA to weed out potential terrorist threats or illegal immigrants which may pose a threat to the balance of society. Of course, the process isn’t perfect as because of it some legitimate Pakistani citizens also had their ID cards blocked, like when the biometric verification process was started by NADRA for similar purposes last year.

Source: Pakistan Today

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  • Aasim

    What does it mean . Blocked 40000 cnic . R these cnic like sim . Blocked . ???!!!!!!

    • Bilal Iqbal

      No… It is marked as F… fraud marked . based on various reasons like foreign nationals, fraud activities reported by agencies, or court. Fake particular… F marked cards are not able to be used for any transaction like bank accounts . sim activation. Vote. Passport/ visa processing or renewal of ID cards. And only a high level el board can clear this blocked ID card after completing verification from agencies including nadra’s own verification process plus law enforcement agencies. We also Try to trace out culprits if found involved in illegal processing to punish accordingly.

      • KS

        phir bhi ghanta ukhar liya, ek CNIC block hui doosri 2000 de kar banwa li

        • Bilal Iqbal

          try this…

  • Kratos

    That’s pretty low.

    • Bilal Iqbal

      Each blockage and clearance required complete procedure… We admit to improve things and hopeful to do so.

      • Kratos

        I meant that 40,000 foreign cards blocked in the past 10 years seems pretty low. Shouldn’t it be far more than that?

        • Bilal Iqbal

          of course… the fundamental problem is the 3.5 million afghan refugees right after Russian attack in 1978, living in Pakistan and most of them are out of from refugee camps and mixed up in pushton areas. they got Manual ID cards and eventually converted into CNIC’s. Now it’s time for government to decide about the future of these refugees and kick them out their country which will dramatically reduce the number of ID cards by them. now let’s see what happens. only NADRA can’t do every thing.. every one will have to take part.

  • Raja Maja

    a very good move.

  • A Common Man

    The Question is “Why” and “How” they were issued at the first place?
    Anyone held responsible for that?

    • Zulfiqar Ali khan

      This is the bone of contention Nobody will answer this question because there are several high level culprits involved in this scam, this is question of security of the country but look how alert our Interior ministry is after three years they are just moved but only a little step forward .

  • Shahid Hameed

    Mechanism of electoral rigging in Pakistan Part – 1 illegal vote of foreigners.
    Some Public office holder politicians have organized electoral rigging system for the increased of their vote bank.
    Easy target of these politicians is Afghan refugees so politicians facilitate and organized all procedure with the help of some corrupt NADRA employees. Important thing in all procedure is attestation of NADRA forms for this purpose politicians do have Fake stamp of their name and required signature is also done by hired another person who is expert to do fake signature of politicians.
    Another procedure is that senior politicians MNAs MPAs and senators force their junior Politicians to do attest foreigners CNICs form (to UC Chairman and councilors) sometimes politicians do with original signatures and stamp but this is almost suicide action for them.
    According to sources NADRA had issued only Notice to these traitors that may be they have been attested suspected aliens but never been investigate the matter. The reason is political interference in NADRA and lack of forensic evidences because of fake signatures and fake stamps.
    But some cases had been published in media MNAs MPAs Senators UC Chairmans & Counselors found positive to did attested foreigners CNICs forms. Cases has been registered by FIA.

  • asaf

    my mother cnic is blocked only due to his birth place is Bangladesh (East Pakistan at time). Now Nadra official ask to provide proof being pakistani. How any one can know that after 40 years of migration they have to prove that they are pakistani.