Infinix to Launch its First Ever Smartwatch XBand

In the fast growing industry of smart gadgets, Infinix has gradually started to make its place in the market with its innovative & affordable products. During last year, news came out that Infinix is working on its first smart watch.

Now the company has finally launched its first wearable watch.

Initially this smart watch will be available in Kenya and then it will make its way to Nigeria and the global market.


Features of the XBand (XB01)

Initially we know that XBand will be compatible with Infinix products but its compatibility with the products of other brands is yet to be known.

Take a look at the first impressions of the device above. Like every other wearable, the Infinix XBand looks minimalist and sturdy.

One of the features of the smartwatch is that it can easily be used as a Bluetooth receiver, which allows it to play music from other devices.


Infinix XBand in Pakistan

The price of XBand has not being disclosed yet.

It can be reasonably assumed that the smartwatch will be available in Pakistan with Daraz, which is currently the only retailer for Infinix products in Pakistan.

We will have more details on the product when it nears launch.

via InfinixMobility

  • Infinix is good brand in my opinion as they and their parent company techno have captured most of the African market. And are popular in se. Asia too. I am not impressed by their security updates but still they do release some updates.

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