Pakistan’s Water Resources to Run Out by 2025: Report

According to a report by Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR), Pakistan is running out of water in the near future and will reach absolute water scarcity by 2025. Pakistan crossed the “water stress line” back in 1990 and crossed the “water scarcity” line by 2005. If this situation continues, Pakistan will face severe water shortages or even a drought-like situation.

To counteract this problem, PCRWR needs to conduct detailed research at varying levels to find a solution for this problem. An official from the Ministry of Science and Technology added, “Unfortunately, the PCRWR has no funds to ensure sustainable research”.

PCRWR Calls for More Funding to Tackle the Water Emergency

The Council is a part of the Science and Technology Ministry. It is responsible for conducting, coordinating, promoting and organizing research on different aspects of water resources.

PCRWR demanded Rs 50 Million from the government as endowment fund. An endowment fund could remove their dependence on the annual Public Sector Development.

The fund will focus on poverty alleviation and water scarcity by surveying regions at different levels which they aim to do without waiting for annual budget allocation and PSDP funds. Mohammad Khalid Siddiqui of the Science and Technology Ministry admitted to not having enough money for PCRWR’s functioning. He also revealed that efforts are being made to get more funding from the government.

The source of the funds will include the savings from research projects and income from the proposed endowment funds which are expected to come from both national and international donors. The Rs 50 million seed money will be provided by the government itself.

An official from Science and Technology Ministry commented:

The funds will help continue and sustain research activities, which are the need of the hour in a country like Pakistan where rising population is decreasing per capita water availability.

via Express Tribune

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