Budget 2016-17: Sales Tax on Laptops, Desktops Exempted

Government of Pakistan has exempted sales tax on imported Laptop and Desktops, budget documents have said.

Federal government, through finance bill 2016, has exempted sales tax on imported laptops and desktop personal computers.

Government said that Ministry of Information Technology had proposed exemption of sales tax on laptops and personal computers with a view to promote Information & Communication Technology
(ICTs) in the country.

Government hopes that this step will also promote genuine imports and will render informal and
illegal imports as uncompetitive.

Exemption of sales tax on laptops and desktops will be applicable from July 1st, 2016 onwards.

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  • Very good step, but it doesn’t mean much if they keep heavily taxing the internet.

  • Does it mean I can order a laptop from an online store outside Pakistan and import here without paying extra penny to customs or government?

  • so it’s mean we have to pay nothing any penny to customs or any other when product like laptop or PC arrived in Pakistan ? please some one confirm it !

    • Custom Duty of 2% is still there, its the 17% Sale Tax that is removed. Furthermore, costly items are usually shipped Express so you will still have to pay fees to the CAA and the local courier handling it.

  • So, if i order a laptop from, say, xoticpc, there will be 0 custom duty on it??

    • Yes that’s what I’m thinking custom duties, charges and sales tax are separate things. Writer should have explain that to avoid confusion

  • No sales tax means 17% reduction In price of laptops … as far as duties go that still has to be checked

  • Dear Amir bhai, any idea if the laptop sellers will actually reduce laptop prices as a result of this tax removal? And approximately how much the laptop prices will drop?


    • all imports of gadgets are illegal they came as baggage hence no tax being paid for them so there will be no reduction of prices.

    • Rizwan bhai, yahan par jab petrol ki rates bharte hain tu sari chezon ke rates bar jate hain saying ke petrol mehnga hogaya. Aur jab sasta hota hai tu koi 1 ruppiya kam nahi karta kisi cheez par.

  • When a product is imported in Pakistan we have to pay, Custom Duties (CD), Sales Tax (ST), Income Tax (IT) + Federal Excise Duty (FED).

    Assuming that CD is 10%, S.Tax is 17%, I.Tax is 6%, one might feel the total is only 33% (add all of these) but it is not 33% but around 55% or more.

    Formula for this is explained in simple terms as below,

    (Accepted Invoice value + freight) x 10% CD
    (Accepted Invoice value + freight + 10 CD) x 17% S.Tax
    (Accepted Invoice value + freight + 10 CD + 17% S.Tax) x 6% I.Tax.
    FED is a small percentage like 0.35 ~ 0.5% of the above total depending upon the nature of product.

    Accepted Invoice value is supposed to be market value of the product in the market, if you mention $ 100 product (Under Invoicing) as $10 on the accompanying invoice, it will not be accepted by customs and they have the authority to use their own price in such cases.

    As per the new budget proposal only 17% S.Tax will not be payable but it will be used for calculating the balance of duties.

    • bro didnt understand this last sentence “As per the new budget proposal only 17% S.Tax will not be payable but it will be used for calculating the balance of duties.”

      “17% sales tax will not be payable ” but it will be used for calculating the balance of duties?
      “what u mean by balance of duties? ”
      am asking cuz my del 7559 is already on its way to pak thru dhl

  • Acha ab yeh bhi bata dain ke is Sales Tax main kami ke baad customer ko koi benefit hoga ya phir sellers khud hi sara faida le jaenge?

  • The law is only good when it’s applied.
    Laptop ‘walay’ price kam krain to koi baat ho.

  • Everyone is talking about the reduction of sales tax but not the prices. Suppose if we go to buy a used i3 or i5 code core laptop how much do we pay to get it after July 2016? Thanks

  • What is the reliable market of used laptops in Karachi? Your suggestion will be appreciated .

  • mr amir atta
    care to mention the SRO number regarding this new update on sales tax exemption so that ur news can be verified through fbr portal

    • Cuctoms Duty 2 % (Reduced 3% to 2%)
      Sales Tax 0 % ( Rduced 17 % to 0 %)
      Income Tax 6 % ( Commercial File, if not, 9%)
      Additional Customs Duty 1 % ( Added this year )

      For SRO, email me, [email protected] / Customs Consultancy Agenccy

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