Huawei is Building the Next Nexus Device

Tons of rumors have been afloat about who is building the new Nexus device. Now, we finally something concrete and it’s going to be none other than Huawei.

In an interview with Gearburn, Charlene Munilall, General Manager of the Huawei’s Consumer Business Group in South Africa, confirmed that Huawei is indeed building the new Nexus this year. She was quoted saying:


The Nexus product is a very niche product. The techies love it but there’s a very small number of people that buy it. That said, the distributors, our open market, do bring in the device [to South Africa]. We’re doing the Nexus again this year, by the way.

Time to Get Excited

Last year, two Nexus phones were released instead of the usual one. LG and Huawei built the two Nexus phones named 5X and 6P.

What seemed like a gamble on a previously unknown Chinese OEM (at least in the West), paid off and the 6P was universally praised for its design and performance. In fact, many still maintain it’s the best Nexus device ever built.

While there’s no official announcement from Google, one should be coming forth now that the cat is out of the bag.  Seeing how the last year’s Nexus 6P was received,we can’t wait to see what Huawei cooks up this year.

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  • The title is false and misleading huawei are building a Nexus yes but they aren’t not solely building the next Nexus as it stand there is at least three new Nexus devices coming as HTC have already announced and confirmed Google has contracted them to make the next two Nexus devices. So when you look at the facts huawei are only building one of many new Nexus devices coming this year. I won’t ever buy a huawei product as there Apple clones and don’t have start menus, well none of there recent phones have that I’ve owned.

    • Apple Clones just because they don’t use app drawer well so does LG G5.
      People in China prefer apps on screen rather than app drawer. The problem can be solved using a nova launcher easily. The Huawei P9 is one of best devices available today!

    • lolz… We are talking here about the flagship Nexus phone…. that’s what Huawei also build last year….. well a company that makes its own Core Chips is not a clone.. they are an emerging player in the top league……

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