Daraz Mobile Week to Bring Price Cuts, New Products and Mega Flash Sales

Daraz.pk today said that it is celebrating Ramadan festivities with the entire nation and is set to offer customers a week of jaw-dropping deals and mouth-watering sales during Daraz Mobile Week, the largest mobile phone sale ever.

The massive sale event which will be hitting the online store on June 20 and is expected to bring an unimaginable mobile phone price slash, new product launches and mega flash sales.

It will be a week of crazy deals and exclusive phone launches from top mobile phone brands at www.daraz.pk/mobile-week and the Daraz.pk mobile phone app.

The Daraz Black Friday sale that happened in November last year has become a household name and Pakistan’s biggest and most anticipated annual retail extravaganza – Daraz.pk claims that the Mobile Week sale will be just as good, if not better, with unimaginable deals and discounts on all mobile phone brands.

Mobile Week will be bringing together the biggest international Mobile Phones at incredibly low prices in order to make premium mobile phones available to Pakistanis at the highest value for their money.

As part of some pre-hype activities for the week-long sale on June 20, the company has started running weekly contests, offering a free Smartphone on sign ups at www.daraz.pk/mobile-week. The buzz has already started on social media as people are clamoring to get in on the deals.

Just like Black Friday, Easypay will be providing customers with additional discounts on all phones purchased during the Mobile week, making the week even more exciting.

Commenting on the occasion, Jonathan Doerr, Co-CEO Daraz said, “Mobile Week is an incredible opportunity to partner the A-list brands to give our customers value for their money. As a pioneer of the e-retail sector in Pakistan, Daraz.pk has created a niche for itself by continually setting up the pace as evidenced in our previous events. In Mobile Week, there is a mobile sabkayliye.”

The countdown for the biggest mobile sale has begun, for customers to be a step ahead in availing the best deals during the Daraz Mobile Week, they should download the Daraz App from the Google Play Store for Android and iTunes for Apple phones, monitor updates on the Daraz.pk website and watch out for their favorite brands set to go on sale.

  • Way to be subtle with the blatant advertising, eh? You sound like the guy selling manjan on private transports. All I can say is hope you’re getting paid good for s cking someone’s d so much lol. At least have the decency to acknowledge it’s a paid post.

          • Are you implying beaconites don’t talk like that? That’s hilarious and you’re naïve.

            • nope , they have their own categories
              but … the guy i knew was … more calm. he wouldn’t partake in this discussion as actively as u did. its not naivety , its observation.

              oh and im DEAD sure , he was not as good in english as you are. having the same name isn’t everything. sorry i mistook you for someone else :)

      • There’s news reporting and there’s advertising, and both are fine in their own regard. But then there’s advertising disguised as news reporting by concocting up stuff and passing it off as fact, and that’s the worst kind of thing to do for any publication.

        I hope you’re smart enough to realize which one this article qualifies as.

      • Being true to your name, I see? Yes, I know what a press release is, what with me authoring quite a few of those myself for international publications. But looks like you clearly don’t. You might want to look it up before opening your mouth and embarrassing yourself next time.

  • Rather than accusing the admin one should concentrate on what has been said, last year i bought my cousin p7, n it was a great experience for him, price was less than the market price, i never had any complaint from daraz, bought many things, the only thing which have heard n experienced myself is that there customer service is very bad(slow) n unresponsive sometimes, over all u cant say it is a total fraud as many of us love to say, it is our number 1 shopping website n app in pakistan, with time it will only get better, n daraz paid me zero rupees for writing this :/ :( they dont have a gud marketing team

    • Whether it is paid or not… we should promote daraz for establishing as a good online retailer… they are helping now with few good products but once they established well they may open up the ways to bring imported goods as well… ali baba succeded so well just cox of its public although in statups everyone has to face difficulties….

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    • U may avail smart watch by telenor or Uwatch by ufone for your kid.. u can track location through it or contact her in emergency..

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