SBP SMS Service: Get Fresh Currency Notes Before Eid

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has taken steps to provide citizens with fresh currency notes, especially with Eid holidays at the end of the month.

To this effect, SBP has started its SMS service for the issuance of the fresh currency notes this year. The service is launched to facilitate people in acquiring new currency notes for the event of Eid-ul-Fitr.

This facility will be provided through 500 e-branches in 116 cities during Ramzan, 2016.

How to Utilize it?

To get fresh currency notes, you need to have two things:

  • Your CNIC number
  • e-Branch ID of your nearest designated bank branch

e-branch ID can be obtained by clicking this link. Note down the ID of bank branch that’s nearest to you and do following:

  1. Type: CNIC number<space>e-branch ID
  2. Send it as an SMS to 8877

Charges of sending an SMS to 8877: Rs. 2 (plus tax)

In reply to the SMS, the customer will get their redemption code, e-branch address and redemption code validity date.

The redemption code will be valid for two working days.

Once you receive the code, the customer can visit the concerned e-branch along with their original CNIC card, its photocopy and the redemption code received from 8877 to acquire the fresh notes.

Fixed Quantity of Notes

People should be mindful of the fact that in order to avoid an abuse of the system, SBP has allotted a quota of new notes which will be granted to each person.

This quota consists of:

  • Two packets of Rs. 10
  • One packet of Rs.20.
  • One packet of Rs. 50 (subject to availability)
  • One package of Rs. 100 (subject to availability)

Precautions for Using the Service

Under the SMS service, each CNIC number and mobile phone number can only be used once.

No transaction code will be issued to the sender if they:

  • send the same CNIC/Smart card number from different mobile numbers or addresses,
  • send different CNIC/Smart card numbers from the same mobile number during the service.

Not only will this not work, but it will result in an increased cost to the sender.

For Queries and Complaints

To entertain queries/complaints of the general public, SBP-BSC has established a help desk at 111-008-877.

The help desk can be contacted through NWD code of:

  • 042 for Punjab;
  • 021 for Sindh and Balochistan;
  • 051 for Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Azad Kashmir, and Gilgit-Baltistan.

The help desk facility will only be available during office hours.

It is expected that the restart of the SMS service will facilitate the public in acquiring fresh currency notes for Eid-ul-Fitr in a timely and hassle-free manner.

      • As per article,

        Two packets of Rs. 10

        One packet of Rs.20.

        One packet of Rs. 50 (subject to availability)

        One package of Rs. 100 (subject to availability)

        • Jnab me nr kitne bar mmsg kiya real cod k sat jwab me branch cod nahi Mila l

    • As per article walay bhai,

      Two packets of Rs. 10
      One packet of Rs.20.
      One packet of Rs. 50 (subject to availability)
      One package of Rs. 100 (subject to availability)

      • i mean what amount constitutes a packet? 1000?
        and what’s the minimum limit or one has to take 4 packets atleast?

        • Bhai ek packet main 100 note hote hian. so Rs 10 wala packet for 1k, 20 wala 2k, 50 wala 5k aur 100 wala 10k ka hoga.

          Baki rahi baat minimum kitne packets lene hain, aapki marzi hai janab agar chahain tu 4 le lain chahain tu sirf 10 wala ek lain yeh tu koi force nahi kar sakta aap par.

          Aur han yeh 50 aur 100 wale tu waise bhi likha hua hia ke (subject to availability) matlab ke yeh tu buhat kam logon ko hi milainge.

          I hope this helps…

              • Previous week i follow the abov procedur & it’s work well.. bt confused in a process.. so now tnx for clarity…

                    • Boss maine aaj hi SMS kia aur mujhe aaj hi reply aagaya ke I can collect the notes between 8-9 June. So probably it means ke once you receive the code the next 2 working days you can go and collect.

                  • I have sent my NIC# and nearest branch code i.e 0128 BOK Peehawar but I was told wrong procedure.. Please guide me. Thanks

                    • Dost aap shayad galat branch code dal rahe ho ya shayad old. Maine kal hi kia hai and got the reply, aap ko apna CNIC# without dashes and then after a space type the branch code and send it to 8877. You can get the branch codes from following PDF. (remove spaces)
                      http:// www. sbp. org. pk / Freshnote.pdf

                  • Bhai 5dihn ho gay ik msg hi aata he k ap ka msg mason ho gay mger limit branch nahi nahi or beach me try kro 5bank me try kr chuka hu kya Kelly

                    • ajeeb hi scene hai dost inka, kuch logon ko mila hai reply kuch ko nahi and baki banks ke quota bhi khatam hogaye hain. Try karain koi aisi branch soch kar jahan apke hisab se rush nahi hoga wahan try karain, thats the only chance. Jaldi karain becaues 20th ke baad yeh sms wali saholat khatam hojagi.

  • WTF? Why are people after these fresh notes is a 10 rupee fresh note worth more than a normal 10 rupee note?

    • If you are not after fresh notes then y u r here all the way chasing the fresh notes in the article??

    • Exactly. We do have a putrid undeveloped mentality. Why the f does a fresh note tickle our fancy? I am amazed at our nonsensical priorities. We should be seeking cashless economy, not fresh notes damn et.

  • Aisa fazul tariqa kyun nikala hai jis ka dilchahe jitna marzi note ly. har kaam me sms kahan se gaya bech me

    • You have absolutely no idea of corruption involving sale of fresh notes. Private pimps sell it for upto rs. 2000 premium (profit).

  • Zindagi mey pehli dafa itni izzat say Fresh Notes milay hein :)
    شکریه راحیل شریف

  • bohat achha tarika he ji, hukoomat ne apna kaam kia he aur ab awam ko emaandari dikhani ho gi sirf apne jaiz hisse ke note le, ye nhi ke pore khandan ke numbers se unke cnic number bhej ke line me lagy hoon :)

    • great!!! did you receive 100 and 50 packs too and if we want more pack of 50 will they provide ? i heard there are two ceatogery for payment 10,000 rs and 19,000 rs

  • I get the code in next 10 second and hope the fresh note will be get it easily without hassle free?

  • Sb k sb fraad..lahore mei kisi b bank jo details lounch ki gyi tmam k tmam koi b issu nhi kr raha. Reason limited out. Mgr haqeqat ye hai k sb k sb chore hain sb ny already tmam new currency not Annarkalii apni delerz ko cell kr chuky hain.. awam ko kahan milne ye paisy…ye sb dekhawa hai bs..

  • Bhai sub fake ha dramay bazi ha awam ko pagal bnaya ha app jis marzi branch ka code likhien aik hi ans ata ha
    Dear citizen, this branch has reached its booking limit, select any other nearest branch for booking.

  • I am getting message “Dear citizen, this branch has reached its booking limit. select any other nearest branch for booking” at 9am 25 June. I tried atleast every branch of Lahore and wasted a lot of amount on sms. Booking was to end at night on 25 June.

  • i checked many branches. but u can see the reply. ye kameenay awam ko zalil krtay hain. sale krtay hain ye log fresh currency. lanti log

  • Dear Citizen, Booking for this service has now been closed. Only booking codes already issued will be valid for due dates by July 4, 2016.

  • Dear citizen, Booking for this service has now been closed. Only booking codes already issued will be valid for due dates by July 4, 2016.

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