Easypaisa Launches Pakistan’s First Mobile Account Credit

In the true essence of financial empowerment for the masses of Pakistan, Easypaisa is once again leading the industry with the launch of a term deposit plus running finance offer.

Easypaisa’s dual value product offers a term deposit with attractive returns and credit facility with instant approval bundle for Easypaisa account users.

The deposit product offers 10% return on savings with a monthly profit payout; these are one of the best terms available by any bank in the country. Furthermore, customers can get credit line at cheapest available borrowing rates without having to break their deposit.

The customer journey for the product is a major innovation, dropping tedious paperwork requirements and wet signatures. No longer do people need to stand in queues, and submit extensive paperwork for basic financial services. This brings unparalleled convenience, the first of its kind to eligible Easypaisa customers.

Pleased at the launch of Pakistan’s first mobile account credit offer, Muhammad Yahya Khan, Head of Easypaisa, said:

With our pioneering digital products suite, we have paid special attention to the needs of our customers by expanding the value proposition of Easypaisa Account, while reaffirming our ambition of Banking-for-All.

The Easypaisa account has been the cornerstone of financial inclusion, offering banking and other financial services on the mobile phone. Now with the addition of term deposits and credit facilities, Easypaisa Account has become a full service banking solution which is available instantly in a safe and convenient manner.

  • Article is like a news story but dosn’t contain enough information to judge the products features and benefits. The maximum allocated amounts will decide how much the product is attractive.

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  • How can they pay 10% rate when discount rate is 5.75%. This article is misleading the readers. In my opinion the profit rate is 5% and not 10%.

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