Apple Sued by Chinese Company for Stealing iPhone 6 Design

China’s response to counterfeit technology items, which range all the way from cars to handhelds, is implausible at best, and laughable at the worst. It is therefore somewhat tragic that it is a Chinese company which is now suing Apple for copying its phone designs for a phone which came out almost two years ago.

The company in question is also someone we could never possibly think of hearing in our wildest dreams. It’s someone called “Baili” and by the sound of your reactions, it is quite easy to determine that the company is not even close to the top 20 smartphone companies from China.

Their phone which they’ve determined is the reason why they were wronged is called the “100+”. It apparently looks similar enough to Apple’s iPhone 6 to merit a lawsuit. Because of course.

And if you think the details are getting slightly out of hand, just remember that the Beijing Intellectual Property Office has already made a ruling in Baili’s favor. If it were not for a counter litigation, Apple may have been restricted from selling its phones from the area. Given China’s history of ruling in favor of its home-based companies, Apple may need some serious luck.

It is slightly ironic to see Apple potentially lose a huge market after failing a lawsuit started by a virtually unknown rival. If successful, however, it could set the precedent for much smaller firms vying out in order to get publicity out of the whole mess.

If the company in question wins this case, it could set the example of possibly suing anyone based on vaguely similar features, something which could potentially extend much further than smartphones only.