General Mobile 4G is the Best Deal at Mobile Week for Rs. 12,500

Last week, we told you about General Mobile 4G, an Android One smartphone from Turkey. It has been launched today exclusively at Daraz Mobile Week for just Rs. 13,500 and if you buy with EasyPay, the price will be reduced further by Rs. 1,000.

Keeping the specifications in mind, our initial price estimates were between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000. However at a price of Rs. 12,500, it is one heck of a deal.

You might be thinking what’s so special about this phone? Well it’s an Android One. Which means it is using the latest version of Android OS at the moment and will get future updates without any problem and even before costly flagship devices.

Android One devices are especially tailored for developing world and Google itself manages the development and support ─ You can think of them as budget Nexus smartphones.

The key specifications of General Mobile 4G are as follows:

  • 5″ Display, 720p Resolution
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 4 Protection
  • Faux Leather Design, Premium Build Quality
  • 1.2GHz quad-core, Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor
  • Qualcomm Adreno 306, 400MHz GPU
  • 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of Storage (Expandable via microSD card)
  • 13 Megapixel Rear camera with auto-focus & Dual LED Flash
  • 5 Megapixel Selfie Camera
  • 4G LTE Dual SIM support
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, OTG support
  • 2500mAh Li-Polymer Battery
  • Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow
  • Available in 2 Colors, White & Black

We can’t say much about the actual performance of this device before using it but these specs on the paper look really great for the price, especially the camera setup and 4G LTE connectivity.

In my opinion, people who are looking to buy a budget smartphone should give it a try. It packs a lot more power than other smartphones available in this price range and comes with the goodness of Android One so you are guaranteed a good experience.

Do share your opinion in the comments section below, we will also try to do a full review of this device in the coming weeks.

  • Shahid

    Shukar hy koe decent entry level smartphone tu aya

  • Shaaf

    Apart from leather material, these are some dandy specs for the price.

  • Salman Qamar

    There is no SD card slot. Have you confirmed?

  • RT

    sd card expandable upto what?

    • Abid Ali

      According to specs listed on, MicroSD up to 32GB.

    • MSM8916 chipset should support up to 128GB. We haven’t tested but this is what other smartphones using same chipset do support.

  • Mahfooz Ahmed

    battery is very small, i would not recommend any phone less than 3500 mAH

    • AbdulB1

      But you should also remember that it is 5 inch with 720p.

    • In this age of “always-on internet” even 5000mAh doesn’t live long enough. So either quick charging comes to help or a Rs. 1500 “powerbank”.

      • Bilal Iqbal

        by the way i switched off my 3G due to slow speed and quick battery draining and using only WiFi and it almost doubled the battery life… and ease of life without Always on internet during office hours…

        • Moazzem Gondal

          Oppo r7plus is best to use 3g or 4g battery is perfect with fast charging
          i have used both ios and samsung but now oppo i’m satisfied

    • Salman Zahid

      Bhai note5 ki 3000 hai and note series is best in world..bqttery size does not mean anything if software is not optimized. This is oure google..battery will be good for sure. Qinwain ki science na lagay kerin plz

      • Taha Najam

        Eh, Note is best in what? Not battery life let me tell you.

    • Sheldon Cooper

      s6e is merely 2400mAH with QHD display and gives 18hrs-1 day lasting. Prove? I own it

      Han ab sara waqht utube hi daikho gy to no idea.

  • Sumeet Kumar

    Infinix Hot 3 pro or General Mobile 4G. Which one is better?

    • Not a fan of Infinix.

      • Taha Najam

        How come?

    • Salman Zahid

      General 4g for sure. See reviews online its a snapdragon 410 device simply superior than any mediatek device

      • Taha Najam

        Nah, the 410 only offers better efficiency, not any real performance improvements.

    • Taha Najam

      I’ll say the Note at this time, since we know nada about this company while Infinix has made a name for itself around the world. For about Rs.4000 extra, you get another inch of screen and 75% more battery capacity, with fast charge technology. IMO it’s a win.

      • Shahid Saleem

        Today Google lets you install Android N preview on this device. Officially supported, see the android-developers blogspot blog. Just go to android .com/beta

        When will Note or other phones get N?

        • Taha Najam

          Lol, no it doesn’t. Right now the latest preview build, version 4 is only supported on the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, and the Pixel C. It’s even mentioned right there on the site you linked if you had bothered to read before commenting.

          Secondly, dunno what other phones you’re talking about, but as for when will the Note get Android N, it won’t since that’s an under development OS and 99% Android phones never get those. It will however get the final version of Android 7.0, whatever it’s called, just like it got Marshmallow even before my LG G3 and Galaxy Note 5.

          Once again, your point?

    • Usama Anwar

      Both have almost same specs but General Mobile have edge in sense that It is Android one but this company is new in Pakistani market and we don’t know much about their quality etc.

    • Sumeet Kumar

      After watching online reviews, comparing price and searching alot, I think buying General Mobile 4G is a better option,

  • BOB

    Is the battery removable?

  • Mirza Moazzam Baig

    Does it have band 5(850) for LTE?

  • Suggest Huawei GR3 or General Mobile ?

  • Salman Zahid

    Very nice device…pehli baar kam ka phone aya hai…specially a kickass product against any qmobile phone

  • Sulaiman Lalani

    i guess the name will hit the market as compare to other chinese brands

    • BADAR

      Its not a chinese brand

  • Bilal Iqbal

    specs look great…

  • Oralover Odeveloper

    Zuhair Chohan Sb, please kya is price mein is mobile ka Daraz,pk per link deinge kyun keh mujhay to nahi mil raha, shayed aap logon k liye especially koi link ho to Allah behter janta hai, wahan price 13,499/- hai yaani 1000 ka difference, ya mere samajhne mein koi ghalati hui hai?
    Yes, mil gaya magar, if someone has easypay account then Rs.1000/- discount, hahahaha….

    • Saba

      Ap sahi hain but ap parh likh nhi sakty bssss!! Article m likha hua hy jawab, please parh ky mjy b btaen.

      • Oralover Odeveloper

        mein ne apni post update ker di hai.

    • This is the price with EasyPay discount.

  • M.B

    Great device but an year old. That means if you purchase now you will only get android N update. I am planning to give it a try but this being one year old concerns me and waiting for a review by Propakistani. :D

    • Usama Anwar

      One year old doesn’t make any difference. It is Android One and will get all update directly from Google without any intervention from manufacturer.

      • M.B

        I said the same. Although it will get major update from Google but for once only.

        • Shahid Saleem

          Problem is no Android One phones have been released in 2016 yet. Right now you can go to android .com/beta and have Google send the OTA of N preview TODAY to this phone. Like with other Nexus phones. Huge elevation in status for this model.

          • M.B

            Yeah, that’s a plus for this phone.

  • M.B

    BTW this blog has disappeared from the homepage at the time of this comment. There is a press release about Infinix in place of this article as top story. Sounds strange…. Does anyone has an explanation?

  • Moazzem Gondal

    good deal in 12K

  • Naru-hudo

    device antutu score is 25k-28k…….410 will lag on heavy games @ 720p. Baqi social media k liye sahi hai.
    plus side is android 6.0
    2gb ram
    16 gb built in
    4g lte

    • Shahid Saleem

      In a few weeks, it will get Android N. Something Huawei, Samsung, LG, etc flagships won’t get until late this year, if ever.

  • DesignFuzon

    Nice deal by

  • Muhammad Ali

    What about the warranty of this?

  • test

    daraz is no more support this mobile

  • fysalyaqoob

    میرے موبائل کی آوٹر سکرین ٹوت گئی ہے۔ کوئی بتا سکتا ہے کہ کہاں سے مل سکتی ہے۔