Mark Zuckerberg Uses the Good Old Webcam Tape Hack

I’ve been telling people for years to cover up their laptop camera and microphone in order to avoid being monitored by a hacker ─ I’m glad that even Facebook’s Boss shares my concern (paranoia).

Mark Zuckerberg posted a photo of him yesterday celebrating 500 million Instagram users. Some sharp observers noticed that his MacBook seen in the background has its camera covered up with a piece of tape ─ even the microphone jack is blocked.


Zuckerberg surely can afford to have the best security systems in order to avoid any hacks, but why take a chance when you can fix it with just a piece of tape? Even if someone gets access to your laptop, there is no way to beat the “physical tape” which is blocking the view.

So don’t leave your laptop’s security to a fancy Firewall or Antivirus, keep the camera and microphone covered and use them only, when needed.

  • I would have done the same except I use desktop and I unplug the webcam when not needed. Same goes for the mic.

  • Except when your laptop gets stolen and you can use the camera to remotely take snaps of the culprit.

  • people disabling the mic won’t do the trick. either unplug it or tape it. Also MS Win-10 listens you and sends audio data every hour or 2 by saying its for feedback :/

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