Facebook’s Slideshow Creates Videos Out of Your Photos

If you are the kind of user who posts a bunch of photos but hardly any videos, Facebook is making it much easier for you to use the medium by creating videos beforehand.

So if you have posted five photos or videos on the network in the past 24 hours, Facebook will automatically turn them into a video at the top of your News Feed. From there, you will be able to customize it, post it or simply leave it to fade away.


As usual, you will be able to try out ten themes: Inspired, Nostalgic, Birthday, Heroic, Epic, Thankful, Tropical, Amped, Night Out and Bollywood. The feature has already been trialed through Facebook’s Moments app in few countries but it looks like it’s only now gearing for prime time.

It is also somewhat similar to Facebook’s friendship videos or the Year in Review which debuted earlier. The feature looks to be yet another way of making users share more personal stuff on the network.

Facebook is far from the only company trying such features, though. Apple recently made “Memories” available in the update to the Photos app in iOS 10, while Google did something similar with Google Photos.

The Slideshow feature is currently only available to iOS users, but should make its way to other platforms sooner than later. Videos have not necessarily been the most important part of the Facebook experience but they might finally get the boost that they need after this update.