Android Marshmallow based Project Spectrum Now Available for OPPO F1, R7 Plus

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer OPPO is always praised for the unique designs, solid build quality and enhanced camera experience. However there is one thing that OPPO is never appreciated for: the software.

Even the latest smartphones and the flagships from OPPO are running the out-dated version of Android while the competitors (Samsung and Huawei) have made the shift towards Android Marshmallow and are now ready to receive Android Nougat in a month or two.

To shake things a little bit, OPPO announced Project Spectrum last year. Which aims to bring the near stock Android experience for OPPO smartphones, borrowing some features from ColorOS.

This includes Camera, MaxxAudio and screen gestures.


While the development is still slow, it’s good to see that people who don’t like ColorOS or want to have the latest version of Android running on their phones, now have a choice.

OPPO recently announced that the flagship F1 Selfie Expert and R7 Plus can now be upgraded to Project Spectrum based on Android Marshmallow.

You must take note that these are the early builds and might contain some bugs, but according to my own experience you can use them as your daily driver.

How to Upgrade?

Make sure that you’re running the updated version of ColorOS and have not tempered with the default recovery.

  • Download the package for your phone OPPO F1 | OPPO R7 Plus
  • Put the download package to the root directory of your phone.
  • Turn off the phone. Hold down Power key + Volume down key at the same time.
  • When OPPO logo appears release your fingers, after a few seconds you’ll enter recovery mode.
  • Select language and use Volume up / down to scroll and power key to select.
  • To make a clean install please select “Wipe data and cache”, press “Yes” when it’s done.
  • Then select the downloaded firmware and press “Yes” to start update.
  • Reboot when the upgrade is complete.

Please note that you must use the stock recovery and make a backup of your all your data before upgrading. If you receive an error message while upgrading, reboot into recovery again and then upgrade.

Project spectrum is also available for discontinued models including R5 and Find 7/7a.

  • Muhammad Shakir Aziz

    For older models (Find 7), I am not sure if this initiative is still supported. Last time I visited their website, the users were not very happy with zero progress on this project.

    • Atif

      for find 7 spectrum 1.3i works fine if you’re ok with lollipop, else omni is all good with its marshmallow glory.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    ” The Chinese smartphone manufacturer OPPO is always praised for the
    unique designs, solid build quality and enhanced camera experience. ”

    NOT to mention , HORRIBLE overpricing of generally underwhelming hardware :’D

    • They’ve learned the lesson, prices for newer models is okay-ish, what do you say?

      • Muhammad Yasir

        yes .. there’s a SLIGHT sense of moderation but the prices are nothing exciting. and ‘okay-ish’ is not going to cut it , esp in the cutthroat pakistani markets where the currency is already a pile of rubbish in terms of $ value.

        but Oppo are inherently an expensive brand as their prices are absurd EVEN in their home country , China. they could well find success elsewhere , but not in a fierce market like pakistan.

      • Taha Najam

        Any idea when the R9 and R9 Plus will make their way to Pakistan?

        • Zuhaib Ch.

          Oppo R7 plus has been launched in Pakistan since September 2015

          • Taha Najam

            I know. I’m talking about their latest flagship, the R9 series.

            • Zuhaib Ch.

              R9=F1 Plus. No plans for R9 plus yet

              • Taha Najam

                It’s already out in the PRC.

            • Zuhaib Ch.

              And why wait for R9 plus? Go for Galaxy A9 2016 or wait for A9 pro

              • Taha Najam

                Kindly compare the specs on those two. It’s no match.

        • They already are as F1 + F1 Plus. R9 and R9 Plus for China markets and F1 and F1 Plus for other regions.

  • Adnan

    i wonder when will Samsung users get Marshmallow on their sets? i mean sets below S6

  • Adil

    I tried this Marshmallow build on my F1. Frankly speaking i like UI of ColorOS more than the stock Android. So i reverted back to ColorOS. I hope Oppo release ColorOS 3.0 for F1

  • Duminda Aruna

    what about f1s?