Mobilink-Warid Celebrate 50 Million Customers in Pakistan

Mobilink and Warid today celebrated its 50 million customers in Pakistan through first official post-merger combined town-hall in Islamabad.

Event primarily organized to celebrate the conclusion of Mobilink-Warid Merger.

Central town-hall was attended by Jean-Yves Charlier, CEO, VimpelCom, Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Chairman Dhabi Group and Chairman for Mobilink-Warid Board, Jon Eddy, CEO Emerging Markets VimpelCom, Aamir Ibrahim, CEO Mobilink, Jeffrey Hedberg (ex-CEO Mobilink), Mr. Muneer Farooqui along with his team and employees from both Mobilink and Warid Telecom.



With the merger, both companies now have 50 million combined customers, making Mobilink-Warid one of the largest telecom arm — in terms of subscribers and revenues — of VimpelCom that operates in 13 markets across Asia and Europe.

Mobilink and Warid, after getting all necessary regulatory approvals, have now initiated the formal process for merging both the companies.

The process, which could take up to another 12 months, will integrate all functions that both companies perform — including network, sales, distribution, support, management, finance, human resource,  etc. — to become a singular firm in one year from now.

For the purpose extremely specialized teams are already in play.

With merger of both the companies, the combined entity will become biggest 2G, widest 3G and fastest 4G network of Pakistan.

While officials didn’t disclose anything about singularity of the brands — once the merger will be fully completed — it is said that Mobilink and Warid will ultimately become a single brand to serve its entire customer base under one umbrella.

Not to mention, after CCP, SECP, PTA, SBP approvals now its Islamabad High Court to give a final go ahead to Mobilink and Warid for the merger.

It merits mentioning here that till both the companies merge entirely (in an year from now), both Warid and Mobilink will keep operating as they were. Similarly, customers will also keep getting services from both companies separately as before.

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  • Mustafa

    I wonder what will be the name of the new brand…

    • Ishtiaq

      Bhai itni besabri? Kia munna paida hua hai?

      • Mustafa

        besabri? aap ko kahan se laga k me besabr hu? I was just ‘wondering’.

    • KMQ

      It would be something like Mobrid or Walink.

      Waise Mobrid ya Mubrid is an arabic word aur iska matlab hota hai cold (thanda), just like this merger…

      • Mustafa


    • zubairali

      New Brand name is Jazz

    • Salam

      Simply all will be Mobilink Jazz, as warid name will be finished.

  • Zawyar Ur Rehman

    “Fastest” 4g network will be an invalid statement.

    • ahmed

      They will have 14.48 Mhz LTE (1800 Mhz) as combined entity. And also going for another 10Mhz just think with power of Ericsson where they through Zong and telenor

      • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

        14.18 MHz for 50 Million customers is strictly OK. Not worth celebration even with ericsson

      • Zawyar Ur Rehman

        And they have greater than twice the total user base (50 million!), a large portion of which will definitely choose 4g over 3g IF mobilink decides to compete with zong. Resulting in a mass increase in load on the 4g network capabilities of mobilink( then mobirid?).

  • Some people will get better positions some will lose their jobs. Can’t they keep both the companies?

  • Junaid

    For consumers of warid, this decision is indeed a good decision as most of the consumers do not know that Warid’s infrastructure is getting old with no or very little investment from their former parent group. This lack of investment in the longer run would have degraded the quality of their network resulting in customer churn.
    On the other hand, Vimplecom the parent group in investing literately Millions of dollars in upgrading Mobilink’s network. This would surely result in better and quality Mobilink services.

    • Gohar Ali Usman

      your sweet dreams. lolllll

  • Raja Maja

    guys what will happen to the employees of warid and mobilink after this merger, will the expel some of them or will continue with the same strength? any idea or plans of companies …………


    Before that you told us that it will take 6 months after approval from all authorities but now you are saying that it takes 1 year??? Which one is true?

    • Alamdar Raza

      That will probably be a popular ad… Our new year’s gift to the nation. 5 or 6 months to go

      • BADAR

        Hope so

  • Kazim

    I also in Paktel when merger of Paktel and Instaphone took place. Employees were fear. Good Luck to Mobilink and Warid Employees. Hope for the best.

  • Haider

    Today opportunity for “VSS” = golden hand shake is given to every employee of mobilink + BCS +LDN. They will six salaries + 1.5x(no of years)x(1 salary) + PF as leaving money. But one has to apply and wait for mgmt to accept it as not ervery request for VSS will be accepted.