Facebook Deletes Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Post For Supporting Kashmir

Facebook deactivated Hamza Ali Abbasi, a known showbiz celebrity in Pakistan, for posting an update that supported Burhan Wani, a Kashmiri leader who was recently killed by Indian Army.

Hamza revealed this on his Twitter and said that Facebook deleted his post in question before restoring his account.

Facebook Status Update in question was as following:

“Look at this man. He is not an ISI agent, he is not a Mullah inspired Pakistani funded militant. He is Burhan Wani Shaheed.

A KASHMIRI who joined the freedom struggle of Kashmir when his brother was killed by Indian Army.

If KASHMIR issue is not resolved according to the will of Kashmiris and UN Resolutions, we have another PALESTINE in the making right in our backyard.

#IAmBurhanWani #BurhanWaniShaheed #Kashmir,”

It is yet unclear if Facebook removed the post because of Kashmir or Palestine as both words were mentioned in the status.

It is also unclear if Facebook removed the post upon complaints, or it took action against the opinion itself.

Not to mention, Hamza’s post didn’t contain any abusive words or racial comments, yet it was removed by Facebook clearly indicating a bias towards what Hamza had to say.

It won’t be out of place to mention that Facebook has previously done the same to Hamza Ali Abbasi when one of his posts on “Freedom of Expressions” was deleted.

Later on Mark Zukerberg had to explain himself that removal of the post was a mistake, and it was finally restored.

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    • umer we started Use ‪#‎FacebookIsNotneutral‬ Tag to protest against @facebook FB is deleting accounts who show thier soldity with kashmiries by post @TEEEZNews

  • Mark Zuckerberg always discriminates muslims .. this is one of his so many examples that show his intolerance against muslims .. thats the reason many of us have quitted using facebook to strenghten our beliefs and stop giving him profits.

    I don’t want a war on this comment .. period

    • Well said Abdullah! And you are right the best way is to quit it. But now let the comment war begin :-)

    • Still we use facebook and that is the biggest mistakes we do as Muslims :p

    • kamran we started Use ‪#‎FacebookIsNotneutral‬ Tag to protest against @facebook FB is deleting accounts who show thier soldity with kashmiries by post @TEEEZNews

      • I would suggest you stop protesting against facebook and go for protest against innocent muslim killings instead .. even if you make facebook neutral, this earth wont be any more better to live !!!

        I can, however, support you on this tag on twitter

  • Suckerberg has proved many times that he is a bad bad bad man and also biased towards muslims. i dont hate him but yeah hv plans to deactivate my account very soon.

  • They silence those that say things they dont like and only what THEY dont like tbh.
    I am glad I deleted my Facebook account last year.

    • assim we started Use ‪#‎FacebookIsNotneutral‬ Tag to protest against @facebook FB is deleting accounts who show thier soldity with kashmiries by post @TEEEZNews

    • harkten bhi to aisi karta rehta hai :-p Zuckerburg nay is kay lye ek banda dedicate kardia hai jo sirf isi ki posts read karta hai or delete karta hai :-D

  • What should be kept in mind and not forgotten in any case is the infiltration of Indians as employees of facebook, their prejudices and influences over this social network, like many others. I am not a particular fan of facebook or anything but, Zuckerberg is just one person, and there may be hundreds or even thousands of employees hired by this company to get its work done. But we are well aware of the disinformatory mindset of Indians. They take it with them wherever they go. Whats necessary for us is to inform the wider world of the corruption caused by the indian mindset, how it has taken over peaceful states as Jammu and Kashmir, Hyderabad, Tibet, and many other places with their military aggression. They have been disguising themselves as the savior, to the wider world long enough. It is high time for the world to know, and it is we who should step up and let all this be known

    • You are so right but unfortunately most of us don’t really understand and look at the situation from such perspective and rather start blaming Mark Zuckerberg (who might not even be informed about this incident yet) and talk about boycotting facebook and what not rather than using these mediums to actually reveal those indian employees responsible behind such endeavors and let the world see their true faces.

    • Bohri are Muslims. That way, Barelvi, Wahhabi, Hanafi, Shafa’i, Shia, Zaidi, Aghakhani, Deobandi, Ahle-e-Hadith aren’t muslims either. Understand the difference between SECT and RELIGION. …. If he was a non-muslim (which he wasn’t). Still his fight was for Kashmiris. (most of them being Muslims)

    • Just a visual. You non-muslim. (Taking in consideration difference between your apparent sect and mine)

      • Thanks for posting the image, appreciate it. New generation ko ye sab baatein pata honi chiye ke ab tak Zionist ne kitne sects bana diye Muslims ko ander se divide karne ke liye. All the sects should be united against loser Zionist militant.

    • badar we started Use ‪#‎FacebookIsNotneutral‬ Tag to protest against @facebook FB is deleting accounts who show thier soldity with kashmiries by post @TEEEZNews

  • Post are usually deleted upon reports. As hamza ali abbasi is a celebrity from Pakistan so everyone know him. Maybe some social warriors has made the strike against his post.

  • Instead of bitching about facebook, we should stop using it and find an alternative or better yet create a social network our self

  • This is clear biasness from Facebook (in favor of India). Down with FB……Down with India.

  • I had reported a post containing a picture of women who put Quran under her foot on a toilet. Facebook responded that it does not violate their community standards. They don’t care about Muslims and really want a way to end Islam which is, of course, impossible.

  • Facebook has stupid community standards once I have posted a violant thing about Makkha and they have said your report is not against community standard. Facebook is stupid

  • Everyone here is condemning FB racism but none of you quit it….except for few.

  • Hahaha Man get some life.
    You can deactivate your facebook page and make an photoshoped image easily.

  • we started Use ‪#‎FacebookIsNotneutral‬ Tag to protest against @facebook FB is deleting accounts who show thier soldity with kashmiries by post

  • Ohhh Great! Now my Account is also Blocked for posting on facebook. #‎FacebookIsNotneutral

  • I also appreciate and give thanks to PP staff to allow comments from guest users.

  • Hahahahaha every post of Kashmir is removed…
    I think Facebook executive is brother in law of India…… ?

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