Lahore Board is Exposing Private Data of All Students to Make Money

Lahore Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education is shamelessly exposing the private data of every student that appeared for its SSC examination just to make few thousand or few hundred thousand rupees at most.

Exposed information include name, mobile phone number, address, CNIC, school name, father name and even the pictures of students, including those of female students.

Below is the information that’s reveled:


It is beyond comprehension that why a government department is playing with the privacy — and ultimately the lives — of 131,000 students against some bucks.

According to details, Lahore Board decided to offer an online a facility for “Rechecking of Papers”, for which the website displays the private information of every student that appeared in SSC examination.

Our sources at Lahore BISE confirmed that decision was taken by the authority even after they were told that private information of student may get leaked.

However, to make money as this feature will trigger more “Rechecking of Papers” queries, authority decided to compromise with the privacy of students but to keep the facility available online.

Not to mention, one paper of one student is rechecked for Rs. 750.

Lahore Board high-ups said that Issue is in their notice, but they don’t have plans to fix the issue

Lahore BISE, could even introduce a small check, such as verification of last four digit of phone numbers, for any re-checking requests to safeguard the data to an extent.

But apparently the authorities concerned are not only greedy but incompetent as well.

It maybe recalled that upcoming cyber law has punishments for revealing the private data of individuals. It is wondered what punishment one may give to these Lahore BISE officials who have leaked private information 131,000 students.

P.S. We reported the loophole to Lahore BISE before running the story, to which they said that issue is under their notice but they won’t take any action on this for now (clearly to make some money).

Calls made to Public Relation Officer of Lahore BISE were not returned.

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  • Achilles Khalil

    wesy aisa kuch nahi just ap ko artical mil gea hy

    • Ik student rollno mil jane se whole serial check and download ho sakti

  • Farhan

    Basically you need the user roll number to get there information right?

    • aamir7

      Well, technically, if you know how to do it, you can dump the entire data in few hours, without knowing the roll numbers.

      • Farhan

        I just tested and if this is intentional this is extremely bad! Even for non technical person as long as you know the school name you can find list and details of every student!

        Data security laws or not the way everything is being shifted to computers in every department without much work on security this is a nightmare waiting to happen or probably smart people are already misusing!

      • Salman Qamar

        Update : Rechecking service is taken down.

      • KMQ

        Aamir bhai, good that you are highlighting, but just to confirm the picture you are have used as banner is it a stock image?

      • KMQ

        Aamir bhai these days, you never reply to my comments, pehle bhi 4 vulgar pics wala comment dia tha. You said you will look into it. Aur abhi is post par aapko comment kia hai and you didn’t replied. Baat kuch hazam nahi horahi.

        • aamir7

          Sir bass kabhi kabhi phansa hota hon

          • KMQ

            tu ab hi jawab de dain bhai, yeh aapke blog ki credibility ka masla hai.

          • Rana M Ahsan Khan

            mujhy ap say aik pvt help chahye about FIA can u help me please pvt msg karin

  • saaadyi

    That’s really horrible. Was able to get the information of a poor student by just putting a random roll number. Concerned authorities should take action ASAP.

  • Anonymous123

    This is not the first time. They are doing it since some years. The first time I noticed, I even contacted the Board, but they said they are looking into this matter.

  • Muhammad

    How are they making money with it? Can you stop putting clickbait titles?

    • aamir7

      It’s explained above, if you care to read



  • Awan

    Ab is article k bad jis jis ny nhe dakha ho ga wo b dakhy ga Pakistani quam

    • aamir7

      Ajj result day tha, more than 100,000 ppl visited this page. Aur kiss say chupana hay app nay?

      • MIS

        how u got this number?

        • Sheldon Cooper

          a moment of silence

  • Aon Bilal

    کسی کی بیٹیوں کی تصاویر اور مکمل معلومات دینے کی کوئی تک آج سرگودھا بورڈ کا بھی رزلٹ تھا مگر وہاں صرف نام اور رزلٹ تھا

    • Faheem Janjua

      Sensible Move, Sargodha Rocks always

  • Giving out such information like image of someone anywhere on websites is totally wrong.

  • Farhan

    Looks like the scrapping has started, the re-check page crashed.

    • MIS

      what is scrapping and howz done?

  • It makes no sense whatsoever to expose the data of a candidate. Those private details are sensitive. Under our own Cyber law whoever built this website and exposed the info should be and could be prosecuted (I suppose). I am done with the repugnant shit like this.

    Someone should reach out to CM Punjab, at least the board would know what is meant by PRIVACY then.

    • Farhan

      If you need to reach out to CM for such issues that means the system is entirely broken!

      • Don’t we know that already? It’s already broken!

  • Whether you need a roll number to get the info or not, this is still not right by any standards. Selling this info to marketers and or other illegal entities for business gain is unacceptable. What will become of Pakistan. It really worries me.

  • Aamir

    That’s why, I love Federal Board! I sent a message to the board and the problem was solved in a day when the roll number slips of HSSC were released (April 2016) on the official website.

    • Aamir Ijaz

      Did you check again? Did they take any action? Just to know did they really take some action within about 3 months.

      • Sheldon Cooper

        InshaAllah they will take action soon, after few months.

  • MIS

    U shud also not post student pics in this manner!

  • Good Amir sb, its really issue of privacy

  • AConcernedHacker

    delete this *ucking article, now every noob will be trying to get others data, if you would not have published this article only few would had access to info but you had to earn some money too!

    • Gulzar

      Just what I was gonna say

  • akbar

    that is ridiculous and shameful. they can’t design a proper system for the students. This must be investigated by the government

  • Khurram ShahzAd

    This is wrong, may be we need to complain with PTA and NR3C. Sharing cell number, address and pic of student puts them on great risk.

  • Bilal Ahmad

    this is horrible, they have hired a cracked mind developer who even dont know how sensitive it could be to put such personal information on stake so openly. you can get personal information including cell no’s and pictures of female students also, someone can easily put it in negative use. height of irresponsibility..

  • Imad Memon

    What a shame. It’s not just BISE, prominent Social Clubs like Hyderabad Gymkhana and Chenab Club sell entire membership database for a few thousand rupees to SMS marketing companies, And the members end deleting un-wanted SMSs forever.

  • Salman Qamar

    Update : Rechecking service is taken Down.

    • Furqan

      It is still up

  • Sheldon Cooper

    lolz it took me few seconds to figure out and extract mobile phone, pic, address and other stuff. Mean’s using scripts i can download all data easily. What a shame, parchio walo ko bharti karo gy to ye to hoga (^_^)

  • Rizwan

    This is a serious CRIME! They CANNOT share private data like that. But what do you expect when registered CRIMINALS are sitting in elected parliament!

    My Suggestion: They should setup an online registration system, so that students can use their roll number to register & setup a password to make an account. Then no one can see their private data.

  • KMQ

    Good that you are highlighting, but just to confirm the picture you are have used as banner is it a stock image?

    • Ishtiaq

      Lol KMQ.

  • Mustafa

    Another pathetic reporting and headline to gain some cheap rating!!!

    • Muhammed Ovais Alam

      Pathetic and cheap headline?

      • Mustafa

        Can you justify the choice of banner pic having only female students, why not a pic having both male and female students?
        Second, the headline, can the author tell who (is it some individual or some group) exactly is making the money by exposing the data?
        It is surely a poor implementation on part of BISE, Lahore which could have been highlighted in a more a professional way.
        Lastly, many are now aware of the flaw and must be searching for their favourite pupil. Thanks to yellow journalism.

  • Hammad Rasheed

    Thank you so much my dear govt for employing people in govt IT departments who don’t even know abc of data security. Shair har vari fairrrrr….Zindabad PMLN

  • kamran

    paper bhi upload ker do scan ker ky :-p lanti log

  • Masroor Hussain

    yes its true , someone should put criminal charges on these people because its unethical and a live attack on people’s privacy.

  • Kudos ProPK, this time for Intermediate result they have removed the mobile numbers and addresses. This is the power of online media ?