Get Set School: Yayvo Launches Dedicated Store for School Accessories

Yayvo has launched Pakistan’s first online store aimed at educational products. In this bold move, is looking to lighten the load on the parents, students and numerous schools and colleges by providing easy access to their required accessories and clothing.

One of a Kind Education E-Store

This school category shows multiple accessories that have been listed from over 60 schools in Pakistan.

They also offer home delivery services which is sure to remove the hurdles and obstacles generally faced by the kids and parents who wish to plan and prep with uniforms and course books which may be hard to find at times.

You can access Yayvo School Accessories Store here:

Mr Salman Hasan CEO of TCS ECOM stated his views on this brand new venture for
“This is the first of its kind initiative for the education sector by the e-commerce industry in Pakistan. Yayvo will carry on introducing new and exciting initiatives for our customers and we feel that through Yayvo Education we will bring a great deal of ease and convenience to thousands of parents and students across Pakistan.”

Rewarding School Loyalty Programs

In addition to providing school accessories, uniforms and the like, Yayvo is also offering a Partner Loyalty School Program which will let schools and colleges sign up on Yayvo to have their respective uniforms, stationary and course books displayed for online buyers.

If someone purchases any of those schools’ or college’s products, the school or college receives reward points. The reward points can be redeemed for different items such as books and electronic/technological items to improve the school’s infrastructure.

A Beneficial Educational Online System

A platform for educational institutes and parents/students to use alike was very much needed in Pakistan, which is now available in the shape of

This is truly astounding and is setting up Yayvo with new customers in the future; further improving the portfolio of the E commerce industry.

You can order online or call Yayvo at 111-192-986 (1111 – YAYVO) to buy school books, uniforms, shoes, uniforms and stationary.