These Disturbing Images to Raise Kashmir’s Voice Are Breaking the Internet

At a time when India is busy spreading misinformation (through media and otherwise), at a time when Pakistan is officially mum, at a time when rest of World is not even aware of what’s happening in Kashmir because of misinformation and otherwise censorship of Facebook that’s silencing Kashmir’s voice while terming it a propaganda, and at a time when Kashmiris have become alone in facing the barbarity of Indian Military, Jibran Nasir — a common Pakistani — has prepared below images that are breaking the internet.

Published under the umbrella of “Never Forget Pakistan“, a welfare society which works to create positive narratives and do advocacy on human rights, Jibran Nasir said that he used familiar faces to put the state of Kashmir in perspective.

“The stories in the letters are real. The names signed under the letter are real. Just the victim you see in the picture is not real. Does that make the tragedies more important?”, mentions “Never Forget Pakistan” alongside the pictures where they are posted on Facebook.

“Why do we need to glamorize a tragedy in order for people to pay attention”, is the real question these pictures are asking.

Campaign is primarily against the way Indian Police is using “Pallet Guns” to blind hundreds of Kashmiri while killing more than 70 souls.

Campaign is using celebrity faces to not only to gain masses’ attention but also to condemn the silence of these high-profile individuals who are usually the companions of human rights but are conveniently silent over the barbaric use of force in Kashmir.

Campaign also condemned Facebook for using its “pick and choose policy” which conveniently censors posts highlighting the plight of the Kashmiris and later excuses itself by calling the censorship a “mistake”.

You can share these pictures to spread the message and let the world know the stories of Kashmiris who are being silenced by the global giants.












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  • Zaki Uddin

    Great initiative by this man, things need to be loud and clear for the blind world

  • Zaki Uddin

    Thanks propk for highlighting such topic, and pretty well written, hats off

  • KMQ

    I appreciate ProPK highlighting this and as said by Zaki bhai this needs to go LOUD AND CLEAR!

    • qambar


  • M.Wasim Akhunzada

    Stop at least watching movies of those idiots. we forget everything while watching them on screen.

    • Zaki Uddin

      Yeah our balant population just doesnt care -.-

    • MIS

      Thumbs up!

    • KMQ

      100% correct

    • Exactly on the point … Hope we get this through our heads ..

  • zain

    Pakistani Civialians as always on the front in Kashmir cause
    Army as usual hiding somewhere

    • Khalid Yaldram

      Army is behind your father Nawaz Pakistani Indian Minister ass………i have no idea why bloody civilian abuse army in everyday life .you cast vote to nora ask him…….

  • MIS

    shame on our media. NOT highlighting such stories!

  • Faheem Janjua

    What a shame, now we need Mark Fuckerburg and Muslim mascar killer Modi for a sympthy call for #kashmirbleadsagain

    Why Pakistan government is taking any action except black day, protesting on pakistani soil only why not to go internaitonal forums, why not to stop trade, movies and other activities with India, why actor cannot stopped to go to India any more.

    Why we cannot take action against India like they did in East Pakistan, situation is same as in 1971 with us almost.

    • Kashmiri

      In Simple words you want Nuclear War.

      • Faheem Janjua

        Let leave a nuclear war and let Kashmiri to be died like this. Avoid war, love peace, let Kashmiri died.

      • Faheem Janjua

        Modi has no balls to start a nuclear war and if yes then who dare worried about it, Kashmiri do not have fate to be died like this every day.

    • KMQ

      bhai mere agar sara kuch band kar dia India ke sath tu jo India se humare ministers ke karoobar hain unka kia hoga, un becharon ke bare main tu socho. PANAMA main companies bhi tu kholni hain aur…

      • Faheem Janjua

        Voting for PMLN and talking against them does not suits us brother, elections 2013 boxes were filled up with PMLN votes, all by elections and now in Kashmir, people are voting for PMLN so who will seek sympthy from India for Kashmiri.

        • King’s Landing

          جناب، ن لیگ کو ووٹ دینے کا مطلب ہرگز یہ نہیں کے ان کے جرائم میں عوام حصہ دار بن گئی۔ یہ بالکل ایسے ہی ہے جیسے کسی مجرم کو چھوڑ کر اس کے گھر والوں کو لِتر لگا دیئے جائیں یا “محبوب لیڈر” کو فرشتے نہ ملنے کا مطلب یہ تو نہیں عوام کا خدا پر سے اعتماد ہی ختم ہو گیا ۔ ہروقت نفرت کا اظہار کر کے آپ اپنی پوزیشن مزید کمزور بنا لیتے ہیں۔ اب اک بار اپنی سوچ کو یا کم از کم اظہار کے طریقے کو ہی بدل کر دیکھ لیں۔۔

          • Faheem Janjua

            If voting for PMLN does not make you contributor in their crimes then why people are complaining about injustice in the country, why people are crying when did not get food, education, justice, water, electricity.

            I am not here to spread hate against a beloved leader yet if you think you can do an individual raised voice for Kashmir then better keep it up yet if you believe this only can be done by a political leader then sure we are having a share in PMLN activities and crimes too.

            By giving votes to PMLN is actually making us that yes we are agree with their policies and choosing them again and again is actually the things that we believe on them every time.

        • KMQ

          Fahim bhai mera khayal hai ke voting kis tarah hoti hai woh tu sab ko hi pata hia, tu please yeh PMLN ko vote dene wali baat tu na karain.

          Atleast everyone in Karachi knows ke vote kis tarah parta hai aapka.

      • King’s Landing

        کاروبار میں اگر نقصان ہو تو دونوں ہی فریق متاثر ہوتے ہیں۔ مگر ہمارا “صنعتکار” طبقہ تو 100 پیاز بھی کھائے گا اور جوتے بھی۔ ابھی خادم اعلی اپنے رتن (بلخصوص میاں منشاء) کے ہمراہ چین کے دورے پر ہیں۔ اب ہماری بات کون کرے گا وہاں، حضور؟

  • The right way we can do something.

  • MIS

    SHAME on every one whos wtill using FaceBuk!
    there shud be some self respect atleast!

  • Kazim

    Great work Jibran Nasir.

  • sidharth bhalotia

    U should also have uploaded a few pics of the exodus and mass killing of Kashmiri Pandits, the dead faces of army jawans who were killed. Why being 1 sided?
    Where on earth do people send kids to Tution when there’s a violent riot going on? And why were these “innocent” youth hurling stones at the army? If they were just watching, it was not a 3D movie. It was real. Why were they standing in the front to take the pellets?

    And dear pakistan and pakistanis… Please stay away from Kashmir. It is our internal matter. We will solve it. U stop brain washing our youth and stop sending your terrorists. Kashmir will automatically become peaceful.