PIA to Launch a Premiere Service On 14th August

PIA is set to launch a new premier airline service on independence day this year.

Maryam Nawaz tweeted pictures of the new aircrafts launching specially for the premier service saying that the day is not far when PIA is competing head to head with other international airlines.

A spokesperson of the PIA Danyal Gillani said,

With new aircrafts, more professional crew and improved service standards, the new service aims at providing an altogether different experience to the passengers. This service will go a long way in helping PIA regain its market share both domestically as well as internationally,

Purchase of New Planes

PIA is negotiating the purchase of 3 wide body A-330 planes from Srilankan Airlines. PIA had advertised their need of wide body aircrafts last month and Srilankan Airlines were interested in leasing some of theirs to the PIA.

The PIA sent a team including CEO Bernd Hilderbrand to Colombo to check and inspect the planes and to finalize the contract.

PIA’s premier service will be launching for a few of the international routes and some of the domestic routes as well. Gillani did not share more details saying,

 …the airline is in the process of finalising the modalities and I will only be in a position to explain the details once these are finalised,

PIA’s standards had been going down these past few years with the airline being forced to sell some of their planes to pay off their debt, but the situation seems different seeing that the airline is purchasing better planes.

Will the purchase of these new wide body aircrafts and the launch of the new premier service help the PIA turn over a new leaf? Sound off in the comments

Via Pakistan Today

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