PIA to Launch a Premiere Service On 14th August

PIA is set to launch a new premier airline service on independence day this year.

Maryam Nawaz tweeted pictures of the new aircrafts launching specially for the premier service saying that the day is not far when PIA is competing head to head with other international airlines.

A spokesperson of the PIA Danyal Gillani said,

With new aircrafts, more professional crew and improved service standards, the new service aims at providing an altogether different experience to the passengers. This service will go a long way in helping PIA regain its market share both domestically as well as internationally,

Purchase of New Planes

PIA is negotiating the purchase of 3 wide body A-330 planes from Srilankan Airlines. PIA had advertised their need of wide body aircrafts last month and Srilankan Airlines were interested in leasing some of theirs to the PIA.

The PIA sent a team including CEO Bernd Hilderbrand to Colombo to check and inspect the planes and to finalize the contract.

PIA’s premier service will be launching for a few of the international routes and some of the domestic routes as well. Gillani did not share more details saying,

 …the airline is in the process of finalising the modalities and I will only be in a position to explain the details once these are finalised,

PIA’s standards had been going down these past few years with the airline being forced to sell some of their planes to pay off their debt, but the situation seems different seeing that the airline is purchasing better planes.

Will the purchase of these new wide body aircrafts and the launch of the new premier service help the PIA turn over a new leaf? Sound off in the comments

Via Pakistan Today

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  • Glad to see that PIA wants to return to its glory days. We must remember that it was PIA pilots that initially trained Emirates Airline pilot. Haamiz any updates on how they are going to improve the PIA ground staff. Please do share that here as well.

  • Apart from these three planes which are wet leased, This Govt. In total has increased the fleet size of PIA upto 42 planes which were Just 18 when Govt. Came into Power…. this shows government’s intention and serious efforts in regards to improve the services of National Carrier.
    Well Done Government

    • Yes, exactly! Like I keep saying,new planes and metro buses are all we need. Who cares about the internal corruption in the PIA, rampant corruption in all government departments, terrorism, hunger, unemployment, our negative international image, our failure to meet electricity demands of the country, and a gazillion other useless issues. Let’s all praise the government because it bought planes and metro buses using our own taxpayer money, bravo!

      • Am I forcing you to ‘Praise’ them? No I’m not. So go on Abuse them All you want. Cuz you can

        • Well, you have the right to be an moron all you want and support people who are ruining this country while also looting it with both hands (vive la démocratie), but then I also have the right to call you a moron when you’re being one; it’s as simple as that.

            • He ran out of argument , this culture is new in Pakistan when it comes to political debate.. An old man who has a history of such a rudeness towards his opponents and colleagues during his sports career is now with the same attitude in politics.

              • 1> sarkon py ny ghaseetaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
                2> pait se paisay khench kar na nikaly
                3> Madareeee

                In sab k bary me apki PARWARISH or TARBIYAT kia kehti hy?

          • Those morons who cry over corruption all day and night have no presented any proof of corruption even against Zardari (known as Mr.10%) in any court of law. This hue and cry is for votes only and you are directly or indirectly one of their supporter.

            Proof isn’t their “palaces” and expensive cars, proof is the wrong source of earning to buy all this…prove it.

            • Runs in on his high horse, berates me for calling someone names, then generalizes a whole group of people by calling them “those morons”. Oh, the irony!

              Well my presumptuous friend, I’ve no political affiliations. My sole loyalty lies with Pakistan and Pakistan only. Unlike you patwaris who behave like the government reinvented the wheel just every single time it does its job.

            • Tere waly hi kehty hain k humny failain kholi to yahan rehna mushkil hojayega
              Unko bolo failain kholain, idhar py bongiyan na marr

      • Problem of this nation is people like you who can never be happy no matter what is done for them. If you will travel in PIA you will blame government for not doing anything for national flag carrier, if you will travel on broken roads and trains still you will blame government. Start appreciating whatever positive change is coming, come out of the closet and look around, do not rely on facebook and crappy TV channels for updates as you will never find what is happening around.

        Look for figure like electricity production increase during last three years (vs Air conditioners this nation brings to their homes every day), look for causalities in 2013 and now due to terrorism and so on.

        Next time you decide to travel do not travel via motorway as a protest (have a small banner displayed on your car using your freedom of speech), do not fly on PIA as a protest (prefer Emirates, Etihad etc.), use broken roads in your city as a protest and do not use new roads to show your protest and record it please.

  • PM daughter announcing the news shows how independent the institutions are and where the merit stands.

    • What’s wrong in Maryam tweeting about it? Hundreds other must also have tweeted about it.

      Meanwhile, do understand that announcement was made by PIA.

      • What his Abbaa jee has to do with PIA … “That’s Noora” :D

        PIA could better have announced it to general public and in media may be… spokeperson is saying its earl to say and Kings daughter is saying “That’s my Abaa” shows how it all goes in there …

        • If PIA fails then everybody points their GUNs towards PM and blame & bash him..but If PIA is improving because of his cabinet’s efforts then why not Laud him.You can’t Takeaway his credit solely because you hate him. That’s not how things work… don’t burn your blood, rather digest the fact…
          Now go hurl your abuses.

          • somehow you have the point bro ..but trust me , I dnt expect a good 1% from him :D so may be that’s the reason… they dnt do anything without there personal benefits in it ..

          • When PIA pays for 41 days just to take your abba PM from london uska hisab kon dega?
            Parhy likhy ch** ** yieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

            • Salute to your mindset…In other countries 4 million PKR is not the expense to even talk about when it comes to expenses of a Prime Minister, even in poor countries. People like you compare it with their home expense (oh its my home expense of 5 years ;o )

              The best he could do was take an economy class ticket of Emirates from London to Dubai, and then take Airblue from Dubai to Islamabad…right ?

              When you abuse someone this means you know you yourself have no respect, because you should be ready for the same treatment from the other side and you wont do it if you have a little self respect.

              • pora ka pora nasli hy tu
                teri any wali naslain kia hongi yeh soch kar dukh ho raha hy, Allah Pak se dua hy tere any wali naslain tujhsy yehi sawalat karain or tu unky samny apna sir jhuka kar khara rahy

        • No he has nothing to do with PIA except appointing a person to run PIA giving him task to bring PIA out of losses, improve quality and eradicate corruption. Agree with you “Noora” has nothing to do with it.

          But this “Noora” is responsible for all evils in PIA the day he became PM, not PPP which appointed 10 in place of 1 ;)

    • LOL @ your comment. Bhae what is your criteria, who can mention this happenings in PIA ? If I tweet this you will not have any objection right ? Looks like your problem is “PM daughter” :p

  • after having the worst experiences with PIA no matter what they change it will take a lot of time to change the damaged image of PIA. I would still other options rather then PIA

  • Is buying second hand planes from an airline which must be going for the latest models for revamping its fleet, revival of PIA?

    • A330s are state of the art planes and These one which PIA leased are just a year used, so almost new… pretty good deal for a struggling airline in my view

  • PIA can never return to its glory because Public company can not compete with private companies such as British Airways, Emirates, American Airlines and many others. PIA is loaded with Pensions and high perks, in addition to exceptionally high number of staff…so nothing can be achieved if PIA can not offer good ticket prices with quality service… and this can only happen if PIA expenses are as other Private airlines in the world. It is a waste of money to invest in PIA and hope for the best…from same corrupt employees and team.

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