Startups, Here’s Your Chance to Go to Austin & Work on Your Ideas

The US city of Austin is awarding scholarships for Pakistani entrepreneurs. This State Department-mandated scholarship program allows Pakistani startups and entrepreneurs to connect with a vibrant community of investor and entrepreneurs at Austin.

This program has been dubbed as the ATX+PAK Launch program.

About the ATX+PAK Launch Program

The whole concept of the program is to provide local accelerators and entrepreneurs with access to international mentorship and networking opportunities. This program also provides a platform for collaboration and joining talent development between the two communities as well.

Greater Austin Asian Chamber Of Commerce will be dealing with the Austin based activities of the scholarship.

With this program, four associates of Pakistani startups will travel to Austin over a two year period.

Each training will conclude with a pitching event to regional investors. A group of investors will also be taken to Pakistan at the end of 2016 and a Creative Collaboration Summit in Austin will be held in 2017.

The first associates from Pakistani startups were taken to Austin on April 2016. The second cohort is scheduled to leave in October, 2016.

Benefits Pakistani Startups Will Get

The program intends to offer exposure to startups, enabling them to think in with the global market in mind, and upgrade their business accordingly.

Here are the benefits of the ATX + PAK Launch program:

  • Work Space – Startup and entrepreneurs will get three weeks fully-funded and equipped work space in Austin, where they can learn and gain more knowledge as to how they can expand the scale of their businesses to an international level.
  • Networking – Interaction with the mentors and entrepreneurs residing in Austin. This will help you build relationships and contacts which can lead you to potential partnerships.
  • Entrepreneurial events – The startups of Pakistan will get a fair chance to look closely at the startup culture of Austin by attending such events.
  • Investment Opportunity – Connection and networks with interested investors in Austin can get your potential investment in your startup.
  • Mentorship – The exposure you will get from this will allow professional mentors in Austin add surplus value to your startup with their industrial know-how and specific domain experience.
  • International Exposure – Startups will get the opportunity to come out of their comfort zone and brace for bigger challenges internationally.

Eligibility Criteria for ATX

The eligibility criterion for joining ATX is as following:

  1. The startup must have a functional technology based service/product.
  2. The startup should be globally scalable.
  3. The startup should be in one of the following phases:
  • Generating revenue
  • Strong user base

How To Apply?

To apply for ATX + PAK Launch, go here.

The last date to apply for this program is 1st August, 2016.

Time is of the essence if you want to be part of the chance to experience an amazing entrepreneurial journey to Austin city.