Privacy Nightmare: CM Sindh Makes WhatsApp Groups for Cabinet, Ministries

It’s been a few days since the new Chief Minister of Sindh, Murad Ali Shah, took hold of his office. He is being called the “fresh blood”, which has been missing from the Sindh government’s leadership for quite some time now.

Murad Ali Shah took oath three days ago after being elected by the Sindh Assembly and within the first few days of taking hold of his office, the new CM has created WhatsApp group which includes members of Sindh Assembly’s cabinet and ministries.

The step has been taken to show off that the new CM is more tech savvy and knows of the modern ways of communication. But does he really?

Chatting in a Whatsapp Group About Government affairs is a privacy nightmare

The issue is that they are going to hold government level conversations on an online chatting app which is known to divulge secrets or make copies of it. After all, it’s owned by Facebook. We recently heard that even secure chats were not being removed from WhatsApp servers after being deleted by the user.

Do such conversations take place on consumer level apps anywhere around the world? No. There is a reason why they aren’t, there’s a lack of privacy and secrecy on such apps.

If they really did feel the need to modernize the cabinet, they could have gone for a company which offers secure communication technologies, like Blackberry Enterprise Services. There are several others in the word which are known to offer enterprise level security and never reveal their data to anyone.

Secondly, most of the cabinet still consists of old people who have just been reshuffled. Do those people have the knowledge and understanding to communicate using Smartphones and messaging apps? Or will they just handover the task to their staff who would have complete access to all the information in the group.

Whatsapp Group is arguably the worst and could be the last possible solution for official communication

What if someone from the group accidentally adds someone who is not meant to be in the group. That person would be able to view all of the conversations until someone notices that an unauthorized person was in the group.

What do you think? Is creating a WhatsApp group for Sindh Cabinet really a risk to national security or not a big deal? Let us know of your views in the comments below.

Via: ARY News

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    • As far as I understand from teh article, The writer want to imply that there should be a transparent,, secure and official solution for such communications. He is running sindh government, not a drug cartel.

    • encryption can be decrypted as well, simple example is “as a receiver you did not see any Encrypted Data, but decrypted actual test/information”

  • Oh come on! they won’t discuss provincial affairs & security issues on that whats app group. I wont be surprised if their chats leak out discussing female MPAs & sending e-invites to each other for late night parties :P LOL

  • In sahab ko wese pucho to bataen gy whatsapp k faiday. Masla bs yeh k kaam sindh main hua ha to kese usko support kren.
    Waqar uncle boht paisa laga rahay k chotay chotay bloggers type log bhi khreed liye.

    • Ali bha, thoro budha ta sahi ta sindh me kehra kehra kam thiya ahin aen kathy thiya ahin.

  • Has the definition of fresh blood have changed lately?

    I am unable to understand how can a person aged 53-54 years can be called fresh blood? Is it fresh just in comparison with his predecessor?

    • Pakistan is a funny country. Here the most popular youth leader is 64 years old. 53 is still young :P.

      • About your youth related comment
        Can you go into politics to do something good for this country as being a youth leader?
        Or any young person from your contacts?

        • That Jibran guy is making a difference and is quite young. So yeah, those with intent can do ‘something good’for the country.

      • 20’s or 30’s Dumbo eating junck foods, having love bike rides, if they call young then active people working 20 hours are sure younger then them.

  • NICE way to start the ADMINISTRATION then? eh! waisay how can someone add wo bhi accidentally some unknown person if the Add(er) isn’t the group admin? CURIOUS VERY CURIOUS….

  • What’s the point in making such groups when they are supposed to meet on daily basis either in an assembly session or in their office hours from 9 to 5?

  • I am sure Singh officials are not stupid to open secrets on this group, good thing is they make a group to get information being share between them to get rapid action. There is no security problem in it.

  • How can any member of the group add anyone acxidently as mentioned in the article? in WhatsAop group only admin can add the user, please research before writing an article on the technology, seems, author never used WhatsApp.

    And, WhatsApp end-to-end encryption means nobody could retrieve any user session not even admin.

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