Google Lights a Candle on Homepage for Victims of Quetta Attacks

Pakistan is no stranger to terrorist attacks. Yesterday’s attacks in Quetta left some 70 casualties and countless injured.

A whole generation of senior lawyers lost their lives in that dastardly attack, compounding the tragedy that affects each and every Pakistani at the moment. It wasn’t just the material destruction that shook us all yesterday, but the painful reminder that Pakistan is still battling against monsters and losing good people in the process.

Google, the tech giant, in its own solemn way, has dedicated today to the martyrs of the Quetta attack, by changing its home page.

Google Remembers The Fallen

On August 9th, Pakistani users who visited Google search page could see a candle lit in the remembrance of the Quetta victims. A small gesture, many Pakistanis nonetheless appreciate the sentiment that the company has tried to convey in the memory of those who lost their lives yesterday.


We see candlelit vigils in many parts of the world be it for funerals, eulogies or tributes to the people and causes who have survived in our hearts. As the world has started living their lives online, even a small gesture like this is appreciated.

At the very least, Pakistan is not alone as it mourns a tragedy. We are all part of a global village, and what happens in one corner of the world has a tendency to affect us all.

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  • Allah! what has happened to our country. It was never so much the bad situation as it is now. Children are not safe, men are not safe, women are not safe. So much frustration, fear and chaos and yet people are somehow bearing all this. When is enough is enough.

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