Pakistan Railway Passengers Will Soon Get Free WiFi Internet

After the reintroduction of online ticket booking for Pakistan railways, the department has now announced a new facility which will make travel much easier. Passengers will very soon be able to use free internet services via WiFi while travelling with Pakistan Railways.

The facility will be available at major railway stations throughout the country and all of the passenger trains. Minister for Railway, Khwaja Saad Rafique had established a committee under the leadership of DG (IT) Fahad Rehman and asked to design a framework for the free WiFi project within the next few weeks.

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While chairing a meeting at the Railway Headquarters Lahore, Saad Rafique said advised the members to install the devices, internet equipment, WiFi points and video conferencing tools at all divisional railway stations. In his view, these are the first steps to improve the status of Pakistan Railways.

The minister was focused on passenger experience and has instructed that the officials should do all in their power to come up with any provision which can make train journeys more pleasant and safer.

He also advised with plans for the upgradation of 5 trains. These trains are Awaam Express, Pakistan Express, Taizgam Express, Jaffer Express, and Khyber mail. Saad Rafique has instructed the officials to work as fast as they can in order to complete these upgrades soon. Related staff has also been instructed to arrange necessary machinery and equipment for the upgradations immediately.

Additionally, he said that all newly constructed Railway Terminals should get separate places for any religious activities for males and females.

When these projects finish, they could help open new doors for the railways department. The biggest issue with train journeys has been the quality of travel and the growing number of fatal accidents. If the government can deal with those, there is ample chance Pakistan Railways can make a comeback.

He is the Editor at ProPakistani.