PTA Didn’t Ban Us, We will Soon Sell Smartphones in Pakistan: Xiaomi

After the recent misadventures of — and the way media projected it — Xiaomi Inc. has shown its intent to sell its smartphones in Pakistan.

For those who don’t know, PTA had asked a privately owned ecommerce store ( to not sell Xiaomi smartphones in Pakistan without getting mandatory regulatory type approvals.

Media, in response, presented the incident as if PTA blocked the sale of all Xiaomi phones altogether and put a ban on Xiaomi company in Pakistan, which clearly wasn’t the case.

PTA, in communication with ProPakistani, mentioned that anyone was free to market and sell phones in Pakistan, as long as they had the required type approvals from the authority.

Xiaomi, through partners, is in process of getting regulatory approvals to sell phones in Pakistan

Xiaomi Inc., while speaking with ProPakistani, confirmed that it has a good working relationship with Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

Kaylene Hong, Communication Manager, Xiaomi Inc. told ProPakistani that Xiaomi is looking forward to comprehensive collaboration with PTA. “With PTA’s support, we will soon be able to sell Xiaomi Smartphones in Pakistan through partners”, added Kaylene.

Xiaomi spokesperson said that had no affiliation with the company and in fact they were in the process of requesting the hosting company to take down the unauthorized and illegal website.

On the other hand, as per sources, CheezMall has been in touch with PTA on Xiaomi’s behalf and has proceeded with type approvals of Xiaomi smartphones.

It maybe recalled that PTA had objected on some of the specifications of Xiaomi phones and had asked CheezMall to re-mode Xiaomi models that are to be sold in Pakistan.

While we don’t have a deadline, it’s likely that Pakistani consumers are soon going to hear some good news regarding the sale of Xiaomi phones in Pakistan.

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  • Usman

    Any idea how soon is this soon?

    • Sohaib

      Soon, on a weekday that doesn’t end in ‘y’.

      • Masroor Hussain

        this weekend? xP

    • Muhammad Yasir


      • Taha Najam


        • Muhammad Yasir


  • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

    Great News. I hope prices will not become double in Pakistan like Huawei and Alcatel.
    Looking forward for Meizu as well

    • AbdulB1

      Yea tcl aka Alcatel and huawei in China aren’t ripping off consumers like in Pakistan

      • Muhammad Yasir

        alcatel are dope af … loathe huawei for this stupid pricing plan

        but im waiting for the flash plus 2 from alcatel , if priced rightly , could be a great all rounder in pak (lacks type c tho)

    • Muhammad Yasir

      they will double if cheezmall sells them

      Xiaomipk on the other hand is a very good option but will sadly be closed down instead


    • Who doesnt buy Q-Mobile? The best!

      • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

        Stop doing sasti chars

  • syn

    Global version do have separate IMEI numbers. So i dont think there is any more specification issue with Xiaomi.

  • Ishtiaq

    Xiaomi? Really?

  • AbdulB1

    So all that hype did create a change and Pta was forced to explain the ban . Good job propakistani

    • Muhammad Yasir


    • Taha Najam

      Haha, no. Cheezmall just urged Propakistani, with some cash beneath the table of course, to clarify this mess up since it was hurting their business.

      • AbdulB1

        Cheezmall was trying since last year to launch Xiaomi phones. But PTA wasn’t giving in the NOC. I came to know that Xiaomi is banned in Pakistan from Propakistani commentators. Before that I didn’t knew that. Even I am a proud redmi note owner myself. PTA just does not want people to get an affordable phones. They want to smugglers to flourish. And xiaomipk guys were just sending phones from China to Pakistan via hand-carry. hmm, not bad business but still they had no rights to sell as xiaomi dealers.

        • How did you get redmi note?

          • AbdulB1

            bought from china

            • Pk

              can hand carry from Dubai?? there can be any issue on Pak Airport?? etc?? please guide?

              • AbdulB1

                Yes it was on inside my hand luggage. But better advised don’t put many phones in one bag.

                • Pk

                  ok, Thank u :)

                • Pk

                  please can u suggest me Xaiomi under 170$?

                  • AbdulB1

                    Redmi note 3 pro

                    • Pk

                      Thank u :)

  • AbdulB1

    I wish they place their smartphone in affordable limits. Because cheezmall also sells phones at huge markup. Lenovo z1 is cheaper on Daraz than cheezmall.

    • Usman

      Also cheezmall take whole month to deliver the product.. .

    • Muhammad Yasir

      exactly … no wonder they are so maligned !

  • Ali Tahir

    Bring on the haters ….

  • Nabeel Khan

    By media, do you specifically mean because that is the website I remember with a clickbait title

    • aamir7

      By media we meam, Dawn, Tribune, NDTV and others — that misrepresented the facts.

      • AbdulB1

        but xiaomi phones are still banned, it is another matter that the company did not knew about it. And pls do some reviews about digital cable. I wonder how many are willing to pay 5k each for each tv.

  • Aslan Haider

    Omg!!!!!xiomi is coming its awsomee
    …………..,………..good by QMobile good by QMobile good by Qshit good by Qshit …thanks good

    • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

      Its good bye not good by

    • Muhammad Yasir

      actually … Qmobile z13 will be epic (just check out its rumored spec set

      but they’re like badluck brian atm , let the meme guide u

      • Aslan Haider

        No matter what they do there standards are of low quality just for example there 16 megapixel camera is equal to Samsung 8 megapixel there some phones are OK and some phones are worse you know why because they buy the cheapest handsets from China and edit it by logo and software editing or they buy cheapest Chinese parts of phones .if you have some time than visit near QMobile service center there will be huge amount of people with different problems waiting for there turns.Another point
        They just know how to sell phones after selling phone no software updates accept for some selected model. There specs that you are saying are just for costumer attraction .They just look good on paper not physical.
        The fingerprints are very common now days but they didn’t even launched a phone with it except for qe8 which costs nearly 43k
        They even not have a phone with snapdragon .There all phones are of mtk chipset which is very cheap except for Qe8 which has a good chipset and it cost nearly 43 k
        I think that’s enough

        • 43K PKR is crazy prices for a Smartphone.

        • Muhammad Yasir

          MTK has some BEAST chipsets (if you’re in microprocessors , check out helio x10 , x20 and even the p10. their upcoming x30 is another titan in the making ! )

          too bad nobody knows jack about the Value of SoCs in Pakistan and people buy phones like blind sheep. thats why probably no good company from china , most of whom use MTK cpus as their staple , has thought about exploiting the local market.

          i agree , Qmobile is a MISERABLE brand. but i have seen it trying to make amends with some good Gionee and Micromax phones. not sure about their after sales services or OTA support. but if someone’s good at rooting , they can squeeze a few extra years out of their phone , esp if it has powerful hardware

    • Sumeet Kumar

      Not so fast actually, Xiaomi is’nt launched yet (and that word “soon” is never ending), Nor we know price for Xiaomi phones. Moreover, A number of will avoid buying Xiaomi phones and will prefer Qmobile just because Xiaomi is made in “China”.

      • Ali

        You are mistaken then I use infinix instead of qmobile. Qmobile phones are of no quality. I will definitely buy Xiaomi as my next phone. I also like my current infinix zero 3 phone very good phone.

        • Sumeet Kumar

          Dear Ali, Infinix phones are far better then qmobile, but people still buy QMobile, more then infinix. Why? Because of their targeted audience. Most people in Pakistan don’t have knowledge about performance, SoC, camera quality. They only care about “mega pixels” of camera and for them, a phone is great in terms performance if they can play subway surfer on it without any lags.
          Beside QMobile doesn’t provides updates. For us, it is a matter of life and death, we want latest and patched version of android. But their targeted audience doesn’t have any idea of how important updates are.(Even I have seen a number of people being annoyed about samsung’s frequent updates, k yar ye kia Roz Roz Inki faltu updates aa jati ha)
          Xiaomi’s entry in market will be able to shake infinix, lenovo and huawei’s market share. But QMobile, no they can’t because of their targeted not-so-tech-savvy audience.

      • Aslan Haider

        The peoples who will buy QMobile after xiomi availaible ,they will be stupid idiot and know nothing about phones

        • Nab

          So you think the people who have knowledge about smartphones are sstupid idiots ?

          • Aslan Haider

            i didnt say anything like that but i say for QMobile’s targeted audience

        • Explain?

        • Sumeet Kumar

          Indeed, QMobile’s targeted audience does not know anything about smartphones. And that is the reason why they will perfer QMobile over Xiaomi.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    wait … looks good BUT …

    Cheezmall will sell the phones at an UNFAIR premium…

    while XiaomiPk were selling the phone at a rate VERY near to straight $ to PKR conversion

    i don’t think its fair to ban Xiaomipk :/

    • Shehzad Ahmed

      CheezMall Bary Level py khel rha hai aaj kal. BISP sy collaboration bhe ki hai recently.. So Mery hisab sy Xiaomipk ko rasty sy hatana bhe cheezmall ki Yahoodi sazish hai.. :P
      Now cheezmall $ ka conversion rate 180PKR rakhain gy plus apna commission plus brand commission plus shipping from chine commission rakh k aik Mobile 250% high rate main sale karain gy. Its Simple. So Good Luck Pakistanis :)

      • Muhammad Yasir

        you’re situated abroad ?

        • Shehzad Ahmed

          Kyn bhai Cyber Crime walon ko batana hai ??? :D :P
          Well no. Em here in Karachi right now.

          • Muhammad Yasir

            hahah … no.

            you said goodluck pakistanis , sounded like a third person perspective.

            glad to know you’re in the same boat :p

            Cheezmall are crap btw

  • Boyesa

    If cheezmall going to sell Xiaomi phones then say goodbye to them, all of the product they offer have double the price or at very high price as compared to Market price. Even Xiaomipk selling accessories way cheaper then so call official partner cheezmall. We need xiaomipk back. :D

  • Learner

    Xiami main aisi kya khaas baat he jo awaam pagal ho rahi he is k peeche

    • Abid Ali

      A very good phone, good specs in low price. Build quality is awesome.

  • Eli Ehsan

    still figuring it out how to pronounce its name.. Zaaeeyomi.. zaiyomeee.. shaomee… dang it….

    • I still don’t know how to pronounce Huawei and Xiaomi :D

      • Eli Ehsan

        wo to easy hai. Fatal Fury ke Terry Bogard ka AWWAWEEE move repeat karo. with A replaced by H.. :D

  • Fahad Asad

    I am big fan of Xiaomi and part of its ROM development Team – beta, I wish they come to the local market so ppl may know its features.