PTA Didn’t Ban Us, We will Soon Sell Smartphones in Pakistan: Xiaomi

After the recent misadventures of — and the way media projected it — Xiaomi Inc. has shown its intent to sell its smartphones in Pakistan.

For those who don’t know, PTA had asked a privately owned ecommerce store ( to not sell Xiaomi smartphones in Pakistan without getting mandatory regulatory type approvals.

Media, in response, presented the incident as if PTA blocked the sale of all Xiaomi phones altogether and put a ban on Xiaomi company in Pakistan, which clearly wasn’t the case.

PTA, in communication with ProPakistani, mentioned that anyone was free to market and sell phones in Pakistan, as long as they had the required type approvals from the authority.

Xiaomi, through partners, is in process of getting regulatory approvals to sell phones in Pakistan

Xiaomi Inc., while speaking with ProPakistani, confirmed that it has a good working relationship with Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

Kaylene Hong, Communication Manager, Xiaomi Inc. told ProPakistani that Xiaomi is looking forward to comprehensive collaboration with PTA. “With PTA’s support, we will soon be able to sell Xiaomi Smartphones in Pakistan through partners”, added Kaylene.

Xiaomi spokesperson said that had no affiliation with the company and in fact they were in the process of requesting the hosting company to take down the unauthorized and illegal website.

On the other hand, as per sources, CheezMall has been in touch with PTA on Xiaomi’s behalf and has proceeded with type approvals of Xiaomi smartphones.

It maybe recalled that PTA had objected on some of the specifications of Xiaomi phones and had asked CheezMall to re-mode Xiaomi models that are to be sold in Pakistan.

While we don’t have a deadline, it’s likely that Pakistani consumers are soon going to hear some good news regarding the sale of Xiaomi phones in Pakistan.

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