Wi-Tribe Introduces upto 5Mbps Packages with Unlimited Downloads

Wi-tribe has claimed that it is all set to achieve a whole new level of service excellence as company is hoping to dramatically enhance the customers experience after the addition of spectrum that will effectively double its bandwidth.

With this network upgrade, Wi-tribe is now able to offer higher speeds and volumes to address the increasing online appetite of its customers.

Now operating with a spectrum of 42 MHz Wi-tribe has announced new packages with up to 5Mbps speeds and up to 200GBs of per month data limit.

Ali Fahd Ahmed, CEO Wi-Tribe said, “We experienced great success in the previous years, with the monthly usage per customer increasing almost five times, over the past 6 years. In order to maintain an optimum level of service and online experience we decided to increase our capacity. Through our spectrum upgrade, we are now delivering a bigger, better and faster internet experience to improve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.”

More details on package is as following:


Please note:

  • Unlimted for 2, 3 and 4Mbps: 100GBs
  • Unlimited for 5Mbps: 200GBs
  • Service speed will reduce after reaching the fair usage threashhold
  • Refundable security deposit equal to one month line rent along with activation will be charged in advance
  • All packages come with Rs. 100 per month service charges
  • Excess usage will be charged at Rs. 0.10 per MB
  • These packages are for Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi only


Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Poor signals in a lot of areas in Lahore. Tried it in many areas near Multan Road, Samnabad etc.

  • Before anyone goes rushing to buy these “unlimited *” packages. Please keep in mind that these are “unlimited *” packages, as in they’re not actually unlimited, their so called “unlimited *” has a pretty small cap. And if you exceed that, you’ll be charged.

    • There speed is so slow i will be surprised if you cross more then 15gb bandwidth per month.They are overselling they have no capacity to provide such speed in the back-end.

    • this volume is more than enough. it means i can download 6 movies of 1GB each everyday and still i will reach 180GBs. that is good.

  • stupid ****, thats 100 GB data and 200 GB data.
    someone should sue them or tell them its not even funny.

  • Even with full signals, there is no speed guarantee due to so many users on one tower. Witribe also used to throttle certain traffic such as torrents with 2mb unlimited”*” package. Not sure about now since I got rid of it couple of years ago but chances of any improvement are low.

  • you will not even get 0.20 mbps there browsing speed is like dialup.The only place that wi-tribe deserve is trash bin.

  • Ladies and Gentleman, ‘UNLIMITED’ has become our national word that has the meaning ‘LIMITED. The same goes for ‘FREE” which means “NO MUFTA”. When you listen the words next time, be aware!

    • well companies can legally claim unlimited with fair usage policy. so this is not something new.

  • Even after the network upgrade their service remains subpar, during peak timing I’ll get anywhere from 0.02mpbs to 1.5mbps on my 4mbps package.

  • Its a pity that Authorities who r responsible to see such actions are sleeping since long times.every tom dick is claiming high speed n bundles..

  • i am using wi-tribe in lahore. services are truely much better than they were in the past. good part about them is they dont hide anything from customers. So called unlimited packages of other companies have a volume cap at 50 or 60 GB. they dont tell us and we think we are getting unlimited. 100 or 200GB volume is too much to offer.

    • not their representative, infact looking for better service.
      Qubee app says I have 502GB volume
      (wateen in past said to give 1000gb on unlimited)
      now think on that

  • well i hardly agree when someone says about wi-tribe that speed is not good after their upgrade. this is what i get. it is amazing for my home

  • wtf!!! no one loves it!!! i have 2 mb net and pay only 800 rupees ….i hate witribe/.///and my net in unlimited too

  • if i compare with other internet companies. wi-tribe is better because atleast masla resolve karte hain. aik kaan se sun k doosre se nikaal nahi dete

  • Thaki hui service. Windows se bahar nikalo to shayad signal mil jae.

    And what the hell does “UNLIMITED” means when its LIMITED to a small bundle or 100/200GB ???

  • The people here who are needlessly blabbing about “unlimited scam” it’s actually unlimited. Once you exhaust your 100 GBs or 200 GBs, your connection speed will be throttled down to probably 128 kbps or 256 kbps. You will still be able to use internet but at slow speed. So cut your useless complaining.

  • People in Pakistan should now understand that every company puts fair usage on its packages. Wi-tribe should get the credit that they mention the cap limit. Legally they have done right. Btw service of wi-tribe has literally improved. I was using PTCL and they never bothered resolving my compliant. At least wi-tribe listens and responds timely to complaints. Services are comparatively better now.

    • PTCL Pethetic Telecom Company Limited. its a crap. many of my friends and family members shifted to Witribe and Nayatel from PTCL. PTCL can give you blood pressure and other diseases.

  • Witribe is small but awesome, there customer services are very good and ITS IMPROVED NOW.
    PTCL is big and pathetic and worst customer services and ITS BECOMING WORST DAY BY DAY and specially in Karachi, the customers of Karachi are bleeding. they even dont bother to install new connection and you have to contact or approach there senior management for a simple landline connection and there senior management is like FEROS, there bureaucratic approach kills you. its just crap.

  • They are the biggest chors of all time. They have their bandwidth capped at 0.5Mbps (and I am talking about the bandwidth not download speed. The download speed is 60kbytes per second), even if you go for their highest available package with unlimited bandwidth. They lie and cheat and I have the unlucky experience of trying them two times in two different areas of Rawalpindi(i.e Bahria Town, Phase 2, Rawalpindi & Scheme 3 Rawalpindi). When you call them, they say, we will register a complain and when several days pass, you get a call saying, that we have so-called shared-bandwidth because its a shared connection. I understand shared connection but bandwidth shouldn’t be capped. You won’t even get 1MB bandwidth I assure you. The promises of “solving your complaint” and so are futile and lame as the end result and their answer is “shared bandwidth”. I would say these are cheap marketing tactics to fool non-technical internet users with meager needs. I being a developer need reliable bandwidth for me work, VOIP, database connections needs and dont want an instantaneous speeds. If I have paid for 5MB and you have advertised 5MB then provide 5MB solid bandwidth. Very disappointing and painful experience both times and I am sure as hell not to attempt to try again.

    P.S: Had the same experience with Qubee!

    • having a tech & telecom background i’m unable to understand what you mean by “Bandwidth capped at 0.5Mbps” and “bandwidth is not download speed”… actually they are both the same thing…if you have a 1Mbps connection the maximum bandwidth/speed you can pull is 1Mbps.

    • yes, they are shared, and when other users use it it will slow down, (usually happens in evening time). companies offer sole connections too (i think via fiber or cable) that cost twice or thrice the shared connection, with promise of full speed all time) , but Qubee and wimax companies has worst enemy , that is tall buildings and the people at wateen / now qubee are also very fond of changing tower locations.

      You wake up one morning and poof ,signals dropped to very low and speed halved.

  • How can Witribe compete with Nayatel or StormFiber? These are cheaper for more bandwidth and come with tv and phone also.

    • coverage bro coverage, they dont cover all locations, even one person told me that companies dont go for lower areas, because the greedy local cable wala dont like competition so they cut their fiber cable

  • Bloody PTCL fake comment machine working at its full potential. These guys have 50or more fake ids for FB, Twitter and emails. Just to post shit about any competitor product. Most of the time one guy posts and replies on own comments. Shitheads should work on improving their service rather than stoop so low.
    I would never give 2 shits about fair usage or bandwidth as a user i need speed. These tossers dont even think they just post shit about back ends. Well if we are all are comparing, then PTCL back end is like a 65 year old crack head selling herself in a run down brazillian fuevella.
    Peace bi****s

  • not fair step by wi-tribe previously it was 200gb limit for 3mb unlimited package now they changed it to 100gb. check details of my current 3mb package.

    • they bought more spectrum i guess, otherwise they cannot launch and double the speed.
      read the first para ” Wi-tribe has claimed that it is all set to achieve a whole new level of service excellence as company is hoping to dramatically enhance the customers experience after the addition of spectrum that will effectively double its bandwidth.”

  • everything is legal in Pakistan , if there is a will there is a way . don’t worry about legality of spectrum usage , wi tribe is no more owned by Qatar telecom so ” everything is Legal “

  • illegal spectrum is yet another great loss to the country , under the table deals eventually effecting a common man by collecting the deficit in form of indirect taxes from commons and poors , Allas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m so fed up with this.I’ve 2 MB connection.I receive speed not more than 10 kb/s during day time till 1 AM.What is the problem,anyone?

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