Social Media is Celebrating Pakistan Cricket Team’s Rise to ICC’s Top Test Team Ranking

Love em or hate em, its hard to deny that Pakistanis take their cricket team very seriously. It doesn’t matter if you’re a diehard or a casual follower of the gentleman’s game, the Pakistani cricket team has its fair share of ups and downs that we all like to point out.

For all the ups and downs that Pakistan’s cricket team has faced over the years, today a most brilliant miracle has occurred:

That’s right. We are now the top ranked test team in the world now, under the able captaincy of Misbah ul Haq. And today, he’ll be presented with the mace of kings:

The number 1 test ranking was ours for the taking, with a little help from the rain: 2016-08-22 11-59-25

The achievement is all the more magnificent once you realize the away-from-home factor:

To know how far we’ve come along to this point:

Those King Misbah tweets aren’t going away anytime soon:


Some people are even mashing up the development with the ongoing Olympics at Rio:


And last but not the least, Captain Misbah would like to remind us that there’s really no substitute for hard work:


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  • Mark my words our team will fail badly in ODI against England.Infect England will white wash us.Look at the past when Pakistan win the test against England they get white washed in ODI.Also Pakistan team is inconsistent our batting line is garbage.Be prepared in ODI we will lose.

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