3G/4G Users in Pakistan Reach 32 Million

3G and 4G users reached 32 million in Pakistan at the end of July 2016 as mobile phone companies added a total of 2.2 million new 3G and 4G users to their networks during the reported month.

Mobile phone companies grew their 3G/4G users by almost eight percent, up from negative growth that operators showed just a month ahead in June 2016.

According to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Mobilink alone added 1.2 million new 3G users on its network while Zong added another half million 3G users during the month.

Total number of 3G users by the end of July 2016 stood at 30.62 million while 4G users reached 1.16 million by the time.

Entire 3G/4G subscriber based reached 31.78 million.




Mobile phone users in Pakistan, from all operators, touched 133.28 million mark by the end of July 2016, marginally up from 133.24 million a month ahead.

Ufone and Warid lost over 700,000 customers combined during July 2016. Mobilink and Zong added almost 709,000 users during the reported month, while Telenor added 77K users during the month.

Total additions in mobile phone subscriptions during the month netted under 100K.

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    • Telenor 3G is really bad. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Does’t work outdoors or indoors. I’ve tried it in many major areas in Islamabad and Lahore. Call their customer care and they just put you on hold then don’t do anything.

  • Zong is inching close to Telenor in terms of 3G subscribers. As most of Telenor Customers are feature phone holder villagers, So growth for Next Generation users of Telenor will further slow down in future despite 4G launch as existing 3G customers will switch to 4G not new ones.
    In other world Ufone will face No Growth in their 3G kitty due to lack of 4G and Pathetic 3G services as well as packages. Truth is Only Super card users are using Ufone 3G and Super card users have already reached to their maximum numbers, so Sorry for Ufone. Soon You will become history like Warid. RIP in advance.

      • Zong ki Huawei 4G wingle ya MiFi easily computer markets myn available hyn. Wingle 1500 ki hai aur MiFi 2200 k la bhag. Wahin jo sale kartay hyn 300-400 le k unlock kar detay hyn. Agar pehle se hai to woh b unlock karwai ja sakti hy 300-400 myn. Zong MiFi sabhi companies ka 3g aur 4g chalaye gi jab k wingle sabhi companies ka 3g aur Zong and Warid/Jazz ka 4g chalaye gi siwaye Telenor 4g k.

  • It seems that Zong will beat Telenor in near Future.Telenor really have to concentrate on their QOS and now its time for them to switch from ZTE other wise there popularity graph is going down.Well Ufone is the worse of all as no improvement so far in their QOS.Well Now Moblink and Warid are legends no on can compete them now.

    • Zong and Monilink are also using ZTE equipments and both are providing better 3G and 4G speed. Its not ZTE only, Telenor has other so many issues.

      • Mobilink had signed Ericsson (back in 2013) for its network expansion, 3G roll-out, maintenance and other network functions. ZTE and Mobilink are two different stories, probably the only reason Mobilink is leading the market.
        On the other hand Telenor really need to bring back its lost glory and it seems impossible as long as ZTE remains their first choice.

    • what u expect from 5mhz 3g spectrum? And what about 4g too on FDD LTE? if there was TDD LTE things might be little different.

      • In my opinion FDD lte is much better than TDD lte in terms of speed. In majority of the world FDD LTE is being used except China (China Mobile) and Australia (Optus). Spectrum aggregation always eased down network and enhances speed and efficiency. Companies who aggregate low frequency like 700 or 800 with higher frequency like 1800, 2300 or 2600 always manage to provide better indoor coverage and high rate of data speed like Telestra in Australia.

  • Can someone point me to any 3G/4G internet package which is purely volume-based, not time-based ? For example i buy 1 GB data but i am free to use it in one day or 1 year.

  • **Dear Reader,**

    Indeed, it is a good news but is anyone trying to know the “Network Engineer” Life in Pakistan.
    Telecom Operator network is handled by Chinese Vendors. They have no Quality of Voice and Data (Call Drops and internet Coverage)
    These Chinese Vendor (ZTE, Huawei) hire only few people means if there are 10 position, they will hire only one resource. So that Vendor and operators remain happy but mostly network engineers are on the road or leaving the country. Not only this, there is no job security as well. These company are hiring a resource on third party contract so no one can capture them. And These company even does not provide basic employee benefits.
    Recently ZTE terminates many network engineer without informing them. These chinese vendor have no ethics.
    If PTA takes notice on CALL DROP/BAD VOICE QUALITY etc and fines the operators then these chinese companies automatically kick out because their devices are very low quality, cannot bear the load.
    These companies are using Pakistan as test bed to mature their product.
    I request anyone who have a good heart please spread my VOICE.

    A Pakistani
    Network Engineer

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