AMD Announces New Bristol Ridge APUs

You may not think much about AMD’s accelerated processing units (APUs) but that doesn’t mean the red team will stop chasing Intel. Its new Bristol Ridge processors are set to come in PCs starting from now, after being originally targeted for hybrids.

The new family of APUs include 8 processing solutions, including two A12s, two A10s, an A8, two A6s and a non-APU, the Athlon X4 950. All of them, bar the Athlon and an A6 come with four cores.

Keeping the new Intel Kaby Lake firm in their sight, the new Bristol Ridge processors come with up to four Excavator x86 cores and a new DDR4 memory controller clocked at 2400 Mhz, which combined bring around 10 percent bump in performance compared to the last generation. Core performance is increased by 20 percent.

Performance per thread is also said to be 17 percent higher than before. The cards also support the new AM4 socket, which will be home in the high-performance Summit Ridge setups in 2017.

They are coupled with Radeon R5 or R7 graphics, which according to AMD leads to an improved graphics performance of almost 99 percent over the competing Core i5-6500, which should bring a smoother eSports experience.

This improvement also brings 4K UHD playback in either H.264 or H.265, DirectX 12, as well as support for NVMe storage, SATA Express and USB 3.1 Gen 2. The APUs have a TDP ranging between 65W and 35W.

The APUs are currently obtainable through OEM PCs which are already shipping.

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