SUPARCO Hopes to Replace Google Maps with HD Imagery for Pakistan

Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) Pakistan is aiming to launch a satellite into space soon.

SUPARCO will be sending a remote sensing satellite for high resolution imagery. A local search engine called  “Akas-e-Pakistan” will be launched alongside the satellite.

A Google Earth Replacement

This was detailed in a meeting recently by Deputy Chairperson SUPARCO, Dr. Arifa Lodhi. She mentioned that Akas-e-Pakistan aims to replace Google Earth, but with much better resolution imagery.

She also said that Pakistani institutions will be able to make use of the most accurate geological information through the satellite for free.

The satellite in question is PAKSATONE-IRA, which will make use of the SPOT space station France. It will cost millions of dollars per year, according to Dr. Arifa.

Punjab Government Collaboration with SUPARCO

Government of Punjab and SUPARCO will be collaborating for the usage of space technology in accelerating economic growth in the province. They will be involved in mineral exploration and for the preparation of forest inventory in Punjab.

SUPARCO management further clarified that Punjab Government, in collaboration with Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), will provide training for relevant provincial officers of the relevant departments to benefit from the space technology.

GIS laboratories will also be established alongside the preparation of forest inventories. The laboratories will be built for:

  • Crops Reporting System soil crop condition assessment,
  • Mapping of crop land characteristics, forest mapping,
  • Flood mapping,
  • Resource mapping,
  • Crime mapping,
  • Infrastructure development and health management,
  • Identification of contaminant levels in the industrial areas,
  • Identification of encroachment in beds of the rivers,
  • Exploration of mines and minerals, etc.

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  • “SUPARCO hopes to replace Google Maps…” *checks if it’s April 1st*

    In case they’re serious, I want whatever they’re on. Must be some good stuff.

    • HEh, but the funny thing is, if you find a blank spot, just look at the same coordinates in Google Maps!

      So much for security.

      That is why I think if such a service is launched by SUPARCO, it will not be open to the public.

  • All who are you commenting “work with google” they must know country’s own navigation satellite system is necessary for military purposes. China has their own, India got their own too. If we have our own we would not have to depend on google. War in Wazirastan could have been fought much easir if we had this system by getting latest images of ground whenever wanted, right now we have to depend on google to update maps which takes months.
    What if we are on war and google maps goes offline? by intentional mistake may be

  • SUPARCO was the brainchild of Ayub Khan. Pakistan was amongst top10 countries in 1964 in Space program. Pakistan had the beautiful building of SUPARCO in Karachi and a launching/testing facility at Sonmiani beach. Bhutto stopped the space program in 1972. India started space program in 1963 from a church and Indian scientists used to roam on cycles with space equipment. Zia and Musharraf invested again with great progress. When “democracy stated taking revenge”, majority of scientists left the country. Now India is 50 years ahead of Pakistan. What all has been mentioned in above article, Pakistan had this capability in 1988 and 2001.

    • Own technology requires lots of investments. We are already out of funds otherwise our rockets (missiles) would have reached space.

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