PIA Bans Samsung Note 7 on all Flights

Pakistan International Airline today advised its passengers to not to use Samsung Note 7 devices on its flights, said a statement issued by the national carrier.

“In view of recent reports about Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices, and the international warnings to airline passengers not to carry this smartphone during flights, PIA passengers are also strongly advised not to carry it, not even in their check-in luggage, as it may compromise aircraft and passenger safety”, said the statement.

It must be noted here that Note 7 isn’t launched in Pakistan as of yet. Also that PIA flights — other that PIA Premier — don’t offer in-flight charging facility for phones.

Advisory was issued following the reports that count of Note 7 devices exploded during charging. It even burnt a jeep in one instance when phone exploded and put the vehicle on fire.

PIA isn’t the the only airliner that has banned Note 7 on flights, earlier UAE, India, Australia and various other countries banned the usage of Note 7 devices on all national airlines.

It maybe recalled that Samsung issued a worldwide recall for all Note 7 devices where it was launched, and delayed the launch date for other markets.

Samsung Pakistan also delayed the launch date of Note 7 in Pakistan and halted the pre-orders.

Samsung said that it is working on fixing the issue that was primarily caused due to a battery flaw.

  • Yeah. .I have read an article about the issue.
    Samsung’s own subsidiary SDI(for battery making) is the cause behind this due to increased demand of batteries as Samsung first time ordered almost all Note 7 batteries from its own subsidiary which also make batteries for LG and other companies.
    But I think it has not only caused Samsung a huge amount of loss in money but also people has lost their trust in Samsung.

      • Yup.It has sold upto 2.5 million Note 7.
        The launch was great , hopes were very high & they know they have made a mark on Apple as they have launched a great device before their latest iphone.
        Okay ? But NOW;
        Emergency Alerts About Note 7; because no one knows when their Note 7 will explode and burn anything in close proximity.
        May be they will andI know surely they will solve this issue in a short time (ASAP)
        But now who want to buy this device again and taking a risk.
        I ask you if you got a chance to buy Note 7 or recently launched iphone 7 plus.
        What is your choice?

        • @usmann090:disqus There is no point that users will loose their trust in Samsung.

          Things are quite simple, Samsung is giving replacements for the phone and it has already made a world wide recall. Samsung is also offering a loaner phone while they cook the new Note 7 with fixed batteries. This shows us that Samsung really cares and its bearing the loss and replacing the devices ASAP.

          There have been many incidents with manufacturers in the past, but we haven’t witnessed a recall in masses. Samsung is doing the utmost to make sure that users do not loose the trust in them.

          I had this device and I’m waiting for my replacement unit. There is no point in investing your hard earned bucks on a phone which doesn’t meet your everyday needs. It’s better to wait.

          Samsung will come up stronger and better, that’s what their efforts show. They are also going to launch the phone in several new colors to boost up sales. Apart from all this, the phone wasn’t officially released in major target markets, Samsung has the sales on hold for a while.

          Samsung has already advised the users to power off their device, if the users do not do so on their own then Samsung is going to power the devices off on its own. The company has been making announcements one after another, now its up to users whether they want the best in their interest or not.

          Once the phone officially finds its way to major markets, it will definitely boost up Samsung’s reputation.

          • I know Samusng is doing a great effort for this but they have to.
            Replacements are not their choice; it has become their necessity to keep up in the Market.
            Yeah.There may be several incidents in the past about smartphone issues but why they don’t make HeadLines on media? Because they are not famous it’s simple when you have world wide reputation , even a minor bug costs you alot.& uptil now according to samsung there are only 35 issues relating to burning of phone.
            Yup.You are right phone was not released in major markets but now almost every smartphone user , if not all details but know that there’s something wrong with Note 7.
            Yes Now, atlast Samsung also inform its Note 7 customers to turn off the device after many airlines , U.S CPSC & FAA issued warning of not using this phone anymore(which also make it illegal to sell this phone anymore)
            Yeah.May be it will hit the market again when officially launched but I don’t think so it will be the same as it would be before.
            & in the last I will comment on this
            ‘There is no point in investing your hard earned bucks on a phone which doesn’t meet your everyday needs.’
            I think the new iphone is much better as compared to previous ones.
            I am not iphone fan but I am a Samsung Note user.But after comparing iphone 7plus and Note 7
            I found iphone better than Note 7.
            Its my opinion , everyone’s got their own opinion.

    • Lost trust you say? One of my friends bought Note 7 from Vodaphone (AU) on instalments. After these reports, they asked him to return the device, gave him a new S7 Edge as replacement till they receive the new batch of Note 7 without any issue. You don’t get to see this sort of customer satisfaction and care too often. I’m not a Samsung fan but their respect and trust only increased in my mind after this incident and how they dealt with it.

  • It doesn’t matter if PIA provides in flight charging facility. Lots of people (including me) charge their phones using battery packs and laptops during flights, so Note 7 is still a risk.

  • My flight is on the 3rd day of Eid and wanted to replace my handset.. after this.. back to square one..

  • It is okey that PIA banned carrying the note 7 in all flights but nothing is clear in above news on what basis or the issues the PIA has taken the banning steps on it.

  • A lot of these problems could be avoided if phone companies simply made phones with replacing batteries. Older phones had batteries you could replace, why not new ones? As always, consumer gets what they want (thinner phones) but loses overall.

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