1,000 MW Power Projects Soon to Be Part of The National Grid

Ministry of Water and Power has stated to PM Nawaz Sharif that 9 power projects are ready for inauguration this October.

The two programs, Mobile Meter Reading under the Faisalabad Electricity Supply Company (FESCO) and Islamabad Electricity Supply Company (IESCO) are ready to be launched. Not only that but Customer Response System under IESCO is also ready for the market.

Power Projects

There are 9 projects that are ready to be inaugurated, as per the concerned Ministry. Collectively, these 9 power projects boast a power generation capacity of over 1000 MWs, including 330 MWs (Wind) and 680 MWs (Nuclear).

The wind power projects include:

  • Yunus Energy (50 MWs)
  • Metro Power (50 MWs)
  • Gul Ahmed Energy (50 MWs)
  • Master Energy (50 MWs)
  • Tapal Energy (30 MWs)
  • HydroChina Dawood (50 MWs)
  • Tanaga Generasi (50 MWs)

The nuclear projects include Chashma 3 (340 MWs) and Chashma 4 (340 MWs).

As the names suggest, most of the power projects are private but will be selling electricity to the government.

Transmission Line Projects

The Prime Minister was also notified on progress for the transmission line project. It includes 250 kms 500kV D/C T/L from Engro Thar – Matiari and Two Line Bays at Matiari Switching Station.

Lots from the transmission line will be divided into two categories; Lot-I (110 km) and Lot-II (140 km) on December 9, 2015 and June 3, 2016, respectively.

Similar to transmission line project, Port Qasim-Matiari Transmission Line project is also categorized in two categories (phases); Phase-I: 45 km 500kV T/L Port Qasim-Hub Jamshoro T/L CCT-I and Phase-II: 135 km 500kV Hub Jamshoro T/L – 500KV Matiari.

Government’s Focus

The initiative to resolve energy crisis was boosted after PM Nawaz chaired the meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Energy where he highlighted the importance and need to have a functional system which ensures the elimination of load-shedding.

He claimed in the meeting that, “The government’s ultimate mission is to raise the living standard of the common man and all the projects of energy, economy and infrastructure sectors are people-oriented.”

“The government is pursuing development agenda simultaneously for creation of economic activities and generation of employment opportunities leading to reduction in poverty”, he added.

Despite all this, the government’s own projects have added little to the national grid over the past three odd years. The ministry for power really needs to speed up as the lack of proper management has already cost billions to the national exchequer and still hasn’t contributed much.

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      • lol, my meter is installed on a wall with black paint, while I received pic of meter installed on bricked wall :D most the time pic is almost plain dark, not possible to read anything on it.

  • please stop elextricity theft and inter department corruption,
    people are abusing electricity everywhere, like running ACs on 1000/month -.-

  • 1000 mw is not part of national grid but weather is changing.they are saying “we have control load shading” they are to much layer

  • Good job, keep it up (govt is working) as in winters furnace oil plants need to close down. This will reduce duration of load sharing.

  • All from private sector? They are producing electricity since years. This is what is going to happen they will pay them for sometime and we will get the electricity for some time. When they will stop paying them we will again go back to dark ages. This is how it happens in Pakistan

  • It’s ‘Tenaga Generasi’ not ‘Tanaga Generasi’. Means ‘Energy Generation’ in Malay & Indonesian.

  • Dear All
    We do appreciate the Government efforts to induce some Mega Watts in the National grid to boost the power generation in the country. Frankly speaking if each government add yearly this much power in the system than we may not in need of any more Power plants. What I remember during last 20 years not more than 1000 MWe have been added in the National Grid but on the other hand more than 10,000 Mega Watts running power plant were permanently shutdown due to obsolete machinery or due to in-economical operation such as Peranghyab Thermal power plant Multan etc.

    By grace of God Almighty Pakistan is rich in its professionally trained and experienced man power specially the Manpower that has practical experience in the field of Power Generation and have been returned from middle east. It is strongly suggested to hire this type of Engineers & Technicians from the local market and get the benefit of their life time experience. We friends were talking about Nindiapur power project and noticed several flaws in its design / operation those could be rectified locally by the such group of peoples whom are sitting ideally at their homes could be called and utilize their life time experience for the motherland.
    Once try and see the results.
    Please don’t hesitate to contact for further information.
    email= [email protected] yahoo.com

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