Watch the Premiere of “Life Story” from Your Smartphones

Starting today, the movie Life Story is available on DaikhoTv app, and you can watch it before its TV debut.

TechPebbles, the developer behind DaikhoTV, is providing the platform for World Premiere of Life Story, a made for Television movie.

You can buy a ticket for Rs.100 and watch the movie; from anywhere in the world with your smartphone. The ticket window is powered by and you can buy your ticket either from the Bookme app and website or directly from Daikho ticket window.


DaikhoTV is currently available for Android.

TechPebbles has confirmed iOS app has also been submitted and is awaiting clearance from Apple.

About TechPebbles

TechPebbles from Lahore has been developing the technology platform for next generation content access on mobile terminals (smartphones and tablets).

From streaming cricket on a Ten Sports app to DaikhoTv apps with 18 channels, TechPebbles is innovating.

The key to providing a good user experience is ability to manage scale. The entire TechPebbles architecture takes this into account. During the World Cup in March, Ten Sports app scaled up to 130K concurrent users during key matches serving up 200 years worth of content within a 3 week period.

Yaser Awan CEO of Tech Pebbles said:

Our first challenge was to develop and build architecture that would handle smooth streaming to handheld devices, keeping in mind the scale. We are now creating a platform for ticketed access to content.

This will allow monetisation of content for producers beyond their current mediums. Monetising through traffic requires very large number of users and is a tedious process and does not always work for anyone. Paid content can make a huge difference to independent producers. Even a single user will pay.

Tech Pebbles is currently the only digital platform in Pakistan that is carrying licensed content from Turner, Time Warner, and Sony. They also claim they will be adding more international content in their next release. The platform had to be technically qualified by all these international content providers before licensing.

Pakistan is Ripe for A Digital Content Revolution

In Pakistan, mobile teledensity is growing and with 3G and 4G/LTE gaining rapid acceptance, consumption of content is going to be important for telecom service providers in search of new revenue streams.

Data consumption is in the Gigabytes when it comes to streaming audio-visual content. If ARPU falls are to be arrested, more innovative pricing will need to be developed for data usage.

More content will need to be produced and served. Nothing convinces a consumer more than serving them something that they really want at a time and manner of their own choosing, on a device of their own preference.

Content Monetization and What It Means for Content Producers

Content monetisation changes the entire dynamics of how content producers can get back their investment and returns on it. Over The Top (OTT) platforms are freeing consumers up. Hulu and Netflix are the best-known ones and HBO Go is an indication of things to come.

Customers no longer need to be tied to their TVs. Autonomy of time and space is what consumers increasingly demand. Giving them access to content on demand and on terminals they carry with them will change everything.

    • Its a movie, that is being premiered on mobile instead of a cinema. which is being done for the first time for a Pakistani movie.

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