MQM Pakistan to Launch its Own Separate Website

Following the events of one day, the Mutahidda Quami Movement (MQM)’s website was blocked by the authorities, following a tirade from its party chief against the country and its armed forces.

In the same context, following the events of 22 August, after the airing of a controversial speech by the MQM chief, the authorities initiated police action against the party.

Subsequently, their website was blocked soon after as the old URL became inaccessible across the country.

Almost a month later, with the political temperature coming down and the MQM leadership vowing to distance itself from the MQM chief who resides in London, the party has announced plans to launch a new website.

The party has initiated a re-organization approach, re-branding the party as MQM Pakistan.

Dr Farooq Sattar, head of MQM-P has said that all departments were undergoing changes after the Aug 22 incident.

“All organizational units are being taken to a positive direction,” he said.

Observers of the development cite the fact that the party wants to distance itself from its London-based chief who has become controversial for the party in Karachi. Therefore, in a clean break from tradition, they have decided to launch a website that is positioned to show a ‘new face’ of MQM.

It maybe recalled that old MQM website has Mr. Altaf Hussain on it, which is going to change with the launch of new website.

It is said that new separate website of MQM Pakistan will have information on MQM Pakistan only.

We don’t have the URL of MQM Pakistan’s new website as of yet as MQM is still in process of getting it live.

  • Site owner (wake up) you know that use the person pictures are banned in Media and now we have cyber bill approved and you are using it.

    • Picture is not banned, other sites including news sites openly display it.

      Secondly, how can a picture of a man be banned? Think about it. Who gives anyone the right to ban someone’s face?

    • Farooq Sattar is not new leader, he’s still asking his Abu Jan Altaf even before going to bathroom.
      Altaf Altaf Altaf!

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