Common Pakistanis to Pay for CPEC Security

Pakistan Government has decided to increase the cost of all CPEC projects by 1 percent to use this additional money for security of CPEC.

Additional cost, however, will be paid by energy consumers (common Pakistanis) and not the government.

Economic Coordination Committee, in this regards, approved the summary and overall cost of CPEC projects has been increased by one percent.

This one percent cost will be paid to the government that will ultimately go to military for the security of the CPEC projects.

Documents and media reports suggest that $34 billion worth of ongoing and upcoming power projects are started under CPEC. One percent addition in cost will mean that an additional $340 million have been added to the overall cost of CPEC projects for security of these projects.

Common Pakistanis, irrespective of their income levels, will have to bear this additional cost and funds will be collected through electricity and gas bills.

Government said that its financial situation isn’t good enough to provide security to these projects from its own pockets. Hence it was decided to charge end-users for the security.

It must be recalled that this is not the first time that power consumer would be billed extra for something. It has become a common norm now that electricity bills are hiked under the head of several government expenses.

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  • I don’t mind pay small contribution. After all the project is going to beneficial for entire Pakistan. But I doubt the transparency in this project. Who will ensure that?

      • Well these question can be asked. Meanwhile a couple of days ago there were news about youth scheme that has gone to drain. All in the pockets of corrupts. I wonder these people don’t have fear of Allah SWT.

    • You do understand that common Pakistanis will be paying for the security of the Chinese trade route to a few middle eastern and east african countries? and that Chinese will be using Gawadar port for free for the next decades, also they will pay no tarrif for the route . also whatever they are investing in the trade route we will be paying back all of it with considerable interest , also the energy powerplants will be owned by chinese companies who will be selling electricity to us at high prices?

      • The things is. Pakistan has no other mean to get loans and beg so CPEC was inevitable. And these are all Chinese terms. First the rout isn’t good. It doesn’t even touch KPK. 2ndly If you go through there are no perks for KPK at all. And 1.6bn have been allocated for Lahore mass transit alone. Seriously? Why Lahore. Although I’m from Lahore but I don’t care about Lahore projects. CPEC was supposed to benefit entire Pakistan. And yes most part of these investment are loan and with bitter conditions. At the end I believe there is nothing for a common man. Most of funds will leak and will be wasted. Pakistan has the habit of costing projects at 10x prices.

        Only politicians and their fellow corrupt businessmen will benefit from it. Pakistan has same faces and hands to manage this money as were in various other failed projects.

        And I can see nawaz beating the drum of providing electricity and infrastructure in next election. Zardari was like, ok I’m corrupt deal with it. bring evidence and go to court. Nawaz is like, I am miserable, I’m savior of this country and I feel pain for this nation yet the corruption remains at same level like zardari tenure. Nawaz and family are the most hypocrite politicians.

    • yes i agree with you, if this is related to our nation we are ready to pay.

      Strange thing is everyone says we will sacrifice our live for the nation now time has come to sacrifice 1% and Aamir atta and his pithu start Yelling. why we pretend on national day ceremonies at each level that we can sacrifice our lives.

      • Are you from the Raiwind Social Media cell as i heard that now they also comment on the blogs and newspapers and try to change the minds of the people…. Otherwise a man with a basic common sense will agree with Aamir Atta is writing here and he isn’t giving his own opinion or anything, he is just sharing the news.

  • Finally government found the way of looting common people of Pakistan in the name of CPEC. They can not pay for CPEC security but they can pay for importing bullet proof vehicles for themselves and for security of RAIWIND Mahal

      • and you are a very mature person :-|
        I don’t mind paying taxes and extra amount but problem is that government is wasting our money in many useless schemes like Laptop distribution and orange train. Why can’t you understand that?

      • lol , your name and the fact that you can not comprehend simple facts is suggesting your metal age which is no more than a sheep

  • remember government is forced to such act because a large amount of people belong to us is still not paying taxes entirely and those who are paying deosn’t paying in full

    • That’s your own assumption. I pay full taxes to government and it’s failure of government that a common man can avoid paying tax by bribery.

      • I pay taxes and send remittances of millions to Pakistan but I am 100% with any Pakistani government getting extra tax for such a project. I am surprised how Aamir has let such a post on propakistani to make CPEC controvential. So many Altaf Hussain surfacing every day in this country.

        • Nobody is denying importance of CPEC, I’m just saying that our government should take steps to punish people who are not paying their full taxes but I’m sure our government won’t do that because half of our ministers are not paying their taxes!
          This step might temporarily solve problem but you can’t treat cancer by taking antibiotics

        • In which country of the world you see security charges imposed in the electricity bill? Are you sending remittances from Afghanistan as this might be a practice there but not in any sensible country. We are still paying Neelum Jehlum Surchage as well dating back to 70’s in our bill. PTV charges are also part of our electricity bill.
          Instead of supporting the common people who are raising their voice on a media which doesnt even matter, you are trying to discourage them. On a different note, if you are sending remittances, you are exempt from every kind of direct taxes so stop saying i pay taxes or else you aren’t sending remittances as both statements contradict each other.

    • Not to us… To politicians, bureaucrats and military. Common man is forced to pay taxes in the form of electricity bill and GST etc on all items so no matter where he runs, he has to pay those taxes.
      It is Nawaz and Ishaq Dar types whose incompetent sons and daughters end up making trillions while still no one compare them to Bill Gates and Warren Buffet or Harvard invites them to bless them with the wisdom of making trillions from loans.
      No matter what we all say… the only guy whose spending all his energies and resources for the nation and not for his own self is Imran Khan. You can question him and he try to change himself accordingly. Nawaz on the other hand boldly took his grand daughter to UN and didnt even fear the world media is watching it. This shows their shameless character !

  • Is the cpec for elite class only? When it is for entire Pakistan and earning & benefits will also be for all Pakistan directly or indirectly then why you are making issue out of it?

  • OK OK e.g we give Tax to improve road conditions within cities and within villages but i mostly see hilarious things even in my village roads and streets were still made of Bricks…I know that CPEC is important but our gov is currupt tareen how we know where this money goes..I think it goes in pockets of gov officers who than buy upcoming latest model corolla and make trip to northern area with their family send their kids to uk for study and after few years settled their…

  • This was bone of contagion between Civil and Army on CPEC. Now everyone is happy.
    “This one percent cost will be paid to the government that will ultimately go to military for the security of the CPEC projects.”

  • Now Just before you start cursing SIYASATDAAN… let’s take moment to say #ThankYouRaheelSharif

    • Buhahahhaa well said..
      For anything we don’t like we curse politicians and for anything (even done by politicians) we love to say ThankyouRaheelSharif or giving credit to Imran Niazi.

    • why Raheel sharif, woh saroon ka MAMA lagta hai, did you ever thank to you Mother and Father on anyyyyyyyyyyyy of the Platform. Jin ki wajah say tum DUNIYA mein hoo. ever ever HAD.

      Did you ever thank you to your Teachers who brought up your mind to a level that you can start reading and right the name of Raheel sharif or any Army Officer.

  • پوری دنیا میں ایسا ہی ہوتا ہے۔ بات بات پر روتے نہیں ہیں۔

    • kion nahin rotay, Hur waqt rotay hien, Mujhay yeh nahin mila mujhay woh nahin mila, mein zinda koin hoon, yeh din dekhnay say pehlay mein mur koin nahin gia.

      Mein Aisa kion hoon.

      These all question were arise on every rising day in the mind of AAMIR ATTA ( THE PoTIan). so then he starts looking for posting these news.

  • fuck them and his goverment why we pay extra charges join he gover and his life style and fuck his nawaz and his family go nawaz gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • we pay ca]harges every where we gave him tax in food in rent in home bay soap in cloth in biscuit in future we gave tax in a air gave birht to babe we gave him tax our family father our grand father agave all in his all life gave tax to government what goverment gave us whne if we have not money to live lifewhat government do us for live a life normal what governemnt do to us security in police police do work for only for money if we gavea not money to police they are not register our case police they not strat case also like fia nab any government empolyee they only know government gave they more more a m0oney pay but they do not do any thing also like doctor and government empolyee are his job not good we gave tax then government gave they a pay any governement police nab fia any or any one whywhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyw we gave extra tax why not nawaz sharif gave gave him tax gover him this tax for people they are come in goverment nawaz sharif do business spend a money on election and come ain governmenrand they are coolcet amoney in government

  • In various power bills, we were already paying Advance Income Tax, Withholding Tax, Fuel Price Adjustment, Federal Excise Duty, General Sales Tax, PTV Tax, Neelum-Jhelum Surcharge, Additional Surcharge. And now introducing the CPEC Security Surcharge…

    It seems that the power bills are going the way of the mobile cards i.e. double price of the actual usage.

    • this is called qurbani, Qurbani is not only sacrifice a BAKRA in the name of Allah. your each paisa will be counter to ease the life of up coming generation. Bravo. Jaza Ka Allah.

  • 1. Take royality from China for using pakistani land.
    2. Impose heavy toll tax for every cargo truck that enters pakistan from China.
    3. Stop being a p**ssy and putting burden on ordinary people.

  • why can’t the panama and bahamas billionaires pay? after all they are enjoying all the perks and people suffering from load shedding, insecurity, price hikes and unemployment.

  • We must pay for the CPEC security. As per reports, CPEC will bring tens of billions of dollars to Pakistan economy. If this (“We Pakistanis will be paying for the security of the Chinese trade route
    to a few middle eastern and east African countries? and that Chinese
    will be using Gwadar port for free for the next decades, also they will
    pay no tariff for the route . also whatever they are investing in the
    trade route we will be paying back all of it with considerable interest ,
    also the energy power plants will be owned by Chinese companies who will
    be selling electricity to us at high prices?” ) as indicated by Mr. Muhammad Saeed is true, then some legal people or opposition must go to the court and get a proper agreement with the Chinese must be signed. It must be a win win business. The next generation must not be left to fill petrol/diesel in Chinese trucks and repair their tires.There are allegations that the Chinese gave us nothing in a gold mine in Baluchistan except some dollars in the accounts of our politicians. Our politicians are the second most corrupt people in the world. They should not cheat us again.

  • I fail to see how CPEC will provide earnings to common Pakistani and nation as a whole at such a high return to make it profitable? On top of all this, current generation will be paying to build all these Chinese plants and future generations will be paying for the services of these companies. lose lose for many decades to come.

  • yes if this is related to our national security we are ready to pay.

    Strange thing is everyone says we will sacrifice our live for the nation now time has come to sacrifice 1% and Aamir atta and his pithu start Yelling. why we pretend on national day ceremonies at each level that we can sacrifice our lives.

  • Bus jahil logo ny govrmnt bana de ab in sy pocho to roo k bolty hein hum ko kaya pata tha or poray pakistan ka beragaraq kar deya …

  • middle class people of Pakistan are suffering from prevailing inflation, this 1 percent increase should not pass on to common people, Why are elite politicians having such privilege why not charge to these politicians, this is unfair to common people, Education and Health should be provided first to all common people rather this 1 percent increase of CPEC.

  • Well, if you impose CPEC tax on elite class it does make some sense. Someone can afford to pay 20,000 Rupees or more on electricity bill won’t mind paying 50-100 Rupees extra. But what about a family hardly earn 20,000 Rupees or less? This extra 100 Rupees could be used to buy milk for children or 3-4 months’ savings could be used to buy clothes or shoes for poor people.

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