Warid Soon to Offer 3G Services to Customers

Warid Telecom Users are soon going to be able to use 3G services as Mobilink-Warid are in process of testing 3G network for Warid users, we have checked.

According to information shared by ProPakistani readers and industry sources, Mobilink-Warid has started testing 3G network for Warid users.

While we don’t have the timeline confirmations, sources suggested that Warid users will be allowed to use 3G services with-in Oc-Nov 2016.

Warid 3G is currently being displayed for network searches made at various locations in the country.


It maybe recalled that Mobilink and Warid — inline with its merger activities — are in process of network-integration after which both Warid and Mobilink customers will become part of a single combined network.

When fully integrated — around mid-2016 — customers of the merged company will be able to use both 3G and 4G networks.

However, till fully integrated, Warid users will be allowed to use 3G services while Mobilink users will be allowed to use 4G services on separate networks.

Official sources told ProPakistani that Mobilink-Warid will get NOC from PTA prior to starting 3G services after a test run is completed. Sources said that this testing and NOC could take few weeks from today.

Not to mention, 3G availability for Warid users will start from major cities initially, till it is rolled-out in extended areas in the country in several hundred cities.

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    • I doubt that after the merger Warid will still be using Ericcson equipment. Since Mobilink has acquired it and they use Huawei equipment the possibility is that Warid Base Stations may also switch over to Huawei.

      • Contract has already been given to Ericsson for Managed services and also new billing system will be in place which is again of Ericsson.

    • After complete merger warid users will get 3G from Mobilibk 3G towers which has Huawei equipment. So No good luck to Warid Customers

  • For Warid customers do not internally port to Mobilink network (if some one says we will offer 3G) as still being on Warid switch will long term benefits of QoS.

  • Very low coverage, in most of the cities only 2G for warid is available, nothing like 4G or even service centers…

  • Thats a great move !! I hope the quality is maintained as warid 4g is just fabulous ! Though in certain areas only 2g works (karachi), here the addition of 3g will be a benefit.
    Wish their wingle packages become a bit cheaper as i am using zong monthly 50gb package at home and i am not satisfied with the quality. On weekends it works flawlessly and rest of the week i get 3g speed on 4g.
    And wasay bhi GENERALLY speaking i had the chance of using zong 4g throughout pak as i ws travelling due to work, baki jagaho pe zong bht umdah chulta hai karachi k mokablay mein.

      • Lol at dhong
        Seriously i am frustrated with zong but i have no other option as i got rid of my ptcl 8mb internet as i got pong 4g.

        • so get Jazz 3G Dongle 2900 mein device k sath 30 GB free for a month jab k zong k starting mein 5000 dene parte hain.

  • For all those unfortunate people who think this merger would be good are highly mistaken because Mobilink happens to be the most pathetic network in Pakistan alongside Ufone so while Warid WAS the best I guess now we will just have to use Zong because anything is better than Mobilink which still doesn’t have 2G coverage on motorway and even today on M2 there were no signals at all on mobilink in many parts while on the other phone I was using Warid 4G to watch YouTube

  • Why are any company plans always shrouded in mystery? Are they afraid of sabotage or bad luck? Shouldn’t they start beating the drums up long before the planned move to get customers excited and loyal? Its ok to hide pricing plans and business secrets as such, but not others.

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