CCP Imposes Fine on Private, Public Sector Companies

The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) has imposed penalties on various different private and public sector companies for indulging in deceptive marketing practices in violation of the Competition Act, 2010.

The CCP imposed penalties on organizations dealing in banking and finance, telecom, agriculture and education sectors in order to deter them from business malpractices and maintain transparency in the market.

Prior to imposing fines, the Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) had conducted a neutral inquiry for maintaining transparency in market.

Fines imposed by CCP

  • Pakistan Banks Association: Rs. 30 million
  • Habib Bank Limited: Rs.25 million
  • Allied Bank Limited: Rs .87 million
  • Al- Abbass Cement: Rs. 374 Million
  • Attock Cement: Rs. 562 million
  • Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA): Lucky Cement: Rs.50 million
  • University of Faisalabad: Rs. 5 million
  • University of South Asia: Rs. 5 million,
  • Telecard: Rs. 189 million

Replying to a question, an official from the commission said that the CCP is mandated under the Competition Act, 2010 to ensure fair competition in all spheres of commercial and economic activity.

He said that CCP is committed to maintain transparency for enhancing economic efficiency and to protect consumers from anti- competitive practices including deceptive marketing.

He said the CCP continues to work towards promoting a healthy competition in all spheres of commercial and economic activity and to protect consumers from anti-competitive behavior.

Via Associated Press of Pakistan

    • Telecard was a calling card company they had phone booths across Karachi and other cities you had to buy the card and then in return you would get minutes just put the card in the machine and make your call till your prepaid credit lasts. Haven’t seen or heard from them in a long while

  • Are you seriously joking! The people at CCP must really be on “bhang” if they have not put PTCL IN THIS LIST, hell for that matter PTCL should have topped the list.

  • Indus Motors, Atlas Honda and Suzuki Motors are the largest monopolistic companies violating CCP regulations. They have tried all the way and have been successful in anti competitive practices, sending away other assemblers in the past. the only competition they are faced with is used imported cars. Thanks to some sincere govt. officials who have not fallen in their trap. In India there are as many as 50 assemblers, manufactures, 100 percent as well., so much so some have bought European Tata . Where is CCP in Pakistan. India’s Nano is a world wide hit. and here we are with these three stooges.

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