PTCL, Telenor Remained Most Complained About Operators During 2015/16

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has said that it received 38, 741 complaints from telecom consumers against different telecom (operators including cellular operators, PTCL, LDIs, WLL operators and ISPs) during July 2015 to June 2016.

PTCL leads the chart with 15,529 and Telenor stands at second position as the most complained telecom operator with 6,120 complaints.

PTA said that it was able to get 99.6 percent complaints resolved



Complaints against Cellular Operators

Cellular Mobile subscribers constitute major part of overall telecom subscriber base, therefore, maximum number of complaints belong to this segment. Total number of complaints against CMOs during FY2015-16 stood at 22,866.

In terms of the segregation of complaints on operator basis, a total of 6,120 complaints were received against Telenor which is 27% of the total CMO related complaints.

Zong stood second with 5,392 complaints i.e. 23 percent of total complaints.

Mobilink, which has the largest number of consumers, was third with 5,276 i.e. 23 percent complaints were received against it.

Ufone had 4,296 complaints against its various services which make up 19 percent of the total CMO related complaints, followed by Warid with 1782 i.e. 8 percent complaints.




  • As usual Telenor remained worst pathetic telecom service provider. They should be fined by authorities.

  • Telenor 3G sucks. Wait a minute, does it even exist?
    I used their 3G in lahore, rawalpindi, south punjab. In cities and in rural areas. One minute is usually needed to open any page. Signals vary alot and the network keeps on jumping between hspa and hspa+. And nothing happens when its on hspa.
    I used mobilink 2G, and it was consistent than telenor 3G.
    BTW what can they do with 5MHz? Ufone and telenor should get some spectrum.

    • Even when I have full bars telenor 3G doesn’t work for me. It is very very slow. Even in main city areas where you would expect speed to be good it just doesn’t work.

      • Yes. It does not work.
        I have tried only two networks, actually three if evo is included.
        EVO 9.3 speed was mostly around 800-1000Kbps before 3G launch. After that mobilink was best and it provided upto 6, 7 Mbps at start. Then it went down to 2, 3 Mbps. Due to 3G launch EVO users switched to mobile operators and EVO improved.
        Now the scenario to me is:
        1= EVO
        2= Mobilink
        3 or none = Telenor
        I did not use warid and zong yet. And my heard from family that ufone also provides dead internet.

      • Actually in main cities you would expect speed to be lowers cause of more users and more interference

    • Don’t be pessimistic… I hope the quality will remain as it is now or it may improve after merger. Mobilink should keep warid infrastructure and put off their own where there is requirement of it. Can u imagine my brother works in mobilink and he offered me employee Sim many a times but I can’t take risk of losing my current quality network warid. Its expensive but it’s superb

  • The complaints resolved is a total bogus figure. Worldcall and Telenor both resolve complaints without even asking if the complaint has been resolved, And if you call, they are like ohh no problem we will open up a new complaint,

  • Also these figures are misleading, more the users the more complaints meaning higher the percentage. If you actually want to know who as more complaints put weights on the percentage using the customer base,

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