Planning a Trip to Northern Areas? KPK Guest Houses Now Open to All

Have you ever went to the northern areas for a leisure trip? If you have, chances are you had to pay for your stay at the hotel or the guest house in the area.

As a government servant you had the option of going to a government owned rest house and staying there free of cost. Even ministers and high grade level officials went to stay at the official rest houses for free. Regular people couldn’t go there to stay, unless you have a relative going with you who is a government servant.

Not anymore.

Officials to Pay for Lodging as well

The KPK government is now making it so that the general public can use the rest houses. They would have to pay for staying over there. Government servants will also have to pay for staying there now. No matter who it is, a minister or a director, they will need to pay to stay, thus minimizing the effect of VIP culture.

Beneficial Situation for the Masses

It makes sense now that anyone staying at a rest house will need to pay the expenses. Staying over for free would not feasible in any way for the rest houses. Allowing the general public to use the rest houses will also help increase the revenue earned from tourists who frequent the northern areas in KPK.

Chances are it would be cheaper to stay at a government rest house compared to hotels and other rest houses in the area, seeing as how privately-owned guest houses are subject to price hikes at peak holiday season.

With the government opening guest houses to all, the common man now has more options and choices to choose from, with things more affordable than ever.

Via UNews TV 

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  • Well only if this is implemented as well. I am not saying it won’t be. But I don’t trust beaureucracy

  • There should be rate chart so people can compare prices with private sector and make a decision and also it should have also been mentioned in the article that how one can book these rest houses n at what cities n valleys?

  • This is a great step. There are similar guest houses in AJK and have same rate throughout the year. They are way cheaper compare to other PVT sector hotels etc.

    I hope KP govt. will start this ASAP.

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