SBP is Launching Rs. 10 Coin Today

Authorized by the Federal government, State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) will issue a Rs. 10 coin today.

Moreover, the information about its color and dimensions were also stated. The coin is yellow in color and round with serrations on the edge and a diameter of 25.5 mm. It weighs 5.50 grams, the statement read.

SBP has explained its features as such:

On the obverse side of the coin, the waxing crescent moon and a five-pointed star facing North-West in rising position is in the centre. Along with periphery on the top of the crescent, star is inscribed ‘Islami Jomhuriya Pakistan’ in Urdu script.

The year of issuance is stated underneath the crescent and at the top of two springs of wheat. It is also complimented by arms curved upward along with a circle of small beads around the edge of the coin.

If you flip the side of the coin, you will see that it is engraved with the front picture of Pakistan’s iconic Faisal Mosque, with Doves flying over it.

The face value of the coin, 10 rupees, is written on the lower side of the coin in numeral wording. The edge of the entire coin has small beads which give the coin a rough texture and a complete look.

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  • I want Rs. 5,000 coin, so nobody can imagin I have 1 lac when I put 20 coins in my shalwat pocket :)

  • Good n wise step by Mian brothers. Ab paison ki bajaye, sikkay ki money laundering hogi panama main aur kisi ko shak bhi nai hoga.

  • Good decision. They should make coins for Rs. 20, Rs. 50 and Rs. 100 as well. And for Higher currency bills, do some kind of Plastic that can be washed. Some bills are so dirty, that I have wash my hands after touching these filthy small denomination bills.

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