Google Goes Magical: You Can Now Use Spells from Harry Potter as Voice Commands for Your Phone

“Magic’s just science that we don’t understand yet”, said Sir Arthur Charles, one of the best science fiction writers to have ever lived. If you live in the magical world of Harry Potter, that just might be partially true for you as Google will now let you command your phone with a few choice magical spells.

Google and Warner Bros, the famed production studio behind the Harry Potter movies, have teamed up to let anyone cast a few magical spells using just their smartphones.

All you need to do is to own an Android phone and have the Google app installed. Now, just say “Ok Google” or tap on the microphone in the Google search bar and cast a spell, Lumos for example, and it will cleverly turn on the phone’s flashlight. I tried it out and to my surprise, it works already. No update required!

It is simple, yet oddly fun, especially if you are a Harry Potter fan.

Currently, Google supports only three spells:

  • Lumos – Turns on the phone’s flashlight.
  • Nox – Turns off the phone’s flashlight.
  • Silencio – Silences the ringer and the notification volume.

All the added spells serve a purpose in the Harry Potter world that is similar to the functions they are designated on your phone. Lumos casts a light from the wand, Nox makes it disappear while Silencio is a Silencing Charm used to render the victim temporarily mute.

Google is also working with Warner Bros on some other interesting projects. You can explore the world of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” with Google Street View by visiting New York in 1926. Moreover, their upcoming Daydream View virtual reality headset will let you have a brief glimpse inside the magical world itself.

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