NASA Reveals the Real Culprit Behind Smog in Pakistan, and Yes it’s India

We didn’t know the true cause of the Lahore smog earlier but we have discovered the reason now. NASA has revealed new information that throws light into the main cause of the smog thats engulfing Lahore these days.

The smog wasn’t just limited to Lahore, it had been affecting cities in India as well. New Delhi is also facing a similar smog which is not expected to dissipate until 2-3 days (rain forecast). The cause for this smog seems to be wide scale crop burning, in the Indian Punjab.

NASA Reveals the Culprit

Image from NASA shows the source of the crop burning areas to be from India. Take a look at their recently released satellite image:


The places marked in red are the locations which are involved in crop burning. As you can see, majority of crop burning originates from India, particularly Indian Punjab with the city of Jalandhar centered around it.

According to New York Times, the farmers in those areas burn the left over straw instead of getting rid of it through other means. The left over straw is as much as 32 million tonnes, which would explain the cause of the smog. The farmers say that they cannot afford to buy expensive equipment to clear the land so they resort to burning it instead.

A farmer said that one of the most widely available brand of seeders, which does not require crop burning, costs around $1,900. They can’t afford to buy them even if the government agrees to pay half of the cost.

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Experts said that all these crop burnings in India are ultumately causing the smog in Pakistan, particularly in Lahore and vicinity.

Pakistani MET department said that rain is the only cure for the smog, which is not forcosted for some days at least. This smog in Lahore has already caused counts of allergies, including eye burning and breating issues.

Pakistan Met Department said that smog in Pakistan could persist for days.

Via Huffington Post

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  • Today the gossips of wandering CHACHAAS in Muhalleys proven true… :-D ye sb India ki karastani hai….

  • Indians are idiots. Our farmers grow crops almost on the same scale as Indian Punjab yet we don’t see as much fire points on our side of the map.

    • No we do not. Our farmers grow crops on a lot lesser scale than Indian farmers. The reason we import all type of vegetables daily from India.

      • Waqas bhai we do more than india:)…. crop didnt just mean vegiss n stuff:) it also inculd other crops as well… and we do 25% and they do 13%

          • simply right pakistan agricultre and then write india culture you can read very first link and india’s economy based on mostly Services which is 57% i believe and Pakistans 51%

        • Yep but Pakistan grain production is greater that indian punjab.He is saying
          ‘Indian Punjab’ not whole of India

      • All of the Indian crops are not grown in punjab only.So statistically he is right Pakistan Crop Production=Indian Punjab OnlyCrop Production

  • now we can say officially India is Pupho in the region. Making things mess up intentionally or unintentionally

  • اس کا سخت نوٹس لیتے ہوئے آم کی پیٹیاں بھیجنے کا اعلان

  • its also time for research on the matter and matters related to it. the pattern is visible (the air direction for military purposes etc).
    We need to have the capability to create rain.

  • “We didn’t know the true cause of the Lahore smog earlier but we have discovered the reason now.”

    Kunwain sey nikal aaney per TALIYAN!!
    Bhai yeh masla saal-ha-saal sey chal raha hai. Ager, hum kunwain key mandak baney rahain gey tou aisa hi ho ga.

  • I dont understand one thing India is burning crop and smog is in Pakistan what filter they have applied???
    If it is true then it should affect India first

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  • This, as my experience says, is wrong that smog created by the crop burning….. Such things hurt me a lot Pakistani people how easily believe on such rumors and man-made news……

    • It’s not a rumor, mate.

      Crop burning has been a major issue in India and is being studied/tracked since a while. The pollution has even reached the mountainous Nepal in recent years.

  • I took 15 days off and went to Islamabad right nw.. It was neck itching and smelly air right now in lahore. Upper Face burns like needles after facewash… Eyes start burining if you stay outside for more than 10 min…

  • every commentator has no brain to apply that where was this smog in 2015. Now in 2016 November it is only a planted story of PML (N) paid journalists to combat the wave of Panama Hangama

    • This is visible from photos released by NASA satellite you retard. And covered by the New York Times. Do you think NASA and the New York Times have been paid by PML(N)?
      There can be multiple explanations for why this wasn’t such a big phenomenon in 2015. Maybe the wind direction at the time of crop burning was more Eastwards in 2015. Maybe do some research, try to prove something instead of mouthing off allegations against your political opponents.

  • Crop residue burning is off course a one of the other factors incl. industrial exhaust; vehicle’s exhaust and various other source. World has already exploited the environment; now is the time to suffer if not mitigated the problem on technical basis. However it is possible to control smog and haze but the governments in both countries have other priorities.
    If there was some wisdom prevailed at both sides; all regional problems are solvable; the problem is that both sides are indulged in war since our partition in 1947; world community is another hurdle which dont allow us to settle our aged disputes

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  • there are some other reasons behind the smog in subcontinent e.g. in this season the air become still.the temperature in day time is heigh, causes evapotranspiration.and temperature falls at night.with the combined phenonmenon(burning of crop)unfortunately it takes present condition,which we are observing in pakistan and india

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