Vulgar Question in an AIOU Exam Sparks Outrage on Social Media

A question in the Matric examinations of the Allama Iqbal Open University, asking students to describe the ‘personality of their elder sister’ has sparked outcry across Pakistan. The question appeared in the Function English 2 exam for Spring Semester 2016.

What makes the question cross the ‘could be an honest mistake’ to ‘what the hell?’ territory is that it asks the students to describe the Age, Physique, Height, Looks, Attitude and other characteristics of their elder sisters.


People were quick to anger after a photo of the question was uploaded to social media and termed it offensive, vulgar and unethical. Many demanded the resignation of the teachers who made and vetted the paper.

This isn’t the first time a school has drawn the ire of social media. Not long ago, Beaconhouse issued a circular which banned the use of Punjabi language on and around school premises. It sparked large protests and the school was forced to publicly issue an apology.

Talking to Daily Pakistan, a student said:

First I thought it was a mistake. When I asked the invigilator about the nature of [this] question, he simply refused to explain anything and asked me to finish my paper.

AIOU has yet not commented on the matter but we’ll update it as soon as there is a response from the university.

Via Daily Pakistan

  • There is no such vulgarity, they may be wants to check the mental level and mental approach of the student.

      • You won the internet today :) Perfect answer for a person who thinks asking for physical appearance of one’s sister in Matric exam is mental level check.

      • Shut up!
        Did he say he something about your or anyone else’s sister?

        He presented his point and it is valid. The examinar might not be thinking the same as you thought when you first read this question.
        Don’t act like you know what his intent was. The reviewers at AIOU must have done their job and may be changed the question to brother or friend.

        Present your view or else SHUT UP!

        • You shut up. What was Question writer exactly want to examine from 10th class students? Their english writing skills? It could have been examine via same question on brother or uncle. Why only sister?

          • Why the hell you dragged someone’s sister here? Shut up was for that. Think before you write. If you want to make a point, this is not the way. You call his sister, he will call yours, then?

            Now come to point, I see the question and it makes two meanings to me. Without the word ‘sister’, this is a typical question our education system can have. Nothing special there. Now if you see the word sister then it seems vulgar, but one can also write an essay without writing anything inappropriate.

            May be a female examiner added the question? May be thr examiner didn’t think what meaning this question can carry? The blame is on thr person who allowed this question. And I aggree here. But your stance seems sick to me when you take an extremist point.

      • There’s no need to target him or his sister.
        He has a point which is (in my opinion) wrong but that doesn’t give us the right to abuse his family.

      • Zafri why do you abuse people? He just highlighted a possibility. And you are saying such words from your black mouth. Just stay into ur pants or else at least i will teach you a lesson of ur life. Shakaal achi na ho tou banda baat achi karta hai. Per tujhe tou woh bhi nahi aati. Jaisi tu bhangi lagta hai waisey hi teri soch badbudar hai.

    • @sohail Sardar : I don’t think people of our country are not that much mature enough mentally to handle these questions.

    • If that’s the case then they could’ve just as easily asked the candidates to describe the personality of their elder brother instead of sister.

  • He asked to describe personality not physical appearance you morons……Literally if this is the level of Allama Iqbal university graduate that he cannot differentiate between personality and physical apperence

    • It’s clearly written THE AGE, THE PHYSIQUE, THE HEIGHT, THE LOOKS…. Still you think it’s not talking about physical appearance? Are you serious??

    • Kahien tumhary kisi Taya , Chacha ne tou nahi banaya yeh paper? jiski real meaning sirf tumhian hi maloom hai baki sub andhay hain.

    • You idiot and blind go back and read that shit question again.they have asked students to describe her physique what does it mean?would you like to describe your sister’s physique to all of us?its a big big bullshit done by those shitty teachers.

  • nation mentality checked through a student. Always drag things to negative direction.
    the person who is anger at this stage one day he will bring his sister physically for her job with all details. stu*pid wild people.

    • That is a wrong/illogical and unethical question in our society unless it is a western society. And justify such questions through lame excuses is not good at all.

  • Hotheads everywhere!
    If you replace sister with brother, then?
    Everyone is acting like vulgarity was intent of examinar.
    ProPK, shame for headline. Just for cheap publicity. Atleast you present educated youth in Pakistan.
    Why act like JavedCh .com? Or UrduPoint .com. koi frq hai ProPK aur in main?

    • Mr open minded it might not b vulgar but it is obviously illogical and unethical to describe one’s sister in exam papers

        • Badar why don’t you describe your own ELDER as well as YOUNGER sister in same perspective here if you think there is nothing vulgar in it??? Please I’m keen to know about your sisters please!

          • why you are keen? do you give me money for that or a PHD or CSS degree for that? then i will definitely told you.

        • Mental concentrations can be checked by asking same question about Elder brother as well. Asking about sister expresses cheap mentality (This includes people like you as well).

  • It seems open university prepared the question paper with open minded……. I dont go whether the given question is vulgar or not but this is fact asking such question has marked the credibility of university as well as teachers…. Overall its impression went not good… The experts must be discussed or reviewed the question papers before giving the students… The question paper has become the cause of rage for various segment of people and now the administration of university should strictly prepare the question papers in future under the supervision of the expert teachers…..

  • thats what happens when English is not even your second language. lol

    only thing you can say is weird, wrong words picked ‘looks’ ‘physique’ but that too is not vulgar.
    physique certainly doesnt mean what everyone thinks it means here.

    strong physique
    healthy physique
    tall / short heavy physique
    tall / short and weak physique

  • It’s an English paper. They want you to demonstrate your English skills. Describe Princess Diana, Angelina Jolie, Benazir Bhutto … waqe mein logon nai apni izzat le ke beht jane hai thake paper na karne pare … idiots hote hain jo har baat ko apne ya apni family pe lete hain as an excuse to not fulfil the eork requirement

  • i think instead of arguing with one another we should wait for AIOU official statement. lets see what do they have to say regarding this issue. may b their explanation clear everything

  • This ‘outrage’ is silly and only reflects our insecurity and the ‘holier than thou’ attitude as is rampant across our society. These items are just to give a direction to the students are they are usually clueless as to how to answer such simple questions. This should ”protest’ should have been stopped dead on its tracks.

  • Lol I don’t find it negative. We are actually perceiving things negatively most of the times living in society these days.

  • close